Why and How to be a Sports Techie

Magic Johnson is Sports Techie in 1994
LA Summer Pro League with Magic Johnson

Why and How to be a Sports Techie. Why become a Sports Techie? I will tell you why but first, thank you for clicking on the link and ending up here via the virtual world to our fast growing at Internet speed, online community. The reason you are now considering becoming or already are an official Sports Techie is that you simply like sports and technology, just like me. You might enjoy sports more or perhaps your fancy is on the technology side, it could even be a 50/50 split. Whatever the case may be, deep inside, there is a sports and technology balance at the core of being a real Sports Techie.

Sports Techie is now considered the world’s leading expert resource and online community for all things sports technology. Whether it is compelling content, engaging discussions or viral video about cutting-edge products, fast emerging trends or critical analysis, Sports Techie has a 15-year career and really; a 45-year lifeline of loving sports and technology to give us more credibility and expertise than any other resource. I created Sports Techie so that I could share these two passions with fellow minded people, companies and movements.

GridIron 2000 Expert NFL Game Planning System
GridIron 2000 or GI 2000 Expert NFL Game Planning System

Our Sports Techie Mission is to even the technology playing field for everyone, including animals. Two things about tech: it gets better and it gets cheaper with every new version. Use Sports Techie as your trusted worldwide resource to find out all you could ever want about sports and technology.

We love the green movement, robotics, gaming, space – the final frontier, longevity, performance enhancement, coaching, training, Solutions, cloud computing, and on and on. Whether you are a weekend warrior, soccer Mom, Pro athlete, kid or grandparent, we have you covered. Football, kayaking, parkour, golf, swimming, biking, flying, boarding or whatever the sport is that you like, we like it too. We believe that gaming consoles, smartphones, Apps, Social Media, online community and Jet-packs are the bomb, as is any other gadget or product that a Sports Techie might enjoy knowing more about, using and purchasing.

Before I started Sports Techie in March of 2010, I was the two-year Moderator for the NFL New York Giants historical wiki for Wetpaint. I was also in charge of the NBA Houston Rockets, NCAA Big East Basketball and the NHL Atlanta Thrashers online communities/wikis. The concept of bringing together like-minded people on a given subject while using an online community to make is so was the guiding light for founding Sports Techie.

Why did I become a Sports Techie? Easy, it is truly part of my essence. I was born in 1966 and grew up as a lad in Spartan Village, MI, on the campus of Michigan State University. That said, my all-time favorite Sports player is Ervin “Magic” Johnson who lead MSU to a National basketball title in 1979 when I was 13-years old. I met Magic in 1994 as you can see in the picture. The year 1979 was also the same year that ESPN was founded. Sports could be my middle name.

As for technology, I remember watching the original Star Trek TV series (1966-1969) with my Dad and he would laugh out loud when Spock made a logical joke. Of course, I had no clue what Spock meant but I became an instant Star Trekie. Our family moved to Washington State in 1976 and settled in Redmond for my 6th grade school year, right down the street from Microsoft which was founded in 1975. In 1995, I worked for Microsoft co-founder and Ultra Sports Techie Paul Allen on his stadium campaign team for Qwest Field here in Seattle.

Our Team Works Stadium Campaign Team
Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and Sports Techie

These are some of the reasons and experiences about why Sports and Technology are my Mecca.

SportsTandT 'Hey Coach' AI Hitting Module
SportsTandT 'Hey Coach' Hitting Module

Now that you know Why you might be a Sports Techie, and Why I am the founder, here is How to do it.

The most important thing you can do to be a Sports Techie is to join our online community via our Social Media hubs at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Myspace. Once you do that, you are in. Start engaging with other Sport Techie members by sharing content such as links, videos, pictures, events, products and anything else you want to share, discuss or find out more about.

The Sports Techie online community now lives at our new Facebook page. Click on this link and hit the LIKE button at the top of the FB page and you are an official Sports Techie. http://www.facebook.com/SportsTechie.

Most of our content you will find on Twitter where I try and maintain a 24/7/365 schedule for our worldwide community. Follow Sports Techie on Twitter here: @sportstechieNET.

Subscribe and also be our friend on the Sports Techie Youtube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sportstechie.

Join our Sport Techie open Linkedin group here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Sports-Techie-2958439.

Be my friend and follow Sports Techie Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/549000677.

Finally, check back in from time-to-time to see what is being discussing on our Sports Techie blog here: https://n5y.1cd.myftpupload.com/.

That is all there is to it. Whether you want to start being a Sports Techie by following the easy pace of our Facebook page, or, you want to ramp it up on Twitter http://twitter.com/SportsTechieNET, hopefully both, start there. Many of you will enjoy checking out our Youtube videos, favorites and playlists. Linkedin just had a successful IPO and we have a significant Group there. If you have an existing or new Myspace account, engage with me there.

Whether it is via one or two of our Social Media platforms, or all of them, please join in on the Sports Techie online community fun.

Thanks in advance for sharing this blog content with other potential Sports Techie people, companies and movements.

I will see ya when I ya, Sports Techie.

Sports Techie at the Seattle Seahawks VMAC
Sports Techie at the Seattle Seahawks VMAC




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