Blackalicious Multi-Platform “Sports Alphabet” Remix Powered By Bleacher Report

Blackalicious Multi-Platform “Sports Alphabet” Remix Powered By Bleacher Report - SportsTechie blog
Blackalicious Multi-Platform “Sports Alphabet” Remix Powered By Bleacher Report – SportsTechie blog

Blackalicious Multi-Platform “Sports Alphabet” Remix Powered By Bleacher Report

The new Blackalicious song ‘Sports Alphabet’ in conjunction with Bleacher Report, is a ground breaking multi-platform brand campaign. The “Sports Alphabet” hip-hop urban campaign was launched by Blackalicious, together with bay area advertising agency barrettSF and Gentlemen Scholar handling the A-Z video graphics. The legends of hiphop remixed their hit single ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ after 10 years away from the business with more than 50 sports references edited into 26 zany sport animation styles, one for each letter of the ABCs sung by the Gift of Gab. The Sports Techie community blog welcomes the opportunity to share Bleacher Report and Turner Sports digital programming channels stories that are changing the sports technology industry.

Bleacher Report Taps Blackalicious for Retro-Themed “Sports Alphabet” Brand Campaign
Bleacher Report Taps Blackalicious for Retro-Themed “Sports Alphabet” Brand Campaign

Sports Alphabet
Generation Z and millennial aged fans integrating with music originally recorded a generation ago upgraded with fresh lyrics, art and visual tech made a linear debut on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

“I thought the idea was really dope. Any opportunity to challenge myself as a lyricist is great,” says Blackalicious’ Gift of Gab. “The lyrics pretty much flew out naturally and the end result is incredible. The corresponding visuals to the lyrics are perfect. Shout out to Bleacher Report for bringing this opportunity to us.”

Bleacher Report invited Blackalicious Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel back to the studio to remix their hit single ‘Alphabet Aerobics,’ where each letter of the alphabet is delivered at faster rates, A-Z.

Mr. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, was on with Jimmy Fallon and recorded an epic rap version of the song on The Tonight Show viewed on YouTube over 50 million times since the rap video was released a little over a year ago. Jimmy challenged hip-hop devotee Daniel Radcliffe to rap Blackalicious’ song “Alphabet Aerobics.”

“The Bleacher Report brand is getting bigger and louder and we wanted to create a spot that was consistent with that persona,” said Dorth Raphaely, general manager of Bleacher Report. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the spot and the performance by Blackalicious.  We think it will resonate with the young, vibrant demographic that connects so deeply with our brand.”

Iconic Blackalicious song "Alphabet Aerobics" gets remixed for "Sports Alphabet" music video
Iconic Blackalicious song “Alphabet Aerobics” gets remixed for “Sports Alphabet” music video

Sports Techie, I saw Blackalicious play live in concert near Seattle over ten years ago. Any rapper, singer or entertainer that attempts to sing these verses that increase in tempo each letter of the alphabet is a hero for doing it.

My first impression of this new music video last week holds true today, it’s a fantastic visual and audio rebirth of a classic hiphop title loaded with updated lyrical rifts and eye-popping visual animation. From the A for alley-opp hoops beginning to the H and human joy stick word and game middle, to the football dedicated J words cresendo to the fast and furious X, Y and Z finale; this video art work is truly a sports techie musical and optical bonanza.

Will our two and half-year old enjoy this video as much his young at heart MC Dad? Doubtful but my 11 year-old niece will probably have the lyrics memorized by the end of the holidays because she’s cool like that.

Follow hashtag #SportsAlphabet.

See y’all later in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world.

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