NWSL Expansion Team Bay FC Adding To Kitman Labs’ iP: Intelligence Platform

NWSL’s expansion Bay FC will expand the use of performance intelligence company Kitman Labs’ iP: Intelligence Platform

On Heels of NWSL Advanced EMR Deployment, the Bay Area New Women’s Football Club Expands Use of iP: Intelligence Platform

Bay FC, the Northern California based NWSL expansion team, announced they are upgrading their iP: Intelligence Platform, designed by Kitman Labs, to include Performance Optimization and Coaching & Development for its first team. The new arrangement enhances the global enterprise SaaS platform already in place after the NWSL’s deployment of the Performance Medicine Solution as its league-wide advanced EMR. Kitman Labs provides the only single, centralized operating system for performance intelligence in the elite performance industry. Kitman’s software solutions also include League Operations. This sports technology news was released out of Menlo Park, CA and San Jose, CA, headquarters for Kitman and Bay FC, respectively. The Sports Techie community blog continues to document the rapid expansion of the world’s leading sports science and performance intelligence company to top leagues, teams and regulatory bodies across a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and American football. The robust platform and dynamic solutions were created to optimize human performance; enhance overall health, wellness and longevity; reduce injury risk; and drive operational efficiencies and value.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Bay FC to not only help expand their data and analytics infrastructure but to partner with the Club to leverage the resulting intelligence to help accelerate their success within the League” said Stephen Smith, CEO and Founder of Kitman Labs. “In addition to providing a flexible framework to support the Club where they are today, iP: Intelligence Platform will future-proof the Club – ensuring they have the ability to continually innovate in terms of data collection and data science capabilities while supporting the kind of advanced analytics and research necessary to help propel the team forward season after season.”

Kitman Labs Expands Performance Deal With NWSL Expansion Team, Bay FC 

Bay FC Tech And Science Objectives

Bay FC will now be able to combine player medical, performance and development data in a centralized and fully integrated advanced operating system – driving cross-departmental communication and supporting evidence-based, data-led decision-making across the Club.

As a new club, it’s important to us that we lay a technology foundation that is best-in-class, scalable and capable of immediately providing value to our coaching staff and players in terms of yielding actionable intelligence to help unlock our performance, health and wellness goals,” said Lucy Rushton, Bay FC General Manager.

The club’s user base will have access to a complete, real-time assessment of each player. In addition, both players and practitioners will be able to access and input data through a dedicated Coach and Player App to allow for real-time data capture on and off the pitch.

Global Clientele 

More than 2000 of the largest and most innovative leagues, teams and regulatory bodies in elite Sport, have adopted, installed and integrated the company’s technologies. This includes the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Premier League and National Football League (NFL). Kitman Labs has recently announced deals with Angel City FCGotham FC and the Houston Dash.

Sports Techie, women sports has fast become as popular, and even more so, than their men sports counterpoints. This happened during the recent March Madness tournaments when the biggest Women’s NCAA Championship games drew more viewers than the men’s tourney during the Elite Eight, Final Four and National Championship.

Formula One racing has long neglected women drivers which is why Kitman Labs and the ‘More than Equal’ initiative have partnered to identify, train and race the first female F1 Champion.

I recently conducted a SportsTechie Q & A with Kitman Labs, CEO, Stephen Smith, where he spoke about the lack of women and girls specific, performance intelligence data.

The NWSL and clubs like Bay FC are good fits with Kitman Labs to secure the future of football data science as it pertains to all aspects of soccer performance intelligence, and beyond.

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