Bloomberg Sports Upgrades Decision Maker NFL Fantasy Football App For 2012 Season

Decision Maker hosted on the Internet – Giants QB Eli Manning vs. Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Bloomberg Sports recently upgraded Decision Maker, their NFL Fantasy Football App, for the upcoming 2012 season. Sports Techie, whether you are a hardcore fantasy sport player, a newbie, or an old schooler, it matters not when you have an advanced and easy to use technological tool such as the Decision Maker (DM) suite of applications loaded onto your Apple iOS smartphone or tablet, or hosted online, ready to assist you maintain your squad throughout the season with your make-it or break-it activation calls. Bloomberg has added updated algorithms to the industry’s leading technology-driven sit/start tool for the Internet and mobile, while added the new Crowd Call, a free fan-voting sports tech creation that calculates fantasy player match-ups.

Fantasy Sports is big sports business. According to the President of Global Gaming Network, Stephen Kern, “Fantasy Football is a $32 million a year sportsbiz and Fantasy Sports brings in $4.5 billion a year.” Huffington Sports reported today that Fantasy Football costs employers $6.5 Billion in lost worker productivity. As you can see, Sports Techie, you are not alone when it comes to playing fantasy sports. Companies such as Bloomberg Sports are leading the sports technology way via their innovative Solutions and products.

Decision Maker 2012 is available at for use by all fantasy football players using any fantasy provider at $9.95 online; $2.99 mobile. The mobile app, Bloomberg Sports Fantasy Football 2012 app is now available in the iTunes store for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Bloomberg Sports Decision Maker Calculates Head to Head Matchups
The Bloomberg Sports App for iPad, Decision Maker, has Head to Head Matchups ability

“We are very pleased with the enhancements we have made with Decision Maker and the addition of Crowd Call for 2012, two tools which will use Bloomberg’s state-of-the art analytic engines to give fantasy players the best possible chances of selecting winning matchups each week,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports. “It’s clear that fans like to test their own predictive abilities against the technology-based analytics of our Decision Maker app. Decision Maker provided tremendous guidance for fantasy football players last year, and now those players can also have fun and test their skills against it with Crowd Call.”

Crowd Call by Bloomberg Sports for the iPhone is free to use

Crowd Call (CC) was tested last season as free tool, according to Bill, becoming an instant hit with users. The DM concept is to allow CC fans the ability to choose which player in a head-to-head matchup will have a more productive fantasy scoring week, and then aggregates the results of all voters in real-time. CC will also offer week-to-week game match-ups. This beats back in the day when you had to snail mail in your picks each week and then wait forever for the results to be calculated by hand and posted.

The Bloomberg Sports Fantasy Football app for iPad, Decision Maker, has Head to Head Matchup Data

Decision Maker is not free but is worth the expense because of the proprietary calculations that compare any two players using the exclusive B-Score rank (using metrics developed by Bloomberg Sports to summarize a player’s weekly value based on Player Performance, Team Support, Opponent Matchup, and Game Conditions), and a Risk/Reward Score, which shows the player’s volatility and upside potential that week.

The Decision Maker for the iPhone B-Score Factor explanations break down the data in detail by category with visuals and graphs

The app’s B-Score Factor explanations break down the data in detail by category with visuals and graphs. The tool also offers a full-season projection component that can aid fantasy players during their draft.

Green Bay Packers star wide receiver and the newest Dancing with the Stars winner, Greg Jennings, will promote the sports technology products in social media, on the radio, in videos, and through his charity, the Greg Jennings foundation, for Bloomberg Sports.


Selected by The Sports Business Journal as a Finalist for “Best In Sports Technology” in 2012 and named as one of the “Most Innovative Companies in Sports” in 2011 by Fast Company Magazine, Bloomberg Sports takes the technology developed by Bloomberg, the leading global provider in data and analytics, and applies them to the vast data analysis opportunities in sports. Working with and other major media brands since its launch in 2010, Bloomberg Sports fantasy products give fans the most powerful easy to use resources as they draft and manage their fantasy teams. Additionally, Bloomberg Sports provides a professional product that delivers Major League Baseball clubs with a secure, virtually unlimited set of analytical functions to assist them in personnel evaluation and game preparation and with a tablet application used by many professional players. Bloomberg Sports has also created products customized for broadcast use, as well as professional tools for several professional baseball organizations in Latin America.

There comes a time for every Sports Techie when they need to decide how they are going to win a fantasy sport league. There is no better time than playing right now using DM in order to win your fantasy football league, and at the very least, have fun doing it with Crowd Call. My own team has been drafted and even though I am THE Sports Techie, having a handy and proven tool such as the Decision Maker by Bloomberg Sports, might be the best way for you and me to guide our squads and take home the Fantasy Football Championship trophy until 2013.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie

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