Teams to Watch Out in MLB 2013 Season

Teams to Watch Out in MLB 2013 Season

Are the Chicago Cubs a MLB team to watch out for in 2013?
Are the Chicago Cubs a MLB team to watch out for in 2013?

If like most people you like to have a wager on baseball games from time to time, then you will want to have a fairly good idea about which teams are most likely to win. There is never any guarantee of course, but here is a look at half a dozen of the Major League teams whose performance is likely to produce winning results in 2013.

1. Atlanta Braves. While the Atlanta Braves will have to work hard, and have luck on their side, to beat the Toronto Blue Jays in May, Kris Medlen certainly seems to have the inside track on keeping the left-handed batters at bay. Atlanta may well improve on their already impressive 2012 performance with the Upton brothers in the outfield together.

2. Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox game has arguably become a little stale in recent years, but their offensive lineup for 2013 is refreshing. In particular, keep an eye out for Jacoby Ellsbury, who will shine as the king of stolen bases.

3. Milwaukee Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers had an impressive season in 2012, but this year they could well top this and be the first member of the Senior Circuit in a decade to reach 900 runs. With a great lineup, and power at their base, the Milwaukee Brewers are sure to be a team to watch this year.

4. Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies signed the most overpaid player in the National League when they added Ryan Howard to their number, and have been very disappointed with his performance. However, as the Phillies’ manager, Charles Manuel, enters his final season with the team, the pressure will be on, and this could just produce an unexpected upturn in the team’s performance this coming year.

5. Toronto Blue Jays. The Toronto Blue Jays have been strong opponents for some time now, and that situation will almost certainly carry through into this coming year. At 38 years of age, R.A. Dickey has more playing years behind him than in front of him, but he continues to throw a powerful knuckleball, and does so with smooth precision pitch after pitch.

6. Washington Nationals. The Nationals are a good solid team but, for 2013, they have an ace up their sleeve. Young Brice Harper might lack the leaping ability needed for a great defensive game, but he more than makes up for it with a strength in his arms that is almost unbelievable. Watch out for this budding young star as he takes the Washington Nationals to great heights this season.


Will the Tampa Bay Rays be the MLB team to watch in 2013.
Will the Tampa Bay Rays be the MLB team to watch in 2013.

Sports Techie, Winter storm Nemo continues to cause weather problems in the Northeast but the world keeps turning and before we know it, MLB Spring Training begins in a warmer state. It’s time to thinks about which teams have improved this offseason and ponder why others stay stagnant or regress.

I am a fan of our hometown Seattle Mariners, Los Angeles Dodgers, Detroit Tigers and the Atlanta Braves who are featured in this blog contribution. The mighty New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, and the defending World Series Champions, San Francisco Giants, have mixed it up this offseason with free agent moves and rookie draft picks, just like all the other MLB organizations. The challenge for each team now becomes putting together the puzzle of a 2013 major league roster. If you believe that ‘Moneyball’ mentality, stats and big data are the future of baseball you might already be ahead of the betting curve this season.

Here is to positive Sports Techie futures for your favorite baseball teams.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie –

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