How Winning a Sports Trophy Elevates Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be lifted in many ways, but almost nothing compares with the energetic feeling of winning an award for athletic achievement. Getting to the top, however, requires an authentic determination to succeed and outperform competitors. Knowing that a memorable and eye-catching shiny prize is at stake can serve as a strong inspiration for exceeding expectations. The Sports Techie community blog understands the positive effects an athlete feels when competing fairly and earning a trophy. Read about the Heisman Trophy won by Tim Brown and sold via auction.

Do you own a Trophy?

Why Trophies Matter

Awards that attract attention command high authority such as the World Cup. These monumental awards may be out of reach for most athletes, but there are still plenty of realistic trophies to aim for on a local or regional level, either through schools or recreation programs. Basically, any kind of trophy is a conversation piece and it’s always fun when your accomplishments are the topic.

Winning a trophy is particularly rewarding for young people in grade school through high school. Part of growing up is learning how to face and overcome challenges. A trophy provides evidence of achievement that can be viewed by family and friends as a reminder that committing to excellence pays off. This recognition helps boost self-esteem, which leads to further motivation and success. Adults can get just as excited about aiming for and winning awards, particularly if they are career-related.

Building a Winning Profile

Every trophy an individual earns should be preserved as part of their success story, regardless of age or level of talent. Holding a trophy makes a great photo for sharing on social media or an official website. One of the keys to acquiring followers online is to establish authority, which is exactly what a photo of winning a prize conveys. Success attracts followers, so the more someone can prove their milestones, the better chance they have at influencing others.

If you are on a committee that decides on trophies, consider a service such as acrylic awards that provides stylish custom trophies. A major key for a trophy to create an authoritative perception is for it to be so unique that only a limited number of people could have won it. The more trophies a person can collect, the more impressive their profile will be to the public.
When you have a trophy on your shelf that you see every day, it fills in the blanks when no one else is around to congratulate you. A trophy is a confirmation that you actually made a dream come true and it wasn’t by chance. It can even inspire an individual to take quality performance and improvement more seriously.

Path to Becoming a Champion

Athletes can improve their skills by studying winning coaching philosophies. Winning as a team member can be just as rewarding as competing as an individual and in many ways requires sharper focus and dedication. Learning from a coach or mentor can help athletes reach their goals much quicker, since they benefit from an expert’s lifetime of knowledge and experience.

A coach may motivate players by pointing out the recognition a team gets when they win a championship. Former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson is a believer in meditation, which he calls building the “muscle of the mind.” This practice has helped him win eleven NBA championships. He emphasizes compassion, mindfulness and selflessness. Jackson said meditation helped the team perform under pressure.

Bill Belichick has won five Super Bowls as head coach of the New England Patriots, which so far is more than any other coach in NFL history. At 66-years old, he chases number six further cementing his legacy. He coaches players to focus only on what they are able to control and ignore all other distractions. Bill Walsh, who won three Super Bowls as coach of the San Francisco 49ers, said in his book The Score Takes Care of Itself that he scripted his own success. By writing down all possible plays, he prepared himself for every possible situation in football. He believed in working toward the best outcome while preparing for the worst scenario. Around 1998, I once spoke to Coach Walsh on the phone about the revolutionary GridIron 2000, an expert game planning system running on Windows 95 that saves staffs times while being more uniform and consistent. I call this an “Experience Trophy.”

In order for a coach to lead a championship-level team, he or she needs to set examples for competence, confidence and strong knowledge of the game. As a leader, the coach needs to direct player energy toward a unified team spirit, rather than selfish interests. When each member is working toward a common goal, the team can function like a well-designed machine that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Trophy and Ring
Seattle Seahawks Trophy 2006

Sports Techie, soccer may be the world’s most popular sport but American football has the top single most important game, the Super Bowl. SB 53 (LIII) will be played here in Atlanta on February 3. The winning coach and his organization earns the NFL’s coveted Lombardi trophy.

The four coaches left and their staffs are to be commended for making it to the NFL Conference Championship as they attempt to win the ultimate prize in all of sports besides the World Cup trophy and the Quiddtich Cup.

The Pats head into freezing cold Kansas City to match up with probable NFL MVP, 23-year old phenomenon, Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, age 60. The high-flying L.A. Rams and their 32-year old innovative coach Sean McVay marches into into New Orleans to take on the Saints led by Drew Brees and 55-year old Head Coach Sean Payton. Payton is also former winner of the Lombardi Trophy like Belichick. Reid has struggled to win the championship over his career and McVay is the young gun aiming for his first trophy.

The trophy that comes to mind for me is the tiny one the Beavers soccer team collected at age 12 in Redmond, WA after going 12-0 and winning the public soccer league. I still have it stored in a box. Might be time to take it out for Kellan my son who is 5 so he can soak it in and hopefully, be inspired.

After the big game, the best Experience Trophy is going to Disney World for a self-esteem booster with the MVP.

I predict the Chiefs and Saints will play in the Super Bowl.

See ya later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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