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  • Limitless with Chris Hemsworth By National Geography On Disney Plus Uses AstroSkin

    Disney+: Astroskin sensors, Chris Hemsworth, and dealing with extreme stress Movie star Chris Hemsworth best known as the Norse God “Thor” superhero in Marvel’s “The Avengers,” movies assists Disney+ unlock the secrets of living a heathier, longer life. The compelling new National Geographic original series, “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” launched today on Disney Plus. The […]

  • Improve Athletic Performance with Better (and More) Sleep

    Sleep Like A World Sports Champion Hours spent in the weight room, interval training, speed training, and a well-balanced diet all affect athletic performance. But, there’s one common factor that’s often forgotten – sleep. When you consider the strain that an athlete’s body undergoes during a competition, it should come as no surprise that adequate […]

  • Hexoskin Smart Shirts Available At Best Buy For Canada Day

    Hexoskin Smart Shirts Available At Best Buy For Canada Day Best Buy is ready for Canada Day with the availability of the Hexoskin smart shirt for purchase. The recent Hexoskin Apple Watch update allows for recorded real-time body metrics compiled by the smart garment sensors to wirelessly transmit feedback to the smartwatch complete with scientific […]