Little League 2022 Coaches of Year Awards Presented At LLWS’ Lamade Stadium

2022 Little League Coach of The Year winners (l) Joy Magnabousco and (r) Antonio Colon With Plaques image credit to Little League

The 2022 Little League Coach of The Year Awards were presented by Lance, the league’s official snack, to the winners in a fun and moving ceremony held inside the Little League World Series International Complex over the past weekend. Coach Antonio Colon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Coach Joy Magnabousco from Manasquan, New Jersey were in Williamsport’s, Pennsylvania last Saturday to receive their plaques honoring the two baseball and softball coaches along with a $5,000 award to be used towards a league program in the future. Thanks to Lance Sandwich Crackers, Little League were able to grant each coach with the esteemed title as a tribute for the leadership, dedication and countless volunteer hours put in by them, and every coach. They were both given the youth coaching award for inspiring the team and community. The Sports Techie community blog curator’s son on the autism spectrum turned nine-years old this year and played his first season of baseball in Little League’s Challenger Division. I witnessed the social, emotional and physical skill improvements undertaken by his teammates made possible by the amazing, patient and experienced Coach Wayne, himself with a disabled child in a wheelchair playing in the Senior League Challenger Division. Hats off to the 2022 Coaches of the Year and all the Awards winners. Little League is better off because they are all a part of the team as they celebrate their 75th year of existence.

Coach Joy and Coach Antonio Delivering a Softball and Baseball First Pitch at the LLWS 75, image credit to Little League


  • As a leader, Coach Antonio emphasizes that “everyone has something to offer as a coach and leader. Don’t think that a limited knowledge of the sport or lack of coaching experience should stop you from volunteering. Just like the players, coaches and leaders will also learn as they go. The journey through a season of growth and development is a special experience.”
  • In order to inspire her kids, Coach Joy notes “although losing a game can be a tough challenge, it’s important for all athletes to learn that good sportsmanship is essential to being a great player. One team has to win and one team has to lose, so if you play your best and give 110% as a team, you are already winners and the score won’t even matter. Most importantly, always be a gracious winner!”
Lance and Little League Announce the 2022 Coach of the Year Award On Billboard Outside Lamade Stadium at the LLWS International Complex, image credit to: Little League

The following infographic details what Coach Antonio and Coach Joy are all about as winners of the 2022 Coach of the Year awards thanks to Little League, Lance and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Little League Coach of The Year Bio’s For Coach Joy and Coach Antonio, image credit: Little League and Lance, image credit: Little League
How to win both on-and-off-the field according to the 2022 Little League Coach of the Year Winners, Coach Joy and Coach Antonio, image credit: Lance and Little League

Sports Techie, watching the ongoing Little League World Series live broadcasts is awesome and full of wonderful stories.

I wanted to share with our readers, followers and first time audience what Coach Wayne, Murphey Candler Baseball and the Atlanta Braves did for the kids earlier this year at Truist Park, home of the defending MLB World Series Champions. This video below is priceless.

My son Kellan, his brother Jake and the Murphey Candler Baseball Challengers Division entering the stadium field at Truist Park thanks to the Atlanta Braves and Coach Wayne

This cherished example of unfiltered happiness is how I remember Little League baseball as a player.

An entire season of playing baseball or any sport has plenty of up’s and down’s that life presents. It truly helps and makes a tremendous impact knowing there are Coach Joy’s and Coach Antonio’s out there making it so for so many boys and girls around the nation.

Thank you to Little League, Lance and Positive Coaching Alliance for recognizing this year’s Coach of the Year winners.

I am speechless for perhaps the first time ever!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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