Global Gaming Network, Amped Fantasy and SportsAlert are an International sports business trifecta

Amped Fantasy daily fantasy sports games and cash contests are a game of skill at

Global Gaming Network, Amped Fantasy and SportsAlert are an International sports business trifecta ready to meet your digital and mobile messaging service needs. Amped Fantasy is the online sports business and web site that allows users to legally wager on players that participate in domestic and International sporting events. A recent upgrade of the site includes new features, contests, special promotions, and social networking, which has them positioned to grow their user base over the rest of the NFL season, playoff games, and Super Bowl 2013.

Fantasy Sports is big business

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) says the fantasy sports market in North America is a $4 billion industry, with the potential to be $12 – $15 billion worldwide. Fantasy sports participation has grown over 60% over the past four years as over 32 million people play in the U.S. and Canada, the highest participation numbers in history.

Global Gaming Network, Inc. (GBGM.PK)

Global Gaming Network

Global Gaming Network, Inc. (GBGM.PK) is a developer, distributor and aggregator of digital entertainment and sports information for online and mobile platforms. Stephen Kern is their President and spoke to Sports Techie about their newest sportsbiz goals of providing mobile text messaging (SMS) and advertising to the young male consumer.

The two primary mobile alert services goals Stephen promised to shareholders:

  1. Identify new markets for their mobile alert services
  2. Formulate an aggressive plan to introduce and market their innovative and affordable mobile messaging platforms

To meet the growing demand for sports scores and gambling, GBGM has daily fantasy sports operation designed for both hardcore and novice players. The European and South American Markets and sports like soccer are areas GBGM plans to aggressively expand into. Earlier this year, GBGM acquired Amped Sports into their portfolio.

Amped Fantasy

Amped Fantasy, provides U.S. and Canadian adults aged 18 years and older, daily fantasy sports games and cash contests, as a game of skill. Users can play different contests and win cash legally for free; there is no fee or 5%-10% rake by the house, Las Vegas or a bookie. What sets Amped Sports apart are the 100% payouts and the fact that it is legal to play because they are in accordance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, where no winning outcome is based on the score or performance of any single real world team or any single real world team. How cool is that, Sports Techie.

Bryan Ciambella founded Amped Fantasy and he spoke to Sports Techie about their acquisition by GBGM. Bryan went to Business School in London and as a result has wanted to target soccer as a compliment to their existing core sports of football and basketball. Amped Fantasy has a strong existing U.S. user base and proprietary technology that was attractive to GBGM.Bryan’s drive and innovation as a startup owner also impressed Stephen. With the influx of GBGM funding the web site underwent a redesign that improved navigation, player picking ability, and contest selection for NFL and MLB. A real time data feed of contests by XML Team has proven to a critical upgrade.

New Features

Amped Sports newest features include the ability for users to pick and store favorite players for contests, play ‘freeroll’ contests with no entry fee, win a free trip toBaja,Mexico, and receive gift certificates from outlets such as and The Amped Fantasy blog has more content and player stats for users to peruse. Players can use social media to post entered contests to Facebook and Twitter.

Reward points are a significant opportunity to earn additional free cash, swag from Walmart, and Ebooks, or win more playing money. Super Sunday or Super Bowl weekend has additional cash prizes and the announcement of the Mexico contest prize winner. Online Forums will be unveiled next year along with a new Salary Cap game under development. Look for Baseball in 2013 to be the next GBGM sport offering with more interactivity, video, stats, and expert commentary. A new March Madness special promises to be the next cash money bonanza for Amped Sports users.

Registration and activation is easier. The Amped Sports ‘refer a friend’ for $20 marketing program has received good traction. Be sure to engage with the Leaderboard which is an interactive list of Amped Sports best players.


There are five contest types:

1. Standard League Bet: 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 D/ST

2. Offensive Explosion: 1QB, 2 WR, 1 RB

3. Skills Survival: 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 3 WR/RB

4. Flex Appeal: 1 RB, 1 WR

5. Defensive Minded: 2 QB, 2 D/ST

Users can also create their own contests.

I entered as SportsTechie in the new Week 13 ‘Freeroll’ called “BroFreeRoll” by BroBible. It is free to enter and the winner gets $100. Simply pick 1 QB, 2 WR and 1 RB. I hope a fellow Sports Techie wins this exciting contest, someone has to win it.

SportsAlert is the leading independent mobile sports information service


SportsAlert is the leading independent mobile sports information service. It is a free, advertiser supported text message information service providing real time sports scores and updates to subscriber’s mobile devices. The GBGM plan is to leverage SportsAlert into covering new sports and enter the lucrative International markets. A monetization plan is to co-marketing with popular fantasy sports and gambling websites. The final GBGM sportsbiz step is the implementation of a new Global SMS platform constructed using their proprietary messaging technology to offer an Internet-based Solution to other businesses.

Sports Techie, Stephen is a fellow entrepreneur executing a business plan to provide mobile text messaging through his current GBGM Empire of Amped Sports and SportsAlert, to millions of potential global users. Beginning with investments in the United States, Stephen now has his Sports Techie eye tracking emerging sports technology companies, their wares and people, as potential GBGM acquisitions.

The mobile digital age is upon us and you do not need a smartphone to be apart of this revolution Sports Techie, you just need Internet access to play. Fantasy sports services and scores are in high demand in this fast-growing billion dollar industry. Stephen has positioned GBGM to capitalize on this sports tech movement via Amped Sports and SportsAlert. I wish him the best as he joins in the fight with giant telecoms for your eyeballs and your passion for fantasy sports gambling and content.

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