GoFundMe, Tough Mudder, Venture Endurance Series Innovate Endurance Athlete Fundraising

GoFundMe teamed up with Tough Mudder and Venture Endurance Series as official fundraising sponsor, image via GoFundMe RAGBRAI

GoFundMe is the new official fundraising sponsor with Tough Mudder and the Venture Endurance Series. What that means is endurance athletes now have the option to rally fundraised money as an integrated part of registration to support dear causes and charities. Ventures Endurance compiled data shows runners are 1.7x more commitment than the rest of humanity to take part with charitable initiatives so just make it so. This sponsorship project begins with the RAGBRAI ride (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) also known as the nation’s largest, recreational cycling event challenging 20,000 riders to cycle 460 miles around the state of Iowa. Bikers can use GoFundMe technology to quickly and easily raise funds for nonprofits in need, or charities of your choosing. The Sports Techie community blog supports this novel concept and I became the first to donate to the RAGBRAI Community Fund here after signing up for a GoFundMe account in a matter of a few minutes. Tip, sign up for an account first then start to raise funds or donate so your initial efforts are tracked and logged accordingly. Look for this innovative fundraiser creation option at signups for future Ventures Endurance events including the Santa Rosa and Detroit Marathon.

Pandemic Fueled Cycling Comeback

Just a few years ago, running, cycling and endurance sports began to grow rather quickly as COVID-19 caused the world to pause many indoor fitness practices often done inside a gym, club, swimming pool, or facility. People adjusted to the pandemic as we do and took physical fitness outdoors. The slight lifestyle changes meant more and more of these type of athletes either ramped up their outside runs, road and mountain bike rides, and lake swims, or starting doing them more often, or began to set initial personal exercise goals outside where the air can be fresh, the paths are made up of dirt, and the connection with nature complete. I am constantly inspired on my social media account to see friends, colleagues and even complete strangers, share a fun ride, an ultra-run, or simple family swim time.

We’re changing the way the world gives! Get inspired at GoFundMe


GoFundMe.org is the non-profit and charitable arm of GoFundMe. They recently launched the RAGBRAI Community Fund in an effort to equitably distribute donations to each of the host town’s charities.

According to the Madeline Purdue, Spokeswoman, GoFundMe, “This is just one way GoFundMe is helping endurance athletes help their communities as we look forward to the rest of the Venture Endurance and Tough Mudder seasons.”

Tough Mudder

There are nearly 20 Tough Mudder events this year. Any participant is encouraged to start a GoFundMe to maximize their impact as they complete one of the most physically demanding challenges in endurance sports. GoFundMe will also spotlight participants who have overcome incredible challenges and who are inspiring others to pay it forward as part of a “Why We Mudder” series. Make it be you.

GoFundMe Teams Up with Tough Mudder, Venture Endurance Series to Help Others Cross the Finish Line, image via GoFundMe RAGBRAI


What began with a few friends on a casual bike ride across Iowa in 1973 has blossomed into The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa becoming a generation passing tradition for many. It is now the longest, largest and oldest recreational bicycle touring event in the world.

Each of RAGBRAI host town will earn an equal share of all donations to the RAGBRAI Community Fund when distributed by GoFundMe.org and partner Ventures Endurance to each town’s charities acting as the single donation place to financially support all host communities the same. Engage with these select fundraisers started by RAGBRAI riders on the centralized landing page.

Fundraiser by Greer Saechao _ #RAGBRAI for American Red Cross disaster relief

RAGBRAI Fundraisers

Riders who fundraise $500 or more receive special swag to say ‘thank you!’

The RAGBRAI organization is planning to also donate $15,000 to each host town via this fund.

Cycling around the Boise Foothills

Sports Techie, I’ve been riding off and on for five decades and most recently on a road bike around the Boise foothills the past few weeks with my Dad and am truly enjoying the rides for a number of reasons. First, is the special bonding time with Pops as he is 79 and a fellow lifetime athlete. Fitness is another key factor. I just started using the Strava app my Father recommended to me as I usually use Nike Run Club or Runkeeper apps to track my rides, walks, runs, and whatever other activity needs tracking. It’s a dynamite app with the ability to follow the 2022 Tour De France metrics in real-time or archived, because of their sports tech partnership. In fact, the 35th Annual Boise Twilight Criterium brought the top pro women’s and men’s cycling teams across the nation to race around downtown Boise on July 8th to the delight of fans lining the scorching hot course. Before this vacation, I had never heard of Criterium or RAGBRAI.

No doubt, biking has made a massive comeback around the United States since the days of Lance Armstrong winning Le Tour, after Le Tour, to the delight of Americans until he was exposed for blood doping tainting his efforts, those of his teammates, and soured many American fans’ appetite for bike road racing. No question, the pandemic changed that back in just a few years’ time because riding is not only good the heart, mind and body, it is also extremely social and can now of use to raise funds for nonprofits, thanks to GoFundMe and Venture Endurance.

Those riding across Iowa, finishing a first triathlon like friend Jay Matous just did last month, or are entered into a Tough Mudder event with teammates, you will have access to a safe, secure and easy-to-use platform to bring your community along for the journey in supporting causes that matter to you.

GoFundMe is here to celebrate your passion and dedication, and look forward to seeing all the ways to help you, help others.

Please share your #RAGBRAI Fundraiser with our community on any of our social media handles below.

Three virtual cheers for all!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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