10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating a Workout Song List

10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating a Workout Song List - Sports Techie blog
10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Creating a Workout Song List – Sports Techie blog

Listening to music is one of the best ways to stay motivated while working out. However, choosing the wrong music can have an adverse effect on your workout. If the tempo is too slow for the workout, it can throw off your pace. If the tempo is too fast, on the other hand, you may find yourself struggling to keep up. Ideally, you will want a playlist that perfectly complements each stage of your workout. These ten apps are perfectly suited for all kinds of workouts, and will allow you to create relevant and customizable playlists.

  • jog.fm – Jog.fm is an intelligent app that matches the pace of your run to relevant music from your iTunes library. As you increase or decrease your pace, new playlists are automatically created to match the change. Jog.fm is a free app, with great features for any kind of workout.
  • RockMyRun – With music from every type of genre chosen specifically for runners, RockMyRun is a leading app for fitness fanatics. You can browse through thousands of mixes, and then filter your playlist to suit your particular tastes. Full integration with Facebook also allows you to share your mixes with this free app.
  • Workout Music For Weight Watchers Mobile Diet – With music from Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, Top 40 Pop Hits and workout genres, this $1.99 app is full of great workout playlists. There is no need to constantly worry about changing songs, as playlists are automatic and based on your predefined preferences. The next time you go running, you will want to have this app motivating you to keep up the pace.
  • Workout Playlists For P90X – Designed for the popular P90X workout, this playlist app will help you really raise your fitness levels. Based on the same principle as P90X, new playlists are loaded every day so that you don’t get bored or lose motivation. The app is $0.99 from the iPhone app store, and playlists include music from every genre.
  • iWorkout Lite – This innovative workout playlist app gives you total control of your workout tempo. You can speed up or slow down the tempo of your favorite workout tunes, so that all of your music matches your pace. iWorkout Lite is especially useful for group workouts, such as step, dance or synchronized sports. This is another great free app that will help you enhance your workout.
  • Power Playlist – One of the best features of Power Playlist is the ability to play songs from any point in the track. This is ideal for songs that have a slow starting tempo that doesn’t compliment the pace of your workout. Playlists are also completely customizable with this free app, allowing you to create multiple playlists for different types of workouts.
  • Cycle Companion Lite – By integrating with your iPhone playlists, Cycle Companion allows you to match specific lists to particular stages in your workout. As you change the intensity of your workout, simply choose the workout option from your Cycle Companion intensities list to automatically change the playlist. Cycle Companion is also fully optimized for the iPhone 5.
  • Pro Interval Timer – This workout interval timer is ideal for creating tailored playlists for different exercises. Pro Interval Timer is the perfect accompaniment to any exercise regimen, and allows you to choose the music that motivates you the most. You can match a song to each interval and the song will automatically change after each exercise. To get the best experience from this $0.99 app, match song lengths to the intervals for each exercise.
  • Playlist-Creator – Playlist Creator is specifically designed to allow you to easily manipulate and manage your iPhone music list. Create custom lists for all your workouts, and easily switch, swap and navigate through the songs that help you get the most out of your workout. This version of the app costs $0.99, however, there is also a lite version available with hosted ads.
  • Run Companion Lite – This running app is designed to help you improve your workout through progressive stages by prompting you through visual and audio cues. You can assign different songs to each stage of your run, creating a playlist that is perfectly matched to your pace and intensity. Run Companion tracks the time remaining for each stage of your workout, and songs automatically change as you enter each phase. This version of the app is free, which means that ads are displayed. You can purchase the full version of Run Companion for $2.99.

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The Sony Fitness Walkman MP3 player is water resistant
The Sony Electronics Fitness Walkman MP3 player is water resistant

Sports Techie, Music playlists and exercise are a good sports technology fit. An obvious omission to this amazing list is the Pandora application which I use on my iPhone. I do not know much about these top ten iPhone apps for creating a work out list but will add that paying an extra fee for an ad free app is probably worth it in the short and long run, no pun intended.

Pay attention to features such as iOS synching with iTunes and iPhone lists in addition to any integration ability with social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. The P90X workout interface caught my Sports Techie eye as did the robust biking app. The diet conscious app is something that kids and adults who are obese can engage with in order to start losing weight the right way so it stays off.

The feature that has the most value to me is the cadence or beat control. New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin is a strong believer in military inspired workouts that key in on game and practice cadence. Several of these apps have the ability to use automated functionality to ensure that the playlist rhythm is exactly what your workout and training calls for.

When you are looking for music to download or buy, anything from hip hop, to heavy metal, to a sound track from your favorite sports movie, will all work just fine. As you get more into working out with digital playlists you will soon find yourself able to create the exact rhythms you are looking to exercise with. May I suggest working out to some Seattle sounds from Jimi Hendrix, Sir Mixalot and Pearl Jam. Try adding a Polish polka, an Ecuadorian salsa and your favorite classical composer such as Romanovich.

Please let other Sports Techie know what you think about these apps or any others via our social media network you can link with below, or at the bottom of this blog. Is there a song like Eye of the Tiger that is a workout playlist must add?

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