Let’s Wear Two The GO-Clip With TetherSAFE™ Mask Tech By Osun Labs

Introducing The GO-Clip™ with TetherSAFE™ Technology

Osun Labs just launched The GO-Clip with TetherSAFE™ patent pending technology making it a snap to integrate with most all hats, headwear or masks. This comes on the heels of the CDC recommending people wear two masks for improved fit, and the best reason of all, increasing protection from COVID-19. The pandemic COVID turned going to a live sporting event into a life-or-death challenge, professional sport teams worldwide met and overcame by having a 2020 season thanks in a large part to science, ingenuity and common sense. Osun Labs innovation center is located in Boston where the company researched ways to add mask safety while increasing comfort for a variety of users. The optimization process led to a series of functional products designed to assist with daily work or play when wearing a custom branded, Go-Clip with mask, double masks or hat. The Sports Techie community blog passes on our condolences to every person, family and friends, neighbors and work colleagues, alike, going through this mutating virus same as everyone else, leaving nearly 500K dead in America alone. GO-Clip retails for $12.99 and is the startup’s first portfolio product to help to get people and businesses back to life responsibly.

A New Face Mask Optimization Product Designed and Developed by Osun Labs’ Team of Sports, Technology, Apparel and Venture Capital Executives

Let’s Wear Two

The CDC here in Atlanta said yesterday to wear a disposable mask under a cloth mask. I asked via e-mail how Go-Clip works with the CDC’s request to wear two masks. “Even better, they are big enough to handle two mask.”

The GO-Clip was designed to assist with mask wearing challenges for this pandemic and others to possibly come in the future. TetherSAFE technology is an adjustable GO-Clip system to lesson ear pain from mask straps as well as acting as safe, accessible storage whenever wearing headgear. Pressure-point relief can also occur for those wearing hearing aids. 

The CDC news about double masking makes improved fit critical. Whether at work, school, travel, or play, GO-Clip is there to provide safety with a bit of fashion.

“We developed TheGO-Clip to help make mask wearing easier, safer, and more comfortable by pulling mask straps away from our ears,” said Jeff Eagles, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Osun Labs. “The pandemic has forced us to interact in new ways, and people expect safety from the companies, institutions, and brands they rely on daily. The GO-Clips are just the beginning of our work over the past year, and our team is dedicated to continue building additional solutions that help us get back to enjoying our lives responsibly.”

Go Clip functionality allows for masks to be worn longer, something us mask wearers are all about. The list of industries where this product is useful is truly impactful across society. Frontline healthcare, delivery, education, food and beverage, logistics and hospitality are just a few of the company’s targeted markets. Sports facilities and events like Super Bowl 55 where 7,000 first responders volunteered to join the 25,000 filled seats inside Raymond James Stadium, would have been a perfect place to see heavy and successful user adoption rates. Hopefully, SBLVI.


All-Star Executives

The company front office is experienced leading global brands. The executive mix have successful career backgrounds in sports, technology, apparel and venture capital.

Leadership hails from Fanatics, Disney, Mars Inc., Reebok, adidas, MLB, USTA, Visa U.S.A., OYO Sports, Mitchell & Ness and The Topps Company. Here is the group: Brian Duffy (Co-founder and Head of Sales and Revenue); Jeff Volk (Co-Founder and Advisor); Joan Buyce (Integrated Marketing); Daryl McKay (Operations); Nik Pai (Finance); Matthew Tomasco (eCommerce & Collectibles); Steve Alvarez (Web and Design); and Dr. Tanvir Choudhri, M.D. (Co-Director, Neurosurgery Spine, Mount Sinai Health System and Advisor).

There was increase in sales during January 2021. Compared to December 2020, search terms like “face masks” and “mask” rose by 20% and 12%, respectively in ESP – ASI’s database of products from across the promotional products industry.

Custom Branding

The custom-branded consumer products work together with PPE solutions.

Osun Labs has also launched a business-to-business program that allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to create custom branded GO-Clips for staff and retail. 

“We’re excited to partner with Osun Labs and The GO-Clip,” said Katrina Adams, Executive Director of the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program and former President of the United States Tennis Association. “Its innovative look allows us to promote our brand, and it ensures that our students and coaches can perform with ease, knowing that their protective mask has a safe and clean place to rest, while taking a drink in between drills.”

Mask wearing is a way of identifying yourself some. My son likes his reversible, shark teeth and clown mouth mask. Any sized business, brand or fandom wanting officially licensed logos and marks, can do so thanks to partnerships with Game Time and Winning Streak Sports. You can purchase MLB, NHL and WWE, and the PBA swag.

The ASI industry has made this market somewhat saturated, however, promo mask sales are on the rise lately. According to Advertising Specialty Industry, “The personal protective equipment market has become extremely competitive and mask sales for promo companies have retreated from the heights the industry experienced last summer.” “PPE was hot last year and is still doing OK, but it has become extremely commoditized and the market is crowded.”

ASICentral.com added, “Yet, there was increase in sales during January 2021. Compared to December 2020, search terms like “face masks” and “mask” rose by 20% and 12%, respectively in ESP – ASI’s database of products from across the promotional products industry. That suggests end-client interest in masks could have accelerated since the end of last year.”

There are so many kinds of masks in circulation worldwide, promo sales are just a piece of it. The CDC also says to use N-95 quality respirator masks if possible. The mask market for GO-Clips is truly massive when considering all the custom branded SMB and Fortune 500 opportunities, together with individual consumer sales, possibilities.

“Taking care of everyone on your team is the highest priority for every business leader during these times,” Eagles continued. “We want teams of every size, across every industry, to have access to The GO-Clips as they return to the workplaces we all know are critical to rebuilding local communities and economies.”

Look for it at national and local retail outlets soon.

GO-Clips can be had at TheGoClip.com

Let’s Wear Two The GO-Clip With TetherSAFE™ Mask Tech By Osun Labs | Sports Techie blog

Sports Techie, mine are on the way to me so I could not review GO-Clips before blogging about them but with this CDC initiative to double mask, I wanted to help get the word out.

Whatever we can do to help fight COVID-19, I am all in, except for drinking bleach and taking Hydroxychloroquin. You know what I mean.

The virus mutations from the UK and South Africa have invaded the US. Be aware, careful and mask up.

Blessings to you all.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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