The Best Men’s Running Gear of 2020

Sports Techie Running Socks

Running is probably one of the best exercises you can do to improve your fitness levels and overall health. It is also one of the most effective weight loss exercises because it helps to burn more fat long after you are done with your daily run.  The Sports Techie community blog recommends you run more as a way to also keep your body healthy and strong should you come in contact with COVID-19.

But if you want to improve your running performance, you can also invest in better running gear that will give you full control over your runs. Whether you are struggling with equipment or performance, here is some gear and technology that will make your runs more enjoyable and much more effective. 

CrossFit socks are also useful for running

Even though it seems funny thinking that socks can aid your athletic performance when it comes to working out properly, every little detail can count. 

When you are running, you are putting a lot of pressure on your legs, which may lead to an injury. CrossFit socks are designed to endure all intensity of a CrossFit workout, mainly to keep the lower legs and the joints safe and sound, which also makes them a perfect accessory for your running endeavors.

Another benefit of the CrossFit socks is that they are also designed to fit well in your shoes and aid the comfiness levels while you are active, which is essential for enjoying your daily runs. No one wants to suffer through a workout feeling uncomfortable.

There is a variety of socks to choose from in terms of height, material, etc. Although looking for the perfect CrossFit socks may be a challenge, it is definitely worth it.

Garmin Running Watch

Running watches are essential

If you do not already have a running watch, it is time to get one. And there is no better time to do so than now. 

Depending on your budget, there are many new watches on the market to choose from. 

If your budget is quite low, there is no need to buy the fancy watches with millions of features. You can track a lot of your progress with your phone, but having a handy stopwatch is a must for runners. Kiprun W100 M Stopwatch is exactly the watch that will help you improve your speed and endurance. 

But if you have a bit more cash to spend, Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a gadget you must take a look at. It tracks your GPS movements and sleep, measures your heart rate, plays music for you, and can even make payments. And the best thing about it is that you can also take it swimming. If you are tired of having a phone in your hand or strapped to your arm while running, Garmin is a brand that got you covered. 

There Is A Running Watch For Every Budget

Listen to music in a seamless way.

With your wrist music player from above, getting the headphones that are actually comfortable while running is essential. Especially the ones that are water and sweatproof. Have you seen the new Powerbeats Pro? But the best thing about this pair is that you do not have to click anywhere with your sweaty hands to pause your music, just unhook one of the buds, and that is all. 

You can even run longer distances now

If you have always wanted to go on longer runs but were too unmotivated because there is just no way to carry all the things you need and still have free hands to keep your balance and improve your speed. Well, those days are now officially over. 

With a new Patagonia Hip Pack, now you can carry your essentials but still feel lightweight. But where are you going to keep your water? Well, Patagonia has that covered, too, with their running gilet that is made out of more durable material, there is more room to keep your other essentials apart from water, like running gels, your phone and ID, and other running gear you might need. 

Running With Music

Sports Techie, running is as ancient as the hills. People have been running since the beginning of time. The future of running and cross-training is already here.

Running records are being set daily because of the technological enhancements in clothing, gear and shoes.

The days of wearing cotton clothing has given way to wicking materials. Tracking your pace and vitals is a must for serious runners and fun for recreational runs.

Nike Vaporfly and Alphafly shoes are being credited and banned from International competitions because they claim and do seem to improve a runner’s efficiency by 4% using a “built-in secret weapon” consisting of a full-length, carbon fiber plate underfoot generating a propulsion effect resulting in a faster pace.

Start with THE Sports Techie socks and run like the wind.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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