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  • RealResponse Expands NFLPA Deal For Anonymous And Secure Reporting Including Mental Health And COVID-19

    The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) expanded last season’s agreement with RealResponse to include safe and secure feedback for all players and teams for anonymous reporting. Mental health is top and center with this enhanced arrangement after the recent high-profile domestic violence related case against NFLPA VP, Richard Sherman. He reportedly fled the scene of a […]

  • Kerri Walsh Jennings Partners With Franklin Sports To Launch Volleyball Signature Line

    Kerri Walsh Jennings, the three-time summer Olympic Games beach volleyball gold medal winner and legend announced her new partnership with Franklin Sports yesterday. The trusted global sporting goods brand aims to gain valuable exposure regarding this business collaboration as the Tokyo 2020 Games officially begins on Friday, July 23, 2021, the first time in the […]

  • Let’s Wear Two The GO-Clip With TetherSAFE™ Mask Tech By Osun Labs

    Osun Labs just launched The GO-Clip with TetherSAFE™ patent pending technology making it a snap to integrate with most all hats, headwear or masks. This comes on the heels of the CDC recommending people wear two masks for improved fit, and the best reason of all, increasing protection from COVID-19. The pandemic COVID turned going to […]

  • Match Tennis App Developed Virtual Tournament Desk For COVID-19 Social Distancing

    Tennis startup Match Tennis App has COVID-19 social distancing rules coded into their Virtual Tournament Desk (VTD) platform as a way to get the game moving forward. Coronavirus has permeated society worldwide making large gatherings such as a sport tournament somewhat risky even with the most well thought out and executed health and safety plans […]

  • New York Sports Fans Tell Riptide Partners Survey They Will Return to Venues Sooner

    Riptide Partners Customer Experience (CX) solutions conducted a new survey of New York residents on whether these fans in attendance at sporting events and concerts would likely return to sport and entertainment venues with the COVID-19 pandemic not going away anytime soon. The consulting firm received 4,000 completed surveys conducted at N.Y. area sports events […]

  • Fauci Opening Day TOPPS NOW Card Sets Sales Record

    COVID-19 is surging across much of America and so was Dr. Anthony Facui’s TOPPS NOW card illustrating his MLB opening day first pitch last Thursday before the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals game as it sold a record 51,512 cards distributed via the TOPPS Company platform. Perhaps his selection was a premonition against the […]

  • 2020 NFL Season: Health, and Safety Concerns

    We are just a little over a month away from regular-season NFL football and pre-season kicks off in just a few weeks. So what can we expect from the NFL as far as new protocols and safely regulations related to the world’s latest disaster, SARS-2 COVID 19? The Sports Techie community blog understands the need […]

  • Will Live Sports Ever Be The Same Because of COVID-19?

    Live sports have changed because of coronavirus and may never be the same again, right? No one truly knows the answer as to COVID-19 best practices since this is a new pandemic. The NBA is not about to let this tiny, nasty virus stop it from committing to a limited rest of the season schedule […]

  • Influence of Coronavirus Break on the Physical and Mental Condition of Professional Athletes

    When the normal flow in sports is interrupted, as is the case during the coronavirus pandemic, the consequences are always big because the continuity in work, as one of the most important things in sports training, is disturbed. The Sports Techie community blog is carefully observing the reopening of professional sport leagues such as the […]

  • Qualtrics Offers Free Solutions For COVID-19 Return To Work And Back To Business

    Qualtrics is an experience data (X-data) company that designs global enterprise research software that offers automated analytics to 75%+ of the Fortune 100, and to 11,000+ global brands and sports organizations. Owned by SAP who are experts in operational data (O-data), the combination of X+O enables optimized management because they build experience management programs such […]