Seattle Times The Ultimate Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Play 11Runs and Seattle Times New Fantasy Baseball Game

Play The Ultimate Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge via the Seattle Times over the weekend or midweek and win cash prizes Sports Techie. This new and exciting fantasy baseball format by 11Runs is completely legal because it is setup as a game of skill, which under the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a-ok!

As a former paperboy for the @seattletimes in the late 1970s’ and early 80s’ who used to mail in the newspapers free guess guesser game, it blows me away that I am writing a blog about how readers in 2011 can now play Fantasy Baseball by online digital means and win cash. Yeehaw!

Sports Techie was contacted by an Israeli PR company named Blonde20 and asked to write about an English company named Footbo LTD who has a new Fantasy baseball game named 11Runs that is partnered with the local Seattle Times newspaper. It truly is a global economy and the world is indeed getting smaller every day. What an awesome time to be a Sports Techie.

Sign up is easy. Use your existing Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo user name or sign up with a new login you create via the web site here:

Playing is simple. You pay a fee via credit card or PayPal of either $4.99 as a Rookie, $9.99 as a Pro, or the big enchilada of $24.99 as an MVP, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all win cash back based on 11-team competitions. Play against strangers from the Seattle area or wherever some other Sports Techie across our globe logs in from. You also have the option of setting up your own private competition and challenging your friends. Every month a $1,000 cash prize is awarded to the best total player of the month. Just by playing you earn game credits that you can use for future free play.

The rules are straight forward. There is no salary cap. Draft three pitchers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS and catcher, plus 3 outfielders, but you need to do that up to 2 hrs before the first MLB game starts to get in on the weekend or midweek play. The cool thing that evens the playing field for hardcore or casual gamers alike is that you can only pick one player per MLB team and you can only have one ‘Star player’ in your entire lineup. That means teams will not be stacked with Felix Hernandez, Ichiro and Alex Rodriguez, you can only pick one of these difference makers.

Scoring is basic. One point for most normal categories like a hit, or RBI, a double is worth 2, a triple 3 and a home run 4. If your player strikes out you lose a point. Pitchers get 4 points per win or 1 per strikeout and they lose one for every earned run given up. Games are updated in real-time. Stats Inc. provides all the MLB statistics for ensured accuracy.

The complete list of scoring, rules plus help and FAQ’s are available here:

Check out their web site for more pages that offer plenty of interaction. The MLB stats center page gives you up to date statistics of all MLB players so you can do your homework before selecting your new team. The Rankings page can be queried by overall leaders or you can peruse any given week that has already been played to do more research. Finally, the Community page has scores of the days games and a Chat Box where you can fire off one-liners about how well your surprising Rookie is delivering the goods or brag about how your team is scoring large, or maybe you just want to be humble and state that you are about to win the monthly cash prize of $1,000.

11Runs Fantasy Baseball by Footbo

I spoke with 11Runs founder Mani Honigstein twice over the phone even though we had a 10-hour time difference from London to Seattle. Mani hails from Germany and was Professional and nice to talk with. His startup company is VC funded and sports 8 employees in London. Mani was full of excitement about how they had tweaked their company from beginning with a focus of a Social Network around soccer into the new short-term paid games for various sports core competency.

The number one sport in Europe is soccer. Mani was proud of the efforts Footbo had accomplished with the Premier League Soccer game called 11Kicks working together with Fox Sports. Last year, Foobo did a beta test game called 11Rush for American Football. It was then a natural evolution to morph their gaming Platform into 11Runs for Baseball. NHL hockey, IPL cricket and F1 car fantasy games are under consideration for the future.

11Runs will soon be available to play via your Smartphone on the iPhone and Android. These free apps will allow you to configure push notifications that will alert you as to when your team has scored points. New promotions are being developed to further the fun for Seattle Times readers who play 11Runs.

11Runs has both a Twitter user account at and a Facebook page you can Like and follow.

Sports Techie, check their web site homepage and you will see a clock that shows you that you have about eight hours left to sign up for this weeks: The Ultimate Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge, brought to you by the Seattle Times and 11Runs.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie.
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