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Super Bowl XLV is full of the best technology on this planet. Cowboys Stadium itself can be considered one, if not, THE top sports technology Mecca to visit. When you think of audio, who compares? It turns out, that company is clearly DTS, Inc. DTS states on Twitter (DTS) that they are, “a digital technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience.’

DTS is partnering for their fourth year with the NFL (NFL) to integrate the international HD broadcast with DTS Neural Surround™ enabling full 5.1 audio. This is the standard for providing 5.1 channels of discrete digital audio in consumer electronics products and software content. Networks will transmit the 5.1 sound over a stereo transmission path.

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If you cannot be part of the record breaking crowd in Dallas, you may be part of the millions of happy people using 50% of your focus to watch HD with the other 50% locked into listening with your ears to stereo, all to enjoy a full perspective of Super Bowl 45.

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s crown jewel and as a result, over 35 International broadcasters will be distributing into 180+ countries. There are now over 30 languages you will be able to listen to in DTS Surround Sound. Cowboys Stadium alone will produce ten broadcasts in languages other than English. Be glad that DTS is experienced with this kind of signal routing nightmare.

Dave Casey, Product Manager for Broadcast at DTS shared with Sports Techie that Fox Sports will have 20+ Broadcast trucks at Cowboys Stadium of which their crew will be part of the Audio team and Effects truck work flow. DTS is coming to Texas from Colorado after being part of the 15th Winter X-Games broadcast on ESPN. Needless to say, DTS feels prepared for Super Bowl 45, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers do.

DTS is partnered with DaySequerra for hardware integration of the Surround sound mix. This partnership offers the stereo format while using the highest resolutions.

In order to receive stereo and DTS Neural Sound, game listeners inside their Home Theaters – (DTS Home Theater) – need to have their technology Tuned-Up and ready for Sunday’s epic show. As a reminder, Dave suggests you do in fact check to see that your audio Solution does indeed come equipped with Surround sound capabilities. Location of speakers is critical. See the Blog DTS Surround sound picture at the top of the page to help visualize what this means for your room. Other than that, some calibration of the microphones and HD might be necessary. Just make sure you go through your self set-up mode in case things are unclear.

I asked Dave about 2011 and beyond. What can we look forward to as consumers who enjoy DTS products? Dave said, “we are a company that thinks about the future and innovation is key” but cut himself off before sharing any concrete information in order to protect DTS intellectual property. One area we both agreed is worth exploring is 3D.

DTS is the world’s best high-definition audio making Super Bowl XLV an opportuniy for fans worldwide to make this football game the most immersive sports technology game day experience for your ears that you have ever had!

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Big thanks to Kat, Audrey and Formula PR: FormulaPR for arranging an interview with DTS and Dave.

Enjoy the Super Bowl XLV and keep your ears open for DTS technology being used at the next high-profile sporting event.

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