Sports Betting vs. Online Casino Games: A Comprehensive Comparison

In-play sports betting vs. Roulette

We all love online entertainment, and gambling over the web is one of the many ways we can indulge ourselves in real-time, right from all forms of sports bets to a wide selection of online casino games. We love online entertainment so much that industries like the online gambling industry which you can play here today, has massively grown in the last few years, now using more advanced technology. In the Sports Techie community blog guide, we are going to compare these two popular online gambling mediums. Keep in mind that aside from the various similarities we will discuss here, these two still share another common factor, and that is free bets which are given when players sign up with popular bookmakers and online casinos. Free bets can be used for both sports bets and casino games. Who doesn’t like free betting and gaming?

The social dimension associated with Bingo and sports betting.

Sports Betting

Sport betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling, and its growing popularity can be traced back to when public horse racing tracks were established, where people from all walks of life could bet on horse races. Another factor that has gone a long way in increasing the popularity of sports betting is televised broadcasting. Thank the advances in technology for this rapid evolution.

Many bettors who are serious about sports betting today are doing a lot of research to get more successful outcomes in their bets with the onset of the analytics era. If you are betting on the performance of a soccer team during a tournament, you will have to keep in mind the previous results achieved by the team, the impact of new players in the team, home advantage, the team’s morale in general and the impact of injured players. Using tech to identify and track all this is considered smart betting in my book.

In short, serious sports betting is more than just picking a team and making a bet. If you want to make a profit, you have to invest time in research and data. If you are a beginner, note that there are different betting systems for different sports and it’s crucial that you take time to understand these systems before placing bets. There are also casino games, for example, Roulette, that allow you to use strategies like D’Alembert and Martingale System to increase your chances of winning. Hey now!

In sports betting, you have to know whether you would place future bets, proposition bets, in-play bets, parlays, etc. Proposition bets are specificities of the game, for instance, the exact amount of goals that will be scored in the match or if a certain player will score a goal. Parlays are multiple bets, where you only get to win if all your predictions come true, for instance, when you bet on a couple of teams playing in a tournament.

Your chances of winning a parlay bet are lower, but the payout is usually higher. Future bets refer to bets that are placed a few weeks or even months before the game, and in-play bets are bets placed during the game. As you can see, betting on sports is not as simple and straightforward as one may think. But if you can only master the basics, it can be a lot more interesting as you get the chance to bet on something you are passionate about.

Casino gambling

Unlike sports betting, casino gambling allows you to bet on some casinos games where you don’t have any background or experience to achieve good results. For instance, when you play real money online slots, you could win a jackpot with only a few spins despite being your first time playing the game.

Online casinos feature a wide range of games that require little to no skill, such as video slots, bingo, keno, and scratch cards. In addition, casino games such as video slots, particularly progressive jackpot video slots offer gamblers a chance to win huge prizes in an instant.

If you are interested in casino games that require considerable skill and you can win some money, you can try blackjack, video poker, and other card and table games that require skill. When playing these games, your involvement is as important as that of Lady Luck. The World Series of Poker is indeed big business both online and inside casinos.

In-play sports betting vs. Roulette

Playing online roulette is more like engaging in live sports betting. Very little is in your hands, and you are exposed to a lot of uncertainty and risk. A game like roulette doesn’t involve a lot of planning and strategy, which is also common in other games like poker and blackjack.

Strategic think, blackjack, and poker

Punters who regularly bet on blackjack and poker are known for their ability to remember their moves and outsmart their opponents. You may also find sports bettors who have learned how to outsmart the bookmarkers. They often approach sports betting like mathematicians, solving equations, calculating odds, and trying to figure out to figure out ways to get their way around bookies. Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks recently hired a successful gambler to their front office.

The social dimension associated with Bingo and sports betting

Even though many people claim playing bingo online is not as social as playing in a live, physical environments, the truth is that online bingo can help you to socialize and connect with other people. Online bingo allows players to use the provided chat rooms to communicate with other players. Similarly, many sports punters prefer placing bets and enjoying the games they’ve bet on in social environments.

There are many similarities and differences between casino games and sports betting. However, whether the two are similar or not depends on how you play. They both have social aspects and a certain degree of skill.

In-play sports betting vs. Roulette

Sports Techie, the bottom line is this, do not gamble whether that be at a live sporting event or inside a virtual casino, with money you cannot afford to lose. Stick with this rule of thumb and you will ensure that betting, then losing does not cause both financial and emotional hardship because chances are it will.

Here is a future’s bets to consider. Will LeBron James lead the L.A. Lakers to another NBA Championship this season or will the Golden State Warriors three-peat in 2018? The former is obviously better odds while the latter, not so much. Maybe you can find a props bet whether Keven Durant stays in San Francisco and plays at the new Chase Center after the Warriors move from Oakland, or whether he heads to New York City to lead the Knicks to a 2019 or 2020 title, last accomplished back in 1973.

Did you know online Roulette has different versions based on the country?

When you sign up for the first time and receive rewards, make sure you tilt the odds by considering the metrics of an up coming match or the percentage of times a Roulette ball stops on red or black because if you do, the odds are you might be a winner.

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