The best cycling gear of 2020

A Good Rule Of Thumb – You Get What You Pay For With Cycling Gadgets

With spring and good weather, it is time to get your bike out of your garage and onto the streets respecting social distancing advice because of coronavirus. But if you are looking for a way to amp up your biking experience, there are so many new gadgets to choose from in the sports technology industry.

No matter if you want to make your rides more comfortable, faster, or just a bit more exciting, there is always some new toy to give you precisely what you need. The Sports Techie community blog implores you to always wear a helmet when cycling.

Bike Gadgets Come In All Shapes, Sizes and Prices

Here are some of the best 2020 cycling gear that you will definitely want to have.

Better bike grips

Riding your bike puts a lot of pressure on your hands, so making them as comfortable as you can be your primary concern.

That is why you should be looking into new bike grips. Usually, the ones that come with the bike are not the best of quality and tend to be uncomfortable. But there is not a solid reason why you should keep them.  The material they are made of is an important consideration.

Find a good watch 

If you love tracking your health and activity, a sports watch is a must-have gadget for you. If you do not own one already, now is the best time to get it. 

With so many brands and features, it is really easy to find the one that is in your budget, as well as the one that suits your technology needs.

If the reason why you do not have a sports watch is that you want something that looks fancier and that you can wear even on formal occasions and still look good, then there is a solution for you. Withings is the company that is popular for its fitness and medical watches that do not look like one. But do not doubt their quality, because they have a techie way to track your medical data, too. For example, if you suffer from an irregular heartbeat, not only can it detect it, but their watch can actually perform an ECG with their built-in electrodes tech. 

Get a better rear light

If you are all about safety while you are cycling, then you will be really excited about this gadget. Rothem Smart Bike Rear Light is probably one of the best lights that you can have right now. It is equipped with an HD camera, speakers and a mic, and many other little details.

Not only does it make you more visible to the drivers, but it also measures the distance of the closest car and shows it on your phone. This is the state of the art way to track your surroundings more efficiently without risking your safety.

It is time for a new helmet

If you thought that helmets are only used for protection, you were wrong. The new Safe-Tec SK8 Plus Helmet is offering something more. Not only does it have front and backlights, speakers that do not block ambient sound, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, now it has one more feature – Alexa. Whether or not you might think that chatting with Alexa while cycling in traffic is safe, there is no doubt that this feature will open up a world of possibilities for more improvements.

Invest in a good lock

Apart from watching out for safety and comfort, security should also be an essential thing on your list. But lucky for you, new technology regarding securing your bicycle is continuously being developed. The new Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 is probably the best affordable lock that you can buy. It is able to withstand bolt cutters, as well as any theft attack that your ride might face.

Always Wear A Bike Helmet No Matter Your Skill Level

Sports Techie, whatever is your reason to update your cycling gear, you will never be out of possibilities. With so many new gears being developed, it is practically too hard to follow. But having the latest greatest does not need to be your priority, being safe and secure should.

I am a former bike messenger in Seattle. I have ridden MT bikes around Washington State, California and Georgia, as well as Park City, Jackson Hole and Whistler, BC. I also love to ride a road bike together with my Dad around Boise and Bend whenever I visit my parents. My good friend, The Bike Doctor, repairs any kind of bicycle for a living. Cycling is fun, good exercise and a way of life for many cyclists.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to take advantage of bike gadgets. Finding a gadget or two that you like can make your cycling experiences all the more enjoyable.

Ride on!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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