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O’ Sports Techie

Sports Techie
Sports Techie at Safeco Field

Welcome to the first Blog in Sports Techie history. O’ Sports Techie is short for Original Sports Techie. That’s me in the picture above at a 2010 Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field. I’ve been in the sports technology career mode for 15 years which is about 75ish in tech years. Sports Techie has a born on date of March, 2010.

So, what is a Sports Techie? Sports Techie is your community, platform and resource to all things Sports Technology. Ask yourself this, what is sports technology to you? No two people ever seem to answer this seamingly easy question the same way. A Sports Techie to me is someone who likes sports and technology.

Sports + Technology = Sports Techie

Sports Techie youth
Sports Techie yute is ready to play

As a Sports Techie, you may enjoy sports technology history, products and events. The original black & white TV video feed has led way to the magnificent HD clarity and vibrant color of super slo-motion instant replays of your favorite athletic or team endeavor, lol. It might be you like going supersonic fast, freefalling from 120,000 feet like the Redbull stratos athletes are now doing. Perhaps your thing is to play at home on the new Sony Wave while performing inside an animated sports game that helps you train, lose weight and have both left and right brain fun.

Being an O’ Sports Techie has given me incredible career opportunities. My favorite sports technology job of all-time has been founding Sports Techie. The sports loving people I follow and interact with via social media and technology is incredible and humble to be around.

In the past 24 hours, @sportstechieNET on Twitter was thanked by the Boy and Girls Club of America for a retweet. (They also left my rt up all night before the LeBron James ‘the Decision’ day!) as the NBA GOAT and top beard wearer, imo.

I asked Marcellus Wiley (my bro’s football fave) about whether he is using fins during his ocean swim training and he responded that he “did today for the first time…huge help!” Intel_Don works with medical and fitness/wellness for Intel and answered my heart rate function question about the elliptical trainer he just finished using by explaining how it’s on a “custom core performance application and setup.”

Cal Ripken Baseball did a retweet of my rt and Rod Carew Baseball said “woot!” about it. Both are MLB Hall of Fame members who enjoy sports technology. Maury Brown of Bizball Murray tweeted me back Live from the Texas Rangers auction that he was covering going on 15 hrs strong. Alyssa Milano’s TouchByAM has one of the best sports twitter feeds going and today they rt’ed my rt of a wired.com tweet about concussions, memory loss, dementia, even death and the need for a better football helmet.

At our sportstechieNET Twitter feed there are over 1,150 followers such as MLB, Sports Authority, Under Armour, Chalkbot, Gary Fisher, Harley-Davidson, WNBA, Orlando Magic, LA Dodgers, NY Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs and Lin Dunn as well as Sony Electronics, Bolt Athletics, Mattingly Sports and Eastbay. I’ve chatted recently with the Moyer Foundation, Seattle Mariners, Kurt Warner, Herm Edwards, BiofriendlyBlog (Tara) and Jeremy Schaap on the eve of the opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Here is a link to my favorite saved tweets: sportstechieNETFaves

Sports Techie Facebook group and page are established and growing. A Seattle Seahawks VP posted a comment about game planning and scouting and my upcoming Blog interview. The Sports Techie Linkedin group features business owners, CEOs, athletes and everyday working people who like sports technology.

Who am I? I’m just a guy with a vision.

I was the Moderator for the New York Giants historical wiki via Wetpaint last season living in Seattle, WA. Go NY Giants! Other official wiki’s and online communities I worked with include the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Thrashers, Big East basketball, Entourage, Caprica and I wrote a DWTS Blog with MSN.

In 2008, I helped install a cutting edge, high-speed camera, training system for golf, at the ‘Bear Club’ in West Palm Beach for the Jack Nicklaus Academy. Back in 1997, I was the Director of Sales for Sports 2000 where we developed the GridIron 2000 which was a revolutionary Windows 95 expert system for the PC used by the NFL for game planning. Dartfish.com is one of the top video training systems used by over 60% of the Vancouver winter Olympic games medal winners and in the year of 911 (2001), I closed deals with USA Gymnastics and with Mike Candrea of USA Softball and the University of Arizona.

Mickey Loomis, the GM of the 2010 Super Bowl champion NO Saints was on the Board of Directors at my previous start-up, SportsT&T, along with Bobby Howe, a former Director of Coaching Development for US Soccer and my neighbor growing up in Redmond, WA, right down the street from Microsoft. I’ve worked for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen during the Qwest Field Stadium campaign and with his Seattle Seahawks. I met my childhood and adult Sports Techie hero, Ervin Magic Johnson and told him I saw him play while he was in MSU. Former NFL No. 1 draft pick Steve Emtman is a friend who also likes sports technology.

What does this all mean? It means Sports Techie pledges to use all my experiences in order to help everyone find out about, learn and use sports technology. Technology comes down in price and gets safer and easier to use with each new generation and because of this, people all over the world will benefit. We are the cutting-edge resource for all creatures who like sports technology. Whether you are disabled, an elite athlete or a fan, or it’s 3D, a softball App or snowboarding training, Sports Techie is your place to be.

The next Blog will be about Schutt Sports and their entertaining and informative new YouTube video series that discusses their football helmet technology in the form of Air Maxx TPU cushioning. The Watermelon test.

Easton Hockey graciously spoke to Sports Techie about their amazing S19 Z-Shock helmet that weighs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee so look for that new Blog too. Concussions are a sports tech buzz topic and helmets are right in the middle.

Easton Hockey helmet
Easton Hockey S19 Z-Shock helmet

Your comments and thoughts on Sports Techie and this Blog would be nice to hear. Forwarding this Blog along to others is more than I can ask for, thanks in advance should you do this. If you have business interest in Sports Techie, let me know.

Make it so Sports Techie…




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