Predict the score and get ranked by keeps the accuracy of your sports score predictions

What most sports fans like to do is make predictions of scores and is a startup that plans to make the most of that trend with new sports technology they developed in New Zealand that allows you to predict the score while keeping track of your accuracy. The better you make predictions, the higher your overall score and rankings will be.

Speaking with fellow entrepreneur Patrick Dodd, the founder of, was a refreshing opportunity to find out how his sports tech concept came to be, what they have planned in terms of software product build out, and why the $150K in investment capital they are seeking from an investor might be a wise course of action for some Sports Techie angel out there.

Here is the investment space –

Patrick contacted me via Linkedin and we are now connected. He earned an MBA and now has his own technology consulting business in NZ, plus Patrick originally hails from up here in the Pacific Northwest. See:

Patrick felt like rankings of prognosticators was a sound concept and space for his company to flourish. Patrick said that, “ is like Klout in that they rank you based on a formula like we do.” has built a software application that will post your predictions online to your Facebook wall while asking the following question to others: “What do you think?” By using this question they hope to grow virally as friends and contacts see your predictions and overall score and then engage with you about it. Eventually they will convert these interested predictors into playing announcement on Facebook

Patrick has spent cash, sweat equity, and coding time by his business partner into developing a proof of concept that works as a widget that embeds into web sites, blogs and social media such as Facebook and Twitter with Google+ next. They are using iFrame architecture and a XLM feed to populate the event tree. match prediction match prediction is using a Freemium business model, or in other words, they will not charge for the use of this product. Revenue will come from Premium Services offered down the road. His competitors charge fees for the use of their widget as discussed in the business plan here:

Patrick shared that was not ready to go yet when the Rugby World Cup 2011 was being played in New Zealand, and that football season is almost over here in the States. Therefore, Patrick said, “They are ready for the NBA now and have plans this Spring to offer MLB and 2012 Euro soccer.” The sports they currently offer are football, baseball, basketball, rugby and soccer, with hockey next in line.

The (it) at the end of iPredikt.(it) is from an Italian host. Their logo was designed in India. They are privately owned and registered for business in New Zealand with the plan to incorporate in Delaware should they succeed with fund raising.

The mark

Sports Techie gives Patrick a loud applause for having the courage to begin a startup, develop their Beta app, and having the willingness to create a sportsbiz out of a vision. His professionalism, passion and determination to grow give me belief that Patrick is on the right track. Email Patrick at: [email protected].

I hope all of Sports Techie has a positive 2012 year.

See you again, Sports Techie

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