Kia’s hamster trio unleash a flurry of 2014 sport technology Soul

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Watching the all-new Kia 2014 Soul advert with my three month old is priceless. Why? Because the Kia video has a sports technology theme any age will enjoy. The fun advertising campaign has the former Kia Motors America hamsters changing themselves into lean, mean, head-turning machines, much like the all-new Soul can do for you. The Sports Techie community can enter our free $25 iTunes gift card raffle giveaway by sharing what you liked best about the Kia Soul commercial.

[Video] Meet the new and improved @Kia #Hamsters!

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Win $25 iTunes Gift Card

All you have to do to win the free $25 iTunes Gift Card is watch the Kia Soul commercial and then tweet your favorite part of the commercial while including @Kia and the hashtag #Hamsters on Twitter. I am a part of the #kiasocialclub and would like to thank Kia for the opportunity to participate in this generous Kia Social Club promotion via a Sports Techie blog and our social channels.

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My Favorite Part

I will go first, for me it was the sports technology throughout the video I liked best. The trio of hamsters hit the high-energy gym to the tune of the latest and greatest anthem from Lady Gaga, “Applause.” Lo and behold but the three are exercising with Precor exercise machines as they train. Precor is based here in Washington State.

“All Buff, No Fluff” is their workout motto. The treadmill fall by is something I have done which makes it that much more funny. The super slow-mo pool dive is epic especially because of the old school coach using a stop watch behind him to time the swim. I really liked the underwater filming of aqua hamster, that is classic sports tech. Spinning on the upright bike in unison to Lady Gaga’s beat is hilarious and so was the speed elliptical scene.

[Link] The new and improved @Kia #Hamsters are here!
What is your favorite part of the new and improved @Kia #Hamsters?

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2014 Soul! shown. Expected Fall 2013

Sports Techie, What is your favorite part after watching the new Kia Soul commercial? The red carpet movie ending was awesome. If you tweet your favorite part while including @Kia and the hashtag #Hamsters on Twitter via our Sports Techie giveaway on Rafflecopter, it enters you into the free $25 iTunes Gift Card prize.

Spread this free Sports Techie giveaway on your social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, thank you. I look forward to checking out the Kia Soul #Hamsters hashtag stream on Twitter to read about what your fave scene.

As the season turns here in Seattle and the summer days end, moving your fitness regime indoors is wise and so is using sports tech products and Solutions to get it done like the Kia hamster trio did with Precor state of the art fitness equipment while driving a brand new 2014 Soul.

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