Importance Of Choosing The Right Gears To Give The Best Game Performance

One American Football Player Man Studio Isolated In Full Gear

Wearing the right clothes and gears in football is more than just showing how cool you look in your game outfit. It’s also about walking with your head high into the field, prepared and well-protected for the “battle” ahead.

While it’s easy to choose gears based on how they look, it’s also important to know the science behind the design. Most of these gears were assembled using the science related to sports-specific movements and impacts.

This is especially true when it comes to helmets, because players could suffer from serious head injuries and broken skulls if they don’t wear one. Hence, if you wish to avoid muscle pains and broken bones, picking your gears is a process that you must take seriously. The Sports Techie community blog believes without sports tech and science, gear might as well be from caveman days.

Valuing Sports Performance In Football: Why The Right Gears Matter

Whether you’re a professional player or you’re just playing the game for fun, it’s essential that you buy stuff that fits you well. This ensures that you can maximize your enjoyment of the game. You can read here if you need help with your options.

But before you head to the shop or click that check-out button, think of why you need those items in the first place. To help you answer that, listed below are 5 reasons why you should thoroughly consider how right a particular item is for you, especially when you value your performance:

1. Fit And Comfort
First of all, clothes and gears that don’t fit well are bound to become uncomfortable while playing. You might be able to get away with it during the first few minutes, but eventually, it will become difficult for you to be at your best if you always have to adjust things during timeouts.

It becomes even worse when you’re running for a touchdown and then suddenly, one of your gears falls out of their position. Not only does this derail your momentum, but it makes you more vulnerable when you collide with other players.

Hence, make sure that everything fits as it should, so when you’re playing in the field, all you have to worry about is the game itself.

2. Protection And Injury Prevention
The ergonomic and protective design of gears, especially helmets, is all thanks to extensive research. You may not need to buy gears that are all top-of-the-line qualities, but you must at least make sure that they’re capable of redistributing the impacts that you’ll encounter in the field.

Additionally, preventing injuries—whether it’s from in-game impacts or from your gears itself—means that you should be wearing clothes and equipment that allow you to fulfill the playing responsibilities of your field position, without compromising your comfort.

Athletes tend to suffer from gear-related injuries in two ways. First, their gears aren’t durable enough to withstand the forces involved in the game. Second, they may be using equipment that isn’t right for their role, or for their specific playing styles.

Go for gears that have complete quality assurance labels, so you know that it can protect you as it should.

3. Range Of Motion
Another reason to carefully consider your gears is the range of motion that it supports. Ill-fitting equipment will significantly limit your movements, while those with the appropriate fit will allow you to play your game efficiently.

4. Proper Execution Of Sports Movements
Proper gears also encourage you to develop the correct muscle memory that’s needed for the game. Although sports movements may vary per player because of the differences in strengths and anatomies, there’s still a standard way to perform certain actions.

Thus, in relation to the 1st and 3rd bullet points, the right athletic form can only be established when you wear gears that don’t only fit well but also allows for a more complete range of movement.

5. Confidence In Your Abilities
Ultimately, wearing the right gears can help boost your gameday confidence. This can help solidify your trust in your athletic strengths, knowing that your game outfit is reliable and complete.

Your Performance Relies Not Just On Your Skills, But Also Your Gears
Without wearing the right gear, your game performance will greatly suffer because they won’t be the best fit for your playing style. You also risk developing muscle strains and injuries because your movements are restricted.

You may technically be a skilled player on the field, but your talents and abilities alone will not protect you from the body impacts that will inevitably come your way. Therefore, make sure that you always wear the right gear before you head on to a match.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Gears To Give The Best Game Performance

Sports Techie, whether it be American Football or soccer, gear can make a such a difference in performance as athletes know. If you are a parent, be sure to research the sport your child plans to participate in and learn about what type of gear is recommended.

When I played organized tackle football in 1976 for the first time in 5th grade as a 10-year old up in Bellingham, WA, my gear was not top of the line nor was it fitted properly as a program hand me down. From my helmet and face mask to the shoulder pads and hip pads, pretty much all my gear was mostly too loose or too snug. It didn’t stop me from proper execution of moves and having confidence in my skills which earned me defensive MVP honors at middle linebacker yet, I never forgot my below standard gear to this day as I turn 54 tomorrow.

The only other year I played tackle football was in 9th grade for the Redmond Junior High team. I’ll never forget our away game on Mercer Island when I left my my belt at home. Needless to say the tape job coach did around my waist didn’t work so well and my pants kept falling almost down to my knees!

I played soccer and basketball my whole life and quickly learned the value of proper fitting shoes, whether high-top sneakers or cleats. When they don’t fit right your feet get near instant blisters and can become calloused which can hinder performance and be hard to heal.

At Whittier College when I played lacrosse for the school, we were a club team so our equipment wasn’t what the school’s DIII players get issued today.

Second hand stores offer terrific bargains but be forewarned as to the problems used products, apparel and shoes can bring when playing sports. If you are on a budget this option is nice but when at all possible, go with new gear.

Preventing CTE starts at what ever age you begin or continue play. Kids and adults suffer concussions much of the time because of improperly fitting gear, bad tackling or heading form, and coaches, trainers and parents that do not know warning signs to watch for. When in doubt, go see a doctor when injured in sport, especially to the head and brain.

Of course, I like sports technology integrated gear but by no means is that a requirement to play, have fun and perform at your best.

Playing sport as a kid was a lifetime highlight as it was as an adult, however, having the right gear is a must for reasons 1-5 highlighted above.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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