Major League Lacrosse Sign Kinduct as Official Health and Performance Software

MLL Will Employ Kinduct’s Leading Athlete Intelligence and Management System to Provide Data and Analytics Around the Health and Wellness of Athletes

Major League Lacrosse is known as MLL and together with Kinduct, an athletic performance, analytics and resource leader; they are taking professional lax to the next level through sports technology that measures the health of an athlete. Kinduct is now the official health and performance software platform of MLL. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Colin Keane, Director of Lacrosse Operations, MLL, and Tim Russell, VP of Revenue at Kinduct, about the training and rehab part of the deal allowing MLL access to a proprietary sports management system that stores health and wellness information enabling them to turn data into actionable insights. The resulting athletic intelligence provided to the league, teams and players is unique, and both sponsor and fan-friendly. MLL continues into the “MoneyBall” era this time with support from Kinduct, a proven and pioneering sports tech business in the space. Do you know your Total Wellness Score?



Kinduct’s Athlete Management System (AMS) integrates with some of the top companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection niche. The Kinduct platform loads and houses all collected performance and injury data enabling MLL users to make more informed decisions, take decisive action and produce measurable results.

“The health and wellness of our athletes is our top priority. Partnering with Kinduct will allow athletes and teams the data and resources necessary to maximize training and rehabilitation,” said Keane. “Seamless communication, performance analytics, video support, and the company’s consistent innovation to provide new and valuable resources to our athletes makes this a perfect partnership for MLL.”

Kinduct adds MLL to the impressive software provider of choice list that includes the Houston Rockets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Red Sox, Hockey Canada, and a host of other similar minded sports properties throughout the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA and other professional or elite leagues


MLL has long been considered the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league. The face of pro lax has been MLL since 2001. They are headquartered in Boston. Alexander Brown is the new Commissioner. Nine teams are in the league: our Atlanta Blaze, the Boston Cannons, Charlotte Hounds, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Dallas Rattlers, Denver Outlaws, Florida Launch, New York Lizards, and Ohio Machine.

Major League Lacrosse Sign Kinduct as Official Health and Performance Software – sportstechie blog


MLL, teams and athletes are all going through a three-step roll out that began yesterday at the MLL Medical Symposium. Doctors, trainers and a team representative from each team were shown a demo of the system by experts, given a Q and A, followed up by the product rollout to ensure mastery of the performance software for the 2019 season start in May.

The second phase is the team roll out. More training of the staff will occur.  This is scheduled for the next coming weeks.

Phase three focuses on getting the players up to speed on how to use the system before the grind of the season begins. Each player has a profile access with password log in to the rehab and to the training programs available via website or through mobile devices.


Athletic performance technologies and resources for the MLL provided by Kinduct are a first for professional lacrosse. Keane said, “MLL initially began considering the implementation of performance based technology several seasons ago and finally commitment to the concept over the past 6-8 months.”

MLL understands the value of analytics, metrics and insights with regards to sports performance and production on field. Being able to see unseen trends using Kinduct data is a competitive edge for the league, teams and players. The goal says Keane, “Is to put out the best rosters and players.”


Russell mentioned that MLL were looking for case studies and Kinduct obliged. They soon began looking into a league wide deal.

Keane says  MLL selected Kinduct’s suite of software because of the case studies and because they could meet their critical need of standardizing data collected by the league, supplied by each team and the athlete from training and rehab sessions while wearing hundreds of different kinds of wearables like a Fitbit, most all compatible with Kinduct.

A few keys to the deal according to Russell were, “Individual team perspective, accessing Kinduct platform and having data standardized across the platform.”


Rehab protocol can be established up front. Custom rehab programs are complete with video and animation to help visually guide the player on using proper mechanics per motion. Optimizing recovery time is essential when considering sitting out an athlete for a week due to an injury can prevent a six week injury to occur.

Sports Techie, I appreciate Colin and Tim taking the time to speak to me.

I saw two of the three MLL Championships here in Atlanta from 2014-2016 including the epic rain game. My playing career began in my teens at Redmond High School for Eastside Lacrosse Club in 1983. I played at Whittier College, Western Washington University and then men’s league into my 40’s. I also was a ref for all levels of the game. From youth through high school, I officiated both collegiate and men’s games. I’ve been a high school head coach in Washington and community coach in Georgia. My love for lacrosse runs in my veins same as it does for the Iroquois nation and the thousands of participants across North America and the world.

All that said, it truly is exiting to see the analytical direction the sport has taken because of MLL and Kinduct. Keane said, “Exited to see what it can offer, multiple years in the future.”

In the future, expect MLL to use more sports tech during combines, for draft purposes and free agent tryouts. Measuring speed, power and other performance tangibles by tracking using wearable technology is the latest craze so look for that kind of direction in the near future for this progressive league.

The new Premier Lacrosse League or PLL is trying to squeeze into the mainstream where MLL took this competitive sport.

Showcasing cutting edge sports tech such as Kinduct is a good way for MLL to keep the lead.

May your health and wellness be with you.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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