KORE Software Buys SponServe For Ultimate Sponsorship Bundle


KORE Software acquired SponServe in a sports technology business move of major significance. Each company’s proprietary assets will be bundled into a full solution capable of SponServe’s sponsorship activation management capabilities together with KORE’s business management portfolio made for sports business intelligence, sponsor tracking and enhancing season ticket sales. They also announced the appointment of Al Guido, San Francisco 49ers President, to the board of directors. The Sports Techie community blog has followed the growth of KORE and I am connected to Al on LinkedIn making this announcement today a sportsbiz story I am happy to report to you. Sports tech is fundamentally changing the way teams handle sponsorships. I am told $10 billion migrates through KORE’s platform on a yearly basis, a large number sure to rise exponentially with the addition of SponServe’s core competency added together with both entities existing clientele of rights holders and brands. The new product promises to change the sponsorship industry in terms of how commercial teams tackle administration, distribution, reporting, and profits.

KORE Software Buys SponServe For Ultimate Sponsorship Bundle


Founded just three years ago downunder in Australia, SponServe has become a leading provider of a cloud enabled sponsorship management platform for more than 100 well-known users throughout Europe and the U.S. during the past year especially. They have a plug-in solution in the clouds designed to allow improved sponsorship monitoring, and the management and measurement of partnership ROI.  Included in the list of satisfied clients are, 7 Premier League teams, AS Roma and Williams F1, as well as Scarlets Pro14 Rugby, the NRL and Cricket Australia, joining the Brisbane Broncos and others.

“With KORE’s backing, this is a great opportunity for SponServe to expand its operations and support more businesses around the world,” said SponServe’s Managing Director, Mark Thompson. “Originally, we wanted to create a system that automated the administrative tasks around fulfilment and delivery, providing total oversight across inventories to maximize the time clients spent building relationships. Today, we sit as global leaders in that field and I’m extremely proud of the work the team have done to get here. Alongside KORE, we’ll be able to take SponServe to the next level.”


The  full suite applications of KORE sport and entertainment business management solutions features Ticketing & Fan Engagement™, Sponsorship & Partner Engagement™, KONNECT™, Suites & Premium™, and Data Warehouse & Analytics™.  Additionally, KORE Planning & Insights (KPI) delivers business intelligence consultation and staff augmentation services.

KORE has 120 professional sport clubs and leagues together with 450 domestic and global brands and properties, all using g a variety of tools and services to gather, store and breakdown customer data, drive sponsorship sales and activation, and provide insight into business development. Now they add additional capabilities via SponServe technologies and management team.

“We’re delighted to welcome SponServe to the team and are extremely excited to see it as part of the KORE suite of products, expanding our offer globally,.” said, Todd Cusolle, CEO of KORE Software. “KORE’s fundamental aim to help businesses sell smarter, act faster and engage deeper are perfectly complimented by SponServe’s approach. Ultimately, it is a business which allows brands and rights holders to spend less time reporting and monitoring their partnerships, and more time building relationships with one another. The fit for us is perfect and we look forward to showcasing our new enhanced offer to customers.”

Game-Changing Sport Business Software

Once SponServe morphs together with KORE Software, their target mark truly becomes international in scope as each brings a wide range of existing clients to the new partnership. KORE has professional sports organizations, college sports programs, entire leagues, well known properties and top brands worldwide using their product line. SponServe also services teams in major markets around the world bringing the total of users of the new platform to around 550.

The combination of award-winning cloud-based platform for maximized sponsorship servicing together with KORE’s market-leading capabilities makes for a technological stack for inventory management, financial awareness and constructing win-win partnerships, while showing deep-dive reports and insightful analytics.

SponServe will continue to operate as a brand on an international level.  Thompson and existing senior managers can rely on KORE Software’s global leadership team support from New York, U.S.A. The benefit of this arrangement is their current customer base will see a seamless transition now and into the future.

Al Guido

Added Guido to the board is a powerful step in terms of guidance, connections and advice. Guido oversees all key business initiatives for the 49ers. At the same time, he is the CEO and Co-Managing partner of Elevate Sports Ventures, a sports and entertainment agency. Elevate delivers robust business solutions to the marketplace while showcasing new revenue streams and promoting new, innovative ideas to market.

KORE Software announced the appointment of Al Guido, San Francisco 49ers President, to their board of directors

Sports Techie, KORE Software can now say they have the most diverse and popular sponsorship, inventory management platform in the industry because of acquiring SponServe who has a solid reputation for delivering the most comprehensive sponsorship fulfillment tools for the entire sponsorship lifecycle, anywhere.

I contacted Guido while acting as the Director of Business Development with ScoreMore for the past two-years. He returned my call promptly and I will never forget that he did that for me as I’m sure he does with countless others as a true professional.

The win-win-win sportsbiz consisting of KORE, SponServe and Guido is the kind of sports tech story worth sharing to our global community.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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