Limitless with Chris Hemsworth By National Geography On Disney Plus Uses AstroSkin

Disney+: Astroskin sensors, Chris Hemsworth, and dealing with extreme stress

“Limitless” rewrites the rulebook on living better for longer. On Disney+ November 16. Rating: TV-14

Movie star Chris Hemsworth best known as the Norse God “Thor” superhero in Marvel’s “The Avengers,” movies assists Disney+ unlock the secrets of living a heathier, longer life. The compelling new National Geographic original series, “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” launched today on Disney Plus. The six-episode series shot over-a-year, dives into a longevity narrative throughout the shows along with technology and health, and in particular, the ravages of stress on mental health. His mission is to discover how to live better for longer by taking on a series of ultra-challenges so he can begin to master fear by pushing his physical, mental and emotional limits in both the body and mind to defy aging. In episode 1 titled, “Stress-Proof” the talented Australian actor takes on the challenge to stay calm while keeping his heart rate steady with a combination of positive thoughts and beathing techniques designed to give him the tools to control stress by meeting it head on. Chris agrees to perform a terrifying walk along a crane 900 feet up in that’s projecting out from the roof of a skyscraper in Sydney. First though, he learns relaxation techniques while wearing a VR headset that eerily for Chris and his buddy, simulates the same nervous feelings of height Hemsworth champions during the scary highlining type walk. During his ‘Dating Your Stress’ training, Dr. Modupe Akinola, Columbia Business School, offers a better training mindset while interpreting the physiological responses measured with the Astroskin for the husband and Father of three children. Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO, at Hexoskin reached out to the Sports Techie community blog to let us know Hemsworth was outfitted with Astroskin sensors (the same wearable sensors used in the space station) on the first episode of Limitless on Disney+ created by Darren Aronofsky together with his production company Protozoa and Jane Root’s Nutopia. The show’s goal is to unlock and stop diseases of old age like cancer, diabetes and heart disease while the clock is ticking. Doing so can improve performance, create a healthier lifestyle, and produce happier humans as we age and say no to death.

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth | Official Trailer | Disney+

“Astroskin vital signs sensors have been used in extreme situations many times: in Antarctica, on the Everest, in space. This chilling experiment with Chris Hemsworth is another demonstration of how robust Astroskin is to measure human physiology in real-life contexts as well as extreme scenarios,” said Fournier, co-founder of Hexoskin.

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth takes on the challenge to stay calm during a terrifying walk along a crane that’s projecting out from the roof of a skyscraper. Hexoskin follow him practicing his walk in VR.

Nat Geo explores how we can live longer and stronger by pushing the boundaries of human potential in Limitless With Chris Hemsworth, season 1. Chris has been driven since his teenage years to live a different financial life than his father. Because of his lifelong commitment, stress becomes a constant part of Chris’ life making him willing to learn how to cope with it better and perhaps master it. His career need to make movies, family drive to raise kids and fitness want to workout like a superhero presents inherent stress. Hemsworth is taught powerful physical and psychological techniques that help to better manage and ideally, control the daily stresses throughout our lives. By doing so, he has scientific-backed ammunition to fight the fear and stress, and the risk they pose to long-term health.

Chris is wearing Astroskin which is measuring his surging heart rate during the scary crane challenge, image via Disney+

In the first episode, Chris is wearing the Astroskin during the chilling walk on the crane at the top of a 900-foot-tall skyscraper. The Astroskin Vital Signs Monitoring Platform, an advanced smart clothing, is worn by Chris the same way astronauts do in space.

The scientific community has produced technology-driven research that changes the traditional ways we think about the human body. By doing so, new insights are uncovered as to our body and minds superpower abilities to take on illness, improve performances and literally, reverse many of the aging processes.

Science is at the heart of the the testing by Hemsworth, a well-conditioned man in his prime who nevertheless decides to make it his personal mission to discover how to stave off the ravages of stress like road rage, the pandemic and the worldwide recession through better mental health, improved strength, perseverance, and more brain power, as we move towards old age, much like a fine wine as they say.

The series of physical trails and all consuming challenges fit for Thor help Chris learn about the limits of the body. Show 2 is named ‘Shock’ and follows Hemsworth on the ultimate Polar Bear Plunge. Show 3, titled ‘Fasting’ sees him go four days without food. In Show 3, known as ‘Strength’ the strongman demonstrates his power while rope climbing to learn how it can help him live longer. “Memory’ is Show 5 and Chris challenges his brain. Finally, in Show 6, ‘Acceptance’ we find the want for external life explored by the accomplished actor to the end of life.

Living better longer can be done and Limitless shows us ways to regenerate long-term and short-term damage, maximize fading strength, build super resilience, supercharge memory, and confront the inevitable mortality every living creature succumbs to eventually. 

Chris is supported during his training by Dr. Modupe Akinola who interprets the actor’s physiological response measured with the Astroskin

Sports Techie, Astroskin wearable tech measures heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, ventilation, tidal volume, cadence, steps, temperature and other vitals. The last time we blogged about it was last year when Kellie Gerardi was outfitted with the Astroskin bio-monitor wearable on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight for IIAS tests. In 2018, FC Barcelona, Barca Innovation Hub and Allianz SE partnered with Hexoskin on a sleep study as it pertains to sports performance.

Using Astroskin allows Limitless to see how these measurements affect the mind and body. Chris starts with a baseline and from there, Dr. Akinola can learn more about how he reacts to stress and fear, then offer ways to combat nervous energy and the fight or fight response our body produces to ensure the body does not shut down after the production of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Our body needs to naturally recover from these stress creators or else the onset of cardio vascular disease, high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, and elevated blood sugar, can all set in causing aging, disease and death.

Learning Box Breathing, Mindful Meditation and Positive Self-Talk techniques are ways Chris better handles the VR crane sim, Aquatic Center Special Forces Resilience Training, and Fire and Recuse Emergency Services Training, in a matter of just a few days before his final, round trip walk on the crane challenge.

The National Geographic “Limitless With Chris Hemsworth’ journey to combat aging and discover the full potential of the human body is must-watch on Disney+.

Thanks to Hexoskin up in Canada for sharing this story.

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