US Sports Camps Delivering Famer Powered Virtual Summer Youth Camp Experience

Famer, US Sports Camps Partner to Launch Interactive Virtual Youth Camp Programs For Summer 2020

COVID-19 didn’t stop Famer from partnering with US Sports Camps on a new 2020 digital experience for the licensed operator of NIKE Sports Camps enabling them to deliver virtual, interactive training for their summer sports program while helping coaches get paid. Kids are home for summer and perhaps longer because of coronavirus so Famer and USSC decided to partner on this new concept and began testing last Spring in order to fill the void for the 100,000 campers that normally attend one or more of the 1,000 in-person sport camps across 16 different sports canceled for the first time in 48 years. USSC is considered the largest and most popular youth summer sports program in North America. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Famer CEO, Rich Abend, last month and learned more about their sports coaching and mentorship mobile platform. Abend told me they had some new deals to announce involving their sports tech company. This news out of New York yesterday is one example of the Famer’s business development mindset as they assisted USSC with creating alternative virtual training concepts used by Nike Sports Camps.

Cloud Based Sports Camps

If you are a young kid, a parent or somehow involved with raising or taking care of kids that like to participate in summer camps, understand all is not lost because of COVID-19 shutdowns and the risk of infection. You can now sign up for the unique cloud-based opportunity to improve skill sets while gaining experienced mentorship from a top-rated US Sports Camp coach via Live Zoom chats and Famer’s interactive training technology.

Each US Sports Camps allows the athlete to select one-on-one training or group training. Coaches will use live Zoom chats and personalized workouts to improve footwork, ball-handling, shooting, general offensive skills and physical conditioning campers to practice wherever they may be this summer.

Campers can stream from the safety of their home and receive a daily improvement plan, video demos and feedback from coaches on the videos they upload in to the Famer platform. Look for weekly check-ins via Zoom calls from a coach to focus on goals. One-on-one camps only offer customized drills based on the first Zoom engagement, as well as a final evaluation and report to ensure campers have a gameplan for additional training.

USSC and its coaches film dynamic skills and drills videos and upload them to the Famer platform. These drill videos are grouped into workouts that are then distributed to campers to view, perform, and record (if they choose). The drill videos that campers record are then shared with USSC coaches to review for accountability and provide feedback through a number of Famer analysis tools like voiceover, telestration, and text. Athletes can choose to sign up for group based or individual digital/virtual camps on Famer for programs lasting between two to five weeks in length. Campers in group-based training are able to interact with each other and their coach in a multi-media group chat that creates camp-like camaraderie.

“Our goal this spring was to bring our unique cloud based interactive training technology to the camps market to give kids and parents a meaningful and worthwhile summer experience,” said Abend. “Through launching the concept with the industry leader, US Sports Camps, we know we have found a fun and powerful alternative to keep kids engaged and active, and coaches involved and earning money doing what they love. Our business has grown ten-fold during COVID-19, and we are thrilled to be the go-to solution for virtual training which will continue to be important to athletes and coaches even after we all return to the fields and courts.”

Famer supports organizations, clubs, and coaches by allowing them to upload their own personal training content or engage with Famer Productions to create custom professionally produced, edited, and curated content that can be hosted, distributed on its platform. Famer was designed to complement in-person practices and training pre-COVID, but with social distancing it has become an essential partner to hundreds of organizations.


USSC began operations in 1975 and their mission today continues to shape a lifelong enjoyment of athletics through high-quality sports education and skill enhancement. Because of COVID-19, times are especially tough for USSC.

“This has been a difficult time for us at US Sports Camps,” says Justin Hoeveler, EVP of US Sports Camps. “2020 is the first summer in 48 years that we haven’t operated in-person summer sports camps for young athletes. While we decided early in the Spring that there was too much uncertainty around Covid-19 for us to feel comfortable operating our physical camps we did know that the demand for quality coaching and structured training for our campers would remain strong. The partnership with Famer has been tremendous so far. The testing we’ve done this Spring has given us a window to see how young athletes, coaches, and parents can interact, learn and have a positive virtual experience that enhances skill development and athletic performance. We’re excited to continue to digitally connect our coaches and campers through the summer and beyond.”

Over the the last month, USSC did a soft launch of their new digital training platform powered by Famer. Several coaches used the system and the feedback from parents and athletes from these sessions has been a virtual thumbs up.

Information and registration for the USSC summer virtual youth camp programs is available here:

Sports Techie, America’s largest sports camp network is using Famer sports technology to pivot their business during the pandemic. Finally, physical camp coaches can earn money virtually.

Kids need things to do in the summer. Believe me I know being home with boys, age 7 and almost 3-year old.

Having a mentor and coach at the click of a button that can help teach life lessons, set future goals and keep them motivated to not sleep the day away because they were up all night playing video games is what USSC now offers thanks to Famer’s sports tech.

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