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  • Lyft Atlanta Ride Share Driver

    Ride Share Driving For Lyft Atlanta Lyft is my preferred ride sharing company even before Uber started started taking negative PR hits because of their corporate culture towards women employees primarily forcing their founder to step down. When I did not own a car, I relied on mostly public transportation and that means Marta buses […]

  • New American-Made Index By CARS

    Cars and trucks have long been one of the manufacturing anchors and job sources of the United States economy since the birth of the model T and because of advancements in technology; the industry has truly gone global. One innovative American digital business of note is Cars.com which launched in 1998 out of Chicago and […]

  • How Robotics Affects the Sports Industry

    How Robotics Affects the Sports Industry The sports world as we know it is evolving at an Internet fast pace and so are robotics. Athletes and referees can now access advanced techniques and equipment to train, enabling their training and performance to step up to a whole new level. It’s not just about athletes or […]

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Off Roading

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Off Roading

    Cleaning Your Car After a Drag Race There is no doubt that everyone wants their ride to be spotless and shining. Clean cars are not only pleasing to the eye, but also help in keeping vehicles rust-free prolonging their life. After each race, your car is bound to become filthy with mud, dirt and grime. […]

  • No Pavement, No Problem: Off Road Driving Basics for Beginners

    Canada Has The Perfect Places to Learn How To Master Off-Road Skills No Matter Your Skill Set If you are not part of the off-road revolution, you may not know what you’re missing. Thousands of outdoor motoring enthusiasts take to non-paved trails around Canada every year. Whether you choose to go off road in 4×4 […]

  • To be a Dad, Toyota Big Game Advert Honors NFL Fathers And Every Day Dads

    To be a Dad, Toyota Big Game Advert Honors NFL Fathers And Every Day Dads To be a Dad, is a Big Game advertisement created by Toyota that delivers a poignant look into the world of being a caring father. Professional football stars, retired NFL all-pro players and everyday Dads are interviewed about being a […]

  • Rev Up The RPMs With These Top Gifts for ATV Enthusiasts

    It may be the dead of winter, but riding season is just around the corner. The Sports Techie community blog loves machines with technology that provide sport and recreation opportunities for individuals or families like motocross and all terrain vehicles so start planning now! When the snow finally clears, be ready with new gear, new […]

  • Kia Evolution Of The Modern Car Commercial And History of Auto Technology

    Since 1880, every decade of car changes have involved some sort of technological advancement that Kia Motors covers an informative, educational and fun video entitled, @Kia Presents Evolution Of The Modern Car! Watch as Kia takes you on an animated journey since before most any of us were born, to  the roaring ‘20s when the […]

  • Kia’s hamster trio unleash a flurry of 2014 sport technology Soul

    Kia Motors Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors Watching the all-new Kia 2014 Soul advert with my three month old is priceless. Why? Because the Kia video has a sports technology theme any age will enjoy. The fun advertising campaign has the former Kia Motors America hamsters changing themselves into lean, […]