Introducing BLAZE By StreamAMG Next-level OTT 2.0 Made Simple

StreamAMG launches BLAZE to power performance for OTT 2.0

Blaze offers a fast-to-market, cost effective and future-proof solution with industry-leading features seamlessly integrated to drive performance to new heights

BLAZE is StreamAMG’s newly launched next-level OTT made simple. The pioneering company of over-the-top sports streaming has delivered a new solution designed to empower rights-holders by elevating performance, boosting reach, increasing revenue, and growing engagement. The ground-breaking BLAZE does not just provide tools, it’s also powering performance for a brighter video future via StreamAMG’s OTT 2.0. The Sports Techie community blog shares this breaking story released from the UK so rights-holders around the globe can learn more about the industry-leading features seamlessly integrated into the new platform empowering clients while revolutionizing the OTT landscape.

StreamAMG launches BLAZE to power performance for OTT 2.0

BLAZE Feature Set

StreamAMG’s newest streaming solution offers a fast-to-market, cost-effective, and future-proof platform ready to drive key performances to higher standards, efficiencies and profitability. Right-holders can use the streaming technologies to maximize a brand’s ability to launch their own streaming service while connecting with audiences at unprecedented speeds.

Right-holders can budget and pay for exactly the feature they need resulting in streamlined, cost-efficiency. The design team at StreamAMG is in the cloud consistently integrating best-in-class features and product innovations making the platform future-proof as the industry pivots.

Hugo Sharman, CEO, StreamAMG commented, “BLAZE represents a remarkable achievement by our team of talented and experienced experts. It combines state-of-the-art technology with simplicity, allowing rights-holders to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest. It’s a significant leap forward in the world of sports streaming.”

In today’s fast-evolving digital ecosystem, StreamAMG is dedicated to equipping rights-holders with the expertise and insights needed to excel. Their mission is to empower rights-holders to elevate their performance, boosting reach, revenue and engagement.

StreamAMG’s parent company is PA Media Group consisting of 20 shareholders, made up mainly of UK news and media businesses.

StreamAMG is a leading OTT agency, providing technology, operations services and expertise to some of the biggest players in sport. The company has a strong track record in football with a decade of experience in the game, and powers major streaming services for clubs, leagues and national governing bodies across Europe and beyond.

Learn more about how rights-holders can take their OTT strategy to the next level by visiting and

Sports Techie, today’s streaming subscribers use smart TVs, computers and laptops, or tablets and smartphones, to stream live sporting events and watch on-demand content wherever they are located. To meet these constantly changing consumer demands, right-holders and broadcasters need a trusted, high performance, and simple OTT solution, and BLAZE is it.

Whether it’s the future watching the five new, official Olympic Games sports in Los Angeles in 2028 the likes of lacrosse, softball / baseball, flag football, cricket or squash, an OTT provider can implement BLAZE to meet the fan needs five years away. Perhaps a watch party stream of highly popular sports like soccer, rugby or basketball needs a OTT boost to ensure performance needs, BLAZE is it. Should a rights holder for exciting sport like boxing, snooker, curling or horse racing, need a dynamic streaming solution, StreamAMG is ready to power your OTT performance.

Remember to BLAZE whenever possible.

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