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Human Performance Inc.

Human Performance Inc

Where Science, Technology and Sports Unite

Physical- how fast, how strong.

Tactical- Does he run to the right place on the field or court.

Technical- Can he catch, shoot.

Mental- Concentration. Can he stay focused.

Emotional- Is he a leader.

HPI Five Performance Measure Resources

Troy Brazell

Troy Brazell is a Sports Techie in our Linkedin group and was kind enough to talk about Human Performance Inc. (HPI) where he is Chairman and CEO. They build human performance models on athletes to accurately predict athletic performance in professional and collegiate sports. HPI has worked with several professional teams, and 2 NFL Championship teams, taking a relatively weak team to Superbowl Competitor.

Can He Play

Troy played basketball for Rick Majerus at the University of Utah. First met him in 2003 when he was the Director of North American Sales for the Modellers Research Group. They where an advanced analytics firm that built predictive and forecasting models for most of the Fortune 100-500 companies and worked directly with many of the large research firms such as McKenzie, Lieberman, Bain and AC Nielson. Troy helped develop “Can He Play” (CHP) dedicated to accurately predicting Human Performance in professional sports. They outpredicted the NFL by 230%.

Dr. Bob Ward

Troy was collaborating with a past mentor of mine and someone I call the Godfather of Sports Tech, Dr. Bob Ward, former Dallas Cowboys Sports Scientist and Conditioning Coach from 1976-1989. See Bob today at Sports Science Network.

Bob Ferguson and Ted Thompson

It was agreed that I would introduce CHP to the Seattle Seahawks and to new General Manager Bob Ferguson (2003-2004) and Ted Thompson, (2000-2004) the Vice President of Football Operations. Ted oversaw the draft board for coach Mike Holmgren. Since Ted was already in place, we hoped that my past sports technology relationship with the Hawks might open the door for a new opportunity to work together. Ted is the current Green Bay Packers Executive VP, GM and Director of FB Operations.

This link is to a beat writers interview with Bob and Ted about the upcoming draft, it offers some tremendous insight into their football roles.

Sports Techie

My role was to get the CHP information to Ted and Bob in hopes that the Seahawks would sign up for their services. Having learned from past sports tech experiences, I figured out a way to meet Ted and Bob in person and hand deliver the proposal. We shook hands, I touched on some key points and that was that. Unfortunately, Bob was all in and Ted was not. That’s the nature of the sports technology business. After seven NFL seasons, CB Marcus Trufant is the only 2003 draft pick still with the Hawks.


Human performance and sports technology go together like peanut butter and jelly. HPI has been working with pro and college teams for a decade. Clients include NFL, NBA, MLB teams, F1 and horse racing.

Soccer is the newest HPI company focus, testing both the team and club players to enhance the human performance models. Troy said they are under contract with a top European soccer team but could not tell me who they are right now nor could he disclose the NBA teams they currently work with.

He did share that HPI had worked with Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks during a record breaking season. When Coach Don Nelson left to Golden State and Avery Johnson replaced him, the Mavs HPI system was not renewed.


Their system has a mix of Bayesian Statistical Methods, Econometrics, Forecasting, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Physiology, and Sports Psychology. It was developed by an elite team of PhDs and analysts. Coaches and Players have also contributed their expertise to HPI’s system. HPI features team synergy and performance models.


The basketball and soccer shift right now is to club ball. There is a club ball trend in Utah, Texas and Nevada underway says Troy. Club ball filters down to the seven and eight year old. School teams get pinched but these players improve by leaps and bounds.

When you evaluate how a European Club team trains their players, it’s no surprise to see why they blend into American styles with ease. Fundamentals, team ball and the System are emphasized. In the USA, kids dream about playing one-year of college basketball and then early entree into the NBA. Most of these young players are not ready for the NBA.

Therefore, it makes sense that companies like HPI would be a large benefit to a NBA teams who must consider 19-year old sensations with both short and long term priorities. Football has more moving parts and more players abilities to consider when evaluating performance. HPI helps to manage the Human Performance work flow while fitting the right players to the right systems.


HPI is open to sports business opportunities.  Contact HPI at: [email protected]

I’ll see ya when I see ya Sports Techie.




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