Xfinity Sports Social Media Star Contest ST Video

The post Super Bowl XLVI Sports Techie video I submitted for the Xfinity Sports Social Media Star contest by Comcast earned me the opportunity to compete in the next step of becoming a top five vote getter. This blog is intended to help me make that dream come true via sm by asking for the support of Sports Techie and beyond by your vote for me here:

This is the entry video on the Sports Techie Youtube channel:

Yes, I am the ‘Wedding Crashers’ of Cablepalooza parties as you can read about here in my Sports Techie blog:

Sports Techie at the Comcast Cablepalooza+ playing NCAA 12 in 3D

No doubt, it would be a way better gig to be on the official invite list and represent Xfinity Sports social media community efforts with killer event content and exclusive videos and pictures of each life altering memory. Whether you are interested in knowing from a fan, athlete or brands perspective, I am spring loaded to make this job come alive for all.

Unfortunately, I just found out about being selected for the voting phase today. Upon diving deeper into the video selections, I found the Sports Techie vid buried deep on the last page of the contest. Of course, I put my sm rally cap on and have since trended up to the top of page five with the goal of pulling off a social media all-time rally of going from worst to first.

I am in it to win it but it is going to take all of yous who support Sports Techie on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+ and Myspace, to vote for me once a day until Feburary 19th:

Much love for your votes and the social media support by retweeting, sharing, or pasting this blog url with your communities.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie

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2 responses to “Xfinity Sports Social Media Star Contest ST Video”

  1. Linda Stone Avatar
    Linda Stone

    Good Luck, Bob!

    1. Bob Roble Avatar

      much appreciated, Linda! the last day to vote again is today, Feb. 19th.