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  • Who Are The Sports Techie Community?

    Who Are The Sports Techie Community? THE Sports Techie community now numbers over 21,000 people worldwide plus a few cherished animals and friendly robots. As the founder and curator of this original sports technology venture and adventure, it is my pleasure to connect with each one of you via tech, social media and blogs. Sport, […]

  • Internet Past And Present Infographic

    Internet Past And Present Infographic The history of technology, in particular the Internet, is a topic full of excitement and exponential development meaning in the past, development was slow but achievements were big. Today, we dream up and invent amazing new cloud or miniature web delivery modes in much shorter time frames. Take a gander […]

  • Technology Helps Sports Fans Defeat Information Overload Via Intel

      We sports fans live in a wonderful era in that technology has been tailored to enhance the fan experience using mobile devices and apps to deliver targeted content. I wrote a contribution blog for iQ by Intel that looked at Thuuz, the Pandora of Sports, and how they are pioneering the sports tech space […]

  • Win 15K When You Predict the Best March Madness Bracket Data Set

    Intel and Kaggle have teamed up to introduce the new March Madness Learning Mania competition. The winner of this NCAA tournament based contest earns $15,000, may that be a Sports Techie community blog reader. I had a terrific opportunity to learn about Kaggle’s competition-based platform and Intel’s Big Data push towards business applications that can predict […]

  • Post Sochi: The Technology Behind the World’s Largest Sporting Event via iQ by Intel

    The sports technology integrated into the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia was mind blowing as was the over $50 billion International event price tag. I was privileged to once again write for iQ by Intel about a trending topic wrapped in sports tech for the Sports Techie community blog. Sports + Tech By […]

  • Sports Using Technology to Detect, Prevent Athlete Head Injuries via iQ by Intel

    Sports Using Technology to Detect, Prevent Athlete Head Injuries via iQ by Intel http://mvb.me/s/b2aeba Future of Wearable Tech, Sports + Tech By Robert Roble, iQ Contributor & Editor at SportsTechie Innovative researchers and technology-based companies are hard at work addressing the serious dangers of brain injuries and resulting concussions. Using wearable sensors, mobile devices such as […]