Fastpoint Games Kelly Perdew and MLS Fantasy Soccer Salary Cap Challenge by Fastpoint Games

Fastpoint Games Kelly Perdew and MLS Fantasy Soccer
I signed up last night for one of the two new Major League Soccer fantasy games created with Fastpoint Games white label platform. It was free and easy to do just like Fastpoint CEO Kelly Perdew told me over the phone using my existing Facebook account to sign up seamlessly. Now I have a MLS Salary Cap Challenge team in the U.S. league with the name Sports Techie, who-ha.

As a two decade fantasy sport player, I recommend that you give this a whirl because the MLS and Fastpoint Games are blowing up and soccer is the next evolution in fantasy sports for you the fans. A new twist in fantasy sports that Kelly (who won The Apprentice show year two) and the MLS have put together as a component are prizes like a trip to the 2012 MLS All-star game, jerseys and cash awards that await the many winners so sign up today.

Salary Cap Challenge (SCC)
The basic concept of the SCC is you have a beginning balance of $35.00 and need to buy seven positions which are: 2 Forwards, 2 Midfielders, 1 Defender, 1 Goalie and 1 Utility player. If you spend $9.00 on a superstar, you may have to buy someone else for $1.00 until you spend your $35 and have your seven slots filled.

Each week the value of the players increase and decrease based on their statistical play such as shots on goals, assists and saves, plus more.

Start playing by clicking here:

Once you register, a Basic Team option comes up. Proceed to checkout unless you are a Trader Bob and want to purchase more trade options. You can trade a player and buy another at any time. There is a Max of 75 trades (buy/sell) in a year, however, you get two free ones per week so no worries there, it is still a compelling freemium service.

Next, you have the option to:
1. Be assigned a Team 2. Join a Group League 3. Set up your own League

I looked around and found a new league that was just formed this week and joined in. Customizing my team name and user profile with an uploaded picture is always fun and was super user-friendly to manage.

SCC features all 18 teams that play over the 34 game 2011 MLS season. Everyone is excited about the new franchises in Portland and Vancouver, especially my rival Seattle Sounders FC, with Montreal coming on board in 2012.

Even though this futbol season is currently underway, do not fret because you play against the teams in your own league. It will be tough to make up ground on the worldwide ranking list of everyone who plays but that’s why you play the game Sports Techie, to compete against your peers and let the algorithms do their thing. Add in those virtual goods like cash prizes and MLS swag and then ask yourself; why wouldn’t you play for free Sports Techie?

MLS League Manager (LM)
The other new game is the first ever League Manager for the MLS. Here you can play with a traditional format where you draft and trade players while playing against other teams head-to-head. What is cool about LM is that it is also free, you can customize the format based on your league preferences, and, all stats are updated in real-time giving you the ability to watch how your team is faring during Live MLS matches. Get your smartphones ready because LM is totally Sports Techie.

Fastpoint Games
Kelly and Fastpoint Games Director of Operations Jeff Daniels spoke with me about their new partnership with the MLS as a turning point for the business and their fans. MLS fans now have the opportunity to play in proven online league formats that offer financial revenue streams to the League with a customizeable Platform that provides sticky fan interaction via Fastpoint Games award-wining, highly scalable and hosted fantasy sports Solutions that are considered GAAS or games-as-a-software. GAAS is similar to SAAS and used with Cloud computing technology. Fastpoint has designed and built what is considered an Enterprise class Solution.

Fastpoint has built a B2B infrastructure that allows for the Fortune 500 brand set, publishers, affiliates and even bloggers, to now have the ability of offering data-driven fantasy sports Games, Ticker and Widgets, that can be skinned while needing minimal resources. Monetizing is a buzzword that turns heads and Fastpoint makes that so for clients, sponsors and advertisers to all get in on the action with freemium, premium and ad supported models.

They are based in Los Angeles, CA and backed by well-known investors Allen & Co., Mission Ventures, DFJ Dragon (China) and Sports Capital Partners Worldwide. Present and past users of Fastpoint wares are an impressive list that includes the NBA, Sony Online Entertainment and NASCAR, in addition to The Bachelor.

Right now they are very busy with a Fantasy Salary Cap baseball game under the RotoHog Network. RotoHog rebranded as Fastpoint Games to expand into other sports and entertainment properties.

A new March Madness game was recently developed. A NFL Draft football game is another new concept that will be offered to fans soon. Future business opportunities exist with cricket and rugby. I asked about the Olympics and lacrosse and Kelly mentioned that each is under consideration.

You can also find Fastpoint Games on Twitter and their Facebook page. See

Kelly Perdew
Yes, it is well known that Kelly won The Apprentice TV show and worked for Donald Trump. What you may not be aware of is not only is he a graduate of WestPoint but he also attended UCLA and earned a MBA and JD law degree.

When I asked Kelly what was his favorite quote by legendary UCLA basketball Head Coach John Wooden is, he was not prepared for that and it made him think. His answer was spot on in that he said it most likely would be one that involved “Character.” That is a core component of who Kelly is inside and out as indicated by his 10 Leadership Principles. His book, “Take Command” has a last chapter which is all about character and he related that back to Coach Wooden. Proceeds of book sales go to the USO.

Kelly is a spokesperson for both Big Brother/Sisters and The National Guard Youth Challenge Program. In 2006, he received a Presidential Appointment to the President’s Council on Civic Participation and Service.

I asked about a possible fantasy game for Mr. Trump should he officially announce his Presidential candidacy for the 2012 election. Kelly said that was not in the works right now but you never know.

Our discussion began by asking him about Klout. Kelly is an investor in He thinks Klout is on to something and so do I. They measure Social Media Influence which is a hard thing to gauge but with their software and tools they can measure this important Internet data.

Read more about Kelly at his web site here:

Sports Techie
Without a doubt, Kelly and Fastpoint Games are Sports Techie. I hope to meet Kelly in person someday soon. Cheers to the MLS for partnering up and providing cutting-edge sports technology games to their audience. Jeff mentioned that he needed his own SCC team goalie, Sounders Kasey Keller, to step up, I hear that. Sign up for SCC and LM now and enjoy the sports tech fun.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie @sportstechieNET.




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