Why 2013 is the year of the Sports Techie

Why 2013 is the year of the Sports Techie.

Phillips ultrasound of my first son
Phillips ultrasound of my first son

Sports Techie Baby!

The best reason 2013 is the year of the Sports Techie is because I am expecting my first child this year with Jessica Stone. Not sure on a name yet but we do know it’s a boy.  I am more excited about this blessing than words can describe.  Writing this blog is in tribute to my son as a good omen to his future and the Sports Techie adventures to come.

Laugh if you will but Jess and I refer to him as Ricky Bobby for now. Yep, think Talladega Nights and Will Ferrell. I actually like the name because my brother is known to many as Ricky and I am Bobby to friends and family. Plus, Jessica hails from Georgia where NASCAR is more of a big deal then here in Seattle. My other submitted names we are considering include Tron, Sports Techie Baby (unfortunately, this has no chance!) and a yet to be determined strong name as Jess wishes for.

Son, getting to experience the wonderful Phillips ultrasound technology in action from a parental perspective, (those who have gone through this already understand how cool it is to hear the flutter of a heartbeat and see bodily features) is something I hope everyone who wants to can go through. You rock and roll swimming inside the womb, baby Roble.

The only way to truly be Sports Techie is to stay open up to the kid inside of you, son. You know how a newborn looks to his Mommy and Daddy for a smile or the feeling you get as a kid when you make that play, help win a game, go to the edge of a cliff, or earn an A grade. I believe that most children around the world love sports and technology, like you.

With over 7 billion humans and a quarter of us children, you join Earth at a time when 200,000 new babies are added to the planet daily. This year 80 million babies will be born, including you. These are the facts. And so is the fact and feeling that I love you. Your awesome Mom does too. There can only be one… the Sports Techie baby and that is you.

New Sports Techie Direction

I am also taking Sports Techie in a new direction in 2013 that requires capital so crowdfunding it is. The day after Brian Williams showcased Kickstarter on NBC last year; I submitted a proposal to them and was shortly thereafter accepted. Thank you for that Kickstarter. Unfortunately, I was not ready to make it so and left this incredible crowdsourcing opportunity on the table.

Here is the second bit of good news for Sports Techie in 2013. Sports Techie is using the funding platform of Thrill Capital at http://thrillcapital.com/index and their proprietary software tools to raise funds at http://www.thrillpledge.com/ in order to continue building the blog and grow our sports technology centric global community.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help me with securing sports technology related rewards I can offer in this program.

The first company step will be to revamp our existing WordPress web site blog. It has served us well but a new direction calls for a new template. This will be done with third party developers. I will next hire the first official Sports Techie company employee to assist me with growth needs.

The next and most important step is to begin to produce and publish our own high-quality Sports Techie videos about the latest in sports tech trends, gear, brands, people, etc. The Sports Techie Youtube channel has about 60 thousand video views to date all filmed with my iPhone 3GS and unedited. Son, with this funding, we will create one-of- a-kind Sports Techie videos inspired by Red Bull, ESPN, and other top content creators. I envision topping one million Sports Techie Youtube views in 2013 after our innovative new videos go viral on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

One of my long term and often stated Sports Techie goals is to become the Amazon of Sports Technology per say, son. In 2013, we will begin to sell others sports technology wares as a value added reseller or VAR because we best understand this niche, son. When our pricing options are equal to market rates, the Sports Technology vision and passion will show through via selection, pricing, customer service, and return policy. Augmented reality is a perfect tool for us to showcase goods.

Creating Sports Techie products as an original equipment manufacturer or OEM is another long term company goal. Look for a Sports Techie app at some point. The final element will be to open a Seattle based brick and mortar store that models after the App Store so that community members will experience the same kind of hands on opportunity with sports tech products as well as have direct communication with a Sports Techie expert.

Nike sports technology has #fuelcheck
Nike sports technology has #fuelcheck

Sports Technology 2013

I can say with confidence my boy that sports technology is changing the world in 2013 and that millions if not billions of people on this planet will be somehow touched by the massiveness that sports tech is.

Think about the upcoming America’s Cup 2013 in San for Francisco a moment. This International event is truly a sports technology mecca. From the sailing vessel tech to the broadcast technology, its tech sophistication at its finest, in a winner takes all global sport challenge.  Fans will engage in real-time with video, pictures and chat using mobile devices and social networks via S.F and from the competing countries in record amounts. Perhaps sailing around Mars will be something you and other fellow Sports Techie can do in the not so distant future, son.

Nike Flywire Technology
Nike Flywire Technology

Nike continues to amaze the world by integrating new technology into their products. Nice Fuel and NikePlus are components that are now integrated into shoes and apparel to compile and compute data for beneficial reasons such as performance enhancement, medical rehabilitation, and to achieve a wellness lifestyle. Many moons ago I went to a family friend’s wedding and met Nike founder Phil Knight, hope to do it again in 2013 and let him know he is Ultra Sports Techie, hijo.

Stadiums are becoming tech showcases with huge video screens and interactive fan capabilities by companies such as Daktronics and Cisco. Smartphones and tablets by Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are continually getting better in functionality and coming down in price, the Sports Techie motto for tech in general. Because of sports technology, gear innovation is at a hyper speed pace creating new ways to improve the sports experience which you can read about in our last blog of 2012.

Sports come in lots of categories and one rising new star is eSports, something you may play yourself in a next decade. Sophisticated gambling technology has assisted sports betting with becoming mainstream worldwide. By the time you get to be my age no doubt it will be legal to bet online here in the United States just like online voting will be commonplace for political elections.

Robots are fast becoming human like which means we will soon be able to play sports with them. Bionics and prosthetics are allowing people and animals to enjoy adaptive sport. Concussions are a worldwide and Sports Techie priority, as is obesity, sustenance and muscular dystrophy. Species of animals are going instinct at a time when we are finally able to begin to understand their interconnectedness with us. The Eco and Green movements are helping to balance nonstop world development in 2013. It is a good time to be a Sports Techie and make a difference, son.

Oscar Pistorius is the first to run on prosthetic legs at the London Olympics
Oscar Pistorius is the first to run on prosthetic legs at the London Olympics

Sports Techie, This wordpress blog format is morphing in 2013 like my life is about to with the birth of our child. The Sports Techie baby will have a strong name and be loved by many, especially me.  I look forward to my son’s birth in 2013 and pray for good health to Jessica and him.

The Sports Techie relationships built over the past two years are meaningful, my son needs to know that. The support of my blessed parents, brothers, girlfriend, and family of our boy are the reason I am able to focus on evolving Sports Techie from an unknown blog into the sports technology brand on this sphere.

Year three of Sports Techie will be a special year with the arrival of Ricky-Bobby, Tron, or most likely a name yet to be determined. In 2013, out of 80 million unique babies, he is the Sports Techie baby to me. It makes me all happy inside writing and thinking about the word, Father. Thank you, God and Jessica.

Follow my new THE Sports Techie twitter account @THESportsTechie. I appreciate everyone of you being a part of our online community brought together through the Sports Techie social media networks below. Thanks for sharing this blog and commenting in advance.

Happy year of the Sports Techie 2013.

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