Henry Schein Medical Spotlights Five Women NBA Athletic Trainers Holding Court

Image via the NBATA, a professional organization of highly skilled certified athletic trainers who provide specialized health care and critical support services to the athletes and organizations of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

On September 7, Henry Schein Medical teamed up with the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA), to shine light on National Girls and Women in Sports Day via the launch of a video, (seen below) showcasing five female NBA athletic trainers (ATs). Throughout training camp, the regular season and playoffs, as well as during the offseason, athletic trainers work at their dream job of assisting NBA’s players perform at their peak, both on and off the court. What was once a male dominated profession, has seen a well deserved influx of seasoned women, working side-by-side with male players, to help keep each player and team, perform at peak levels, stay healthy, and recover from injuries, as needed. The Sports Techie community blog via the U.S. medical business of Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC), is happy to share the uplifting NBA stories of the five qualified ATs whose dedication, grit, and passion are inspirations. Join Kristin Farrell, Utah Jazz; Heather Mau, Dallas Mavericks; Chastity Chov, San Antonio Spurs; Jana Austin, New Orleans Pelicans; and Jessica Cohen, Milwaukee Bucks, as they share their journeys to the NBA and talk about the often unseen impact of ATs, as they pioneer a new sports medicine career path that is changing the game. For more information about the NBATA, visit www.nbata.com.

Holding Court: How Professional Women Athletic Trainers are Changing the Game

“Athletic trainers play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and wellness of athletes at all levels of sports,” said Megan LoRé, General Manager of Operations for Henry Schein’s U.S. Specialty Distribution Group. “It is inspiring to see women continue to be trailblazers in the industry, making a difference in the lives of athletes and advancing the profession each and every day. At Henry Schein Medical, we remain committed to elevating the profession and being trusted advisors, so athletic trainers can continue providing exceptional care.”

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

National Girls and Women in Sports Day honors athletic achievements by women, recognizes the importance of sports and fitness participation for all girls and women, and celebrates the power of women in sports and the continued push for equity. According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, 55 percent of its members are women. But there are significantly more male head athletic trainers in professional sports than women head athletic trainers. In men’s professional sports, a study published in the National Library of Medicine reveals that only 1.3 percent of head athletic trainers are women.

“At the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA), we celebrate the strides made by women in the field of athletic training and we recognize the positive impact they have on the entirety of the sports industry,” said Josh Corbeil, NBATA Chairperson. “We appreciate Henry Schein Medical’s dedication to showcasing the contributions of athletic trainers. The Company’s commitment to recognizing the excellence of these professionals aligns with our dedication to the future of athletic training.”

During National Girls and Women in Sports Day 2022, Henry Schein Medical highlighted women athletic trainers representing several professional football teams. Click here to watch the video.

“We are excited to team up with the NBATA to showcase the influence women athletic trainers have in sports,” said Eric Kearns, National Sales Director of Henry Schein Medical’s Athletics and Schools business. “Athletic trainers are many times unsung heroes, working tirelessly behind the scenes, and it is important that they receive recognition for all they do.”

Henry Schein Medical, through its Athletics and Schools business, has continued to advocate for athletic trainers and elevate the profession through a variety of initiatives, such as the annual Rising Star Award. Created in 2021 to celebrate emerging athletic trainers with one to five years of experience in the sports medicine industry, the Rising Star Award 2023 recognized recently graduated athletic trainers in the United States who have not yet reached a senior chief-level position, but have a strong career trajectory with the potential of forward advancement and appointment at the highest levels of the profession. Women athletic trainers have been honored with the award every year since its inception.

For more information, visit Henry Schein at www.henryschein.com, Facebook.com/HenrySchein, Instagram.com/HenrySchein, and @HenrySchein on X.

For additional information about Henry Schein Medical’s Athletics and Schools business, click here.

Sports Techie, whether NBA players get ready to play one game, or 8 games in 12 days, ATs are prepared to make sure their wellness and fitness are optimized, night in and night out. The grind of an 82-game season results in all kinds of minor and major injuries that ATs need to be prepared for. Getting teams ready for a postseason run is an important reward for the ATs in such a well earned position. Having the required medical skills needed to do the job, sees no gender.

These five women are a significant part of the NBATA and are truly role models for not only girls and fellow women, but men and boys, too.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day 2024 was the perfect time for Henry Schein Medical to recognize each of these impressive and driven ladies for their sincere desire to be the best they can be, as respected ATs for the NBA.

ATs also use a variety of cutting edge sports tech products, which of course, I dig.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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