Cablepalooza+ 2011 by Comcast

Cablepalooza+ 2011 by Comcast was once held again at the Shilshole Beach Club building located on the Puget Sound. One of our first Sports Techie blogs was written last year about Cablepalooza 2010:

The Seattle office of Comcast Spotlight celebrates business partnerships and successes at Cablepalooza, perhaps Seattle’s premier media and sportsbiz event of the year. It was terrific returning to Cablepalooza for the second year as Sports Techie.

I dubbed this year’s event theme – interactive. What do I mean by interactive? First, check out the Comcast Spotlight video recap of this wonderful summer night event and you will begin to understand why I say that. Be sure to ‘freeze it’ as coach Dick Vitale likes to say at the 1:48 mark to see me in action, and again at 3:35 for the local SUP rider.

A local SUP class at Cablepalooza+ 2011

Comcast had a ‘Hell on Wheels’ mechanical bull sponsored by AMC that got the best of guests, all in good fun.

Comcast Cablepalooza+ 2011 Mechanical Bull by AMC
Comcast Cablepalooza+ 2011 AMC Mechanical Bull in action

The ‘Make the Right Moves’ Kinect dance game put on by Fox News was a huge interactive hit. I personally enjoyed the Speed NASCAR racing gaming area. Unlimited racing against 3 other drivers in the Daytona car game was awesome. My favorite interactive opportunity was the ESPN College Football Challenge because I was able to play the University of Washington against Washington State Apple Cup game in 3D.

Sports Techie plays NCAA 12 in 3D at the ESPN College Football Challenge

As guests checked in to the Club they were met by the tight UW marching band in synch with the hard working cheerleaders.

Hundreds of local, regional and national advertisers mingled with cable network reps, national media execs and agency leaders from around the country.

The SyFy Alphas Fortune Telling hall, ESPN College Basketball pop-a-shots, and the DIY candy bar, all got some interactive play by Sports Techie.

Last year, I met a cool Spike UFC fighter named Stephan Bonner, and this year Ryan “Darth’ Bader made an appearance you can view here:

This year for a short time, I had the ears of Tamra Barney, one of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and Sponge Bob. Cablepalooza+ 2011 notable Sponsors included: TNT, TBS, MTV, USA, CNN, the Golf Channel, Xfinity, I+ and Versus.

The food and drink was top notch. Top Chef was in the house. Dueling pianos went at it all night. I made new friends and caught up with some long established friendships. All the interactive gaming and resulting fun made Cablepalooza+ 2011 another super good time. Sports Techie thanks Comcast WA once again for their hospitality and generosity.

Pay attention to this link for info about Cablepalooza 2012:

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie.
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3 responses to “Cablepalooza+ 2011 by Comcast”

  1. Comcast Spotlight (NW Region) Avatar

    Thanks for the great recap! Glad you enjoyed yourself. By all accounts, it was one of the best ever. I don’t know how we’re going to top it next year, but we’re going to try. We’ve started planning for 2012, but will only tweet about it @Spotlight_NW (not at the website you noted).

    And just to remind your readers, this is a private event to show Comcast Spotlight advertisers how much we appreciate their partnership and celebrate the year.

    Thanks again! Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

    Comcast Spotlight, NW Region

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      You are welcome. Appreciate your comment and the update. Many thanks Comcast Spotlight for Cablepalooza+ 2011, it was a Sports Techie haven!

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