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The Sports Techie community blog numberFire March Madness 2017 Promotional Creative

The numberFire March Madness promotional creative for 2017 is ready for the Sports Techie Community blog bracket heads at a special offer of $7.95 for the first month price (regular first month price is $49.99) with the promo code CINDERELLA.

The numberFire March Madness promotional creative for 2017 is ready for the Sports Techie Community blog bracket heads at a special offer of $7.95 for the first month price (regular first month price is $49.99) with the special promo code CINDERELLA.  Bracketology is not an exact science which is why super rich Warren Buffet is giving away $1 million for life to any Berkshire Hathaway employee that correctly picks the Sweet 16 because odds are it simply won’t happen. NumberFire has created  sports tech software tools made up of advance sophisticated metrics formulated to assist with creating a winner for your office pool, friends and family tournament, or even against a professional sports book in Las Vegas. NumberFire is a FanDuel daily fantasy sports company ready to assist you with technology to help win your NCAA basketball brackets.

Click on the march madness premium pricing page here, marchmadness.

March Madness 2017 Offerings:

March Madness 2017 Offerings.

Premium Tool: Bracket Optimizer.  Input your picks (as many or as few as you want), and the type of pool you’re in and we’ll have our algorithms fill in the rest of your bracket.

Game Simulator is a great tool to use when thinking about who to choose in down-the-line games in the Elite Eight or Final Four.

Premium Tool: “Team Compare tool/Game Simulator“.  Compare any 2 teams in the NCAA tournament using our proprietary efficiency ratings derivative to drill into offensive and defensive efficiency

Premium Projections: Game projections for every game every round with in depth ROI against the spread analysis.

– Premium Power Rankings: Power Rankings and Analytics

Free Content: Data-Driven Articles.  Will provide insight into regions, teams, players, match ups, likely outcomes, etc.  Roughly 15% of our articles will be Premium Content.

Free Content:  Algorithmic Bracketology

Free Content: Team Pages.  For every team:  Historically similar teams, efficiency ratings, articles, questions users ask about a team, etc.

Free Content: numberFire Live  Live analytics platform for March Madness.  Get traditional box score statistics, and advanced analytics around every player and team for every game on any device.

The ncaa march madness premium pricing page for the Sports Techie community by numberFire.

Sports Techie, have you ever won a march madness bracket? If you have you know the feeling is priceless because it’s part skill, part passion and a huge part luck.

Will Villanova repeat as 2017 NCAA men’s basketball champion? Will a number one seed win the championship as usually happens? Will a 12 seed defeat a 5 seed as normally happens? Will a 16 seed win over a number one seed for the first time in bracket history? What is the difference between the 8 and 9 line?

Low seedings often have few losses in smaller conferences while some of the higher seeds may have almost ten losses in the powerhouse leagues. My tip is you cannot win a bracket without picking “underseeded” teams opening weekend.

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee seeds teams based on their RPI or the entire scope of performances earned by each team in terms of opponents and victories. Numberfire says the RPI-driven “team sheets,” used by the Selection Committee, place a premium on strength of schedule and quality wins as driving factors for ranking teams for placement in the bracket.

This is why North Carolina was seeded as a one because they won the ACC regular season title and had one more victory than Duke even though the Blue Devils defeated UNC twice and also won the ACC tournament earning them and Coach K a two seed.

I like the three seeded UCLA Bruins, fifth seeds Notre Dame and Virginia, and the ninth seed MSU Spartans to make the final four in Phoenix.

Analytics-based ranking systems are the way of the future, today.

Use special promo code CINDERELLA.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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