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  • Why is Golf the Sportsman’s Sport?

    Why is Golf the Sportsman’s Sport? How many times have you seen pictures and/or videos of top sportsmen and women of other sports on the golf course? Be it Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, England and Tottenham Hotspur soccer star Harry Kane or five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady, it seems that golf truly […]

  • How to Keep Kids Motivated When Playing Team Sports

    Children Can Be Motivated For The Rights Reasons To Play Team Sports It’s well known that there are many benefits your child gains when playing sports on a regular basis. The Sports Techie community blog is a firm believer in this concept because playing a sport together with peers helps kids learn how to play […]

  • How Robotics Affects the Sports Industry

    How Robotics Affects the Sports Industry The sports world as we know it is evolving at an Internet fast pace and so are robotics. Athletes and referees can now access advanced techniques and equipment to train, enabling their training and performance to step up to a whole new level. It’s not just about athletes or […]

  • NASCAR Heat Evolution Launches On PS4 and Xbox One With Competitive MultiPlayer Online

    NASCAR Heat Evolution, the first officially licensed, all-encompassing NASCAR video game for the current generation of consoles, is available today on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One. NASCAR Heat Evolution was built to serve and is now for sale across North America in time for the Chase for the Cup Playoff. Experienced gamers, […]

  • The European Tour Digital Assets Powered By Deltatre Through 2018

    The European Tour Digital Assets Powered By Deltatre Through 2018 Deltatre will once again power The European Tour digital media assets after renewing services until 2018. This sport business and sports technology partnership includes, website design, hosting and iPhone app development. The Sports Techie community blog is excited for the 2015 golf season that could use […]


    First Down Laser Systems, the in-stadium graphics designer that puts the first down line on the field in the stadium for all to see, is readying its demonstration models for trials with eager customers and the Sports Techie community blog is excited about this happening sooner than later. The ‘green line’, used so successfully at […]

  • 30 Blogs with the Best Tips for Coaching Your Kid’s Under Six Soccer Team

    Coaching kids’ soccer is a tough role to take on, especially when the kids are very young. As a coach, you have to learn to communicate at their level, which means less boring talk and more fun-focused teaching. Young kids are easily distracted, so bombarding them with soccer theory is not going to work, but […]


    Team sports start pretty early these days, with kids as young as four and five enrolling in soccer and tee ball leagues. For most kids, that’s just the beginning. They’ll go on to participate in team sports throughout their school years and sometimes into their college ones. Besides sports, being part of a team will […]

  • Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Have a Good Player-Coach Relationship

    Respect is at the center of the player-coach relationship. With a setting that is based on respectful behavior, all members of a team can thrive. A parent’s role in helping a child to have a good relationship with a coach is one of instruction, encouragement and support. Unless you, the parent, are the one doing […]

  • 18 Blogs Helping You Be a Good Sports Parent

    If you’ve ever been to a youth sporting event, you have probably seen those parents that go crazy over a missed call or shot. You may have even been the parent screaming at the coach on the sideline, exclaiming that the referee made a bad call. It can be easy to let your competitive nature […]