Sports Techie Community ScoreBig On Tickets For Sport, Concerts And Theater Events

Sports Techie Community ScoreBig On Tickets For Sport, Concerts And Theater Events
Sports Techie Community ScoreBig On Tickets For Sport, Concerts And Theater Events

ScoreBig provided complementary concert or sports event tickets at for me to experience and review their service via a Sports Techie community blog. I was given a $100 voucher to go online and purchase tickets for any sporting events, concerts or shows on the ScoreBig site. I researched the Seattle professional sports calendar and decided on a MLS game between the Sounders FC vs. Philadelphia Union at Century Link Stadium last Saturday night with 38,516 connected fans. The best part besides learning about easy to use ScoreBig technology  and services was the opportunity to attend our 11-month old son’s first pro sport game that made him wide-eyed with excitement the whole time.

ScoreBig - Always Below Box Office Price
ScoreBig – Always Below Box Office Price

How it Works

  • Choose your event
  • They don’t tell you what to pay, you decide…how much you save is up to you
  • By choosing a seating area rather than an exact seat, you’re giving the ticket providers the flexibility they need to give you great deals
  • Get an instant answer

Around 40% of live event tickets go unsold every year – even for events you think are “sold out”. That’s a lot of empty seats. And the ticket industry can’t offer big discounts on some seats and not others in a way everyone sees. So to get those seats filled they give them to ScoreBig, which allows us to pass on those huge savings directly to you.

  • You are guaranteed to save on each and every ticket on
  • Tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows, and attractions
  • No fees or shipping charges with free delivery
  • Choose Your Seating Area – all seats ordered together will be next to each other
  • Tell them what you want to pay – you have all the control, it’s thrilling
  • Get an instant answer – you find out right away if your offer has been accepted

What is the full price?

  • Full price is the amount you would pay for a ticket including the face value of the ticket as well as convenience fees and shipping and handling charges you would pay another ticket seller.
  • There are two ways to buy tickets on ScoreBig. You can pay a fixed price and save on tickets or you can make an offer and maybe save even more. Whatever you do, you always save on ScoreBig, guaranteed.
  • The price printed on your ticket might not reflect full price as displayed on ScoreBig. It may be lower reflecting season ticket pricing, group pricing or other discounted scenarios. All your ticket prices are backed by ScoreBig’s 100 percent guarantee. See their FAQ for more info.

Why can’t I pick my exact seat?

  • That flexibility is what allows us to give our members such great savings. Not telling you exactly which seats you will have until we send your tickets makes the ScoreBig system work. We guarantee that we will always get you the very best tickets possible within your selected area.
  • Once you’ve found your event, the next order of business is to select a number of tickets and seating area. Though we can’t promise you a specific seat, we can promise that it will be in the area you selected. And no matter how many tickets you buy, they will always be together – which means in a row, one next to the other, without any strangers seated in between.

Sports Techie Review
I was given a promo code for $100 and asked to choose an event, go to checkout, and then enter that code to get $100 taken off the price, it really was that simple.

The ScoreBig website has a nice layout and it is easy to navigate around. My homepage had preloaded events happening in my city of Seattle, including the Mariners, Sounders FC and head banging Motley Crue. More events nearby showcased the Portland Timbers, Road Trip and saving money on events at popular destinations.

If you don’t see what you need, check back tomorrow, or even later in the day. Their inventory is always changing.

Browse by event type, date or location. Or if you know exactly what you’re looking for, type the name of the event into our search bar. So I looked at the Seattle Mariners first followed by the Sounders Football Club.

Sports Techie Community ScoreBig On Tickets For Sport, Concerts And Theater Events
Sports Techie Community ScoreBig On Tickets For Sport, Concerts And Theater Events

Mariners ticket prices ranged from $14.02 to $439.94. They had home games at Safeco Field against the Kansas City Royals over Mother’s day weekend I was interested in.

Mother’s Day this Sunday  is a free Cap Day promotion presented by Emerald Queen Casino for the first 10,000 Mom’s 21 and over, follow hashtag #MarinersMom. It is also Little League rope necklace giveaway day for all kids 14 and under presented by Pepsi. All Little Leaguers are invited to parade around Safeco Field prior to the start of each Little League Day.

Kyle Seager Bat Night the night before on Saturday was tantalizing because all kids 14-under get a Louisville Slugger bat to take home. This is something my brothers, friends and I did at the M’s former home ballpark, the Kingdome. Follow #Seagerbat.

Sounders FC
Search and found the Sounders match vs. the Philadelphia Union at  I zeroed in on the 5-Star Seating area, $78.39 per ticket, avg. savings 25%. Next, I entered – Your Price Per Ticket (2) $50.00, the meter underneath changed from Red to past the Orange, Yellow and into the Green color, it was not as green as I would have liked but it was better than red.

ScoreBig Steps
Change Selection or Review Offer

Step 1. Sign Up, use email and password, select the box to receive info on savings in area.

Step 2. Ticket Delivery Info, shipping address in case they need it, contact number, for delivery related questions.

Step 3. Payment / Billing Address, Credit Card Info, Apply Promo Code or Rewards Program.

Step 4. Review and Submit.

Step 5. Submit Offer.

I secured the tickets and invited a few friends to try the service for possible $5 credits, invite more to level up to bigger free ticket bonuses. You can share your win on Twitter, Facebook and Google +. For signing up you get a $10 off savings code, with a convenient list of local events near you in the email body.

Ticket Delivery Info
You will receive your tickets in one of three ways:

  1. Via email.
  2. Shipped to the delivery address you provided.
  3. At will call under your  name.

They send an email with your exact ticket delivery information shortly after the purchase and email the seats as eTickets. Download the tickets back at the My Tickets page. All done.

Need help? 1.877.726.7324

Highlights: Seattle Sounders FC vs Philadelphia Union

Sports Techie,
The Sounders game was a blast. The eTickets bar code scanned at the CLink front gate was no problem. Other than the steady rain all game long and expensive parking, it was a lifetime memory I will cherish. Fortunately, our seats had some cover depending which way the wind was blowing. I asked the friendly women next to me with the green Sounders rain jacket that fascinated my son about who usually sat in these primo seats on the one hundred level with Big Screen views. She said the owners usually sell the seats on StubHub. I let her know it was actually ScoreBig.

Having a terrific fan experience at the Seattle Sounders vs. Philadelphia Union MLS soccer game at Century Link stadium
Having a terrific fan experience at the Seattle Sounders vs. Philadelphia Union MLS soccer game at Century Link stadium

I saw a few friends on the Century Link concourse at halftime and we took a few pictures with our baby. It was Jessica’s first MLS and Sounders game so it was even more extra special as a family to experience the ease of use of ScoreBig in a victory.

If you want to go to a MLB, NBA, NHL, or MLS game or concert on Mother’s day, or perhaps next NFL season, try using ScoreBig and you will be satisfied.

I will see ya when I see ya, THE Sports Techie @THESportsTechie –

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