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Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) and SportsBubble have a new business partnership to help fans search fast and then connect to broadcasts and streams with WatchSports app, a live 24-hour Sport & Esports Event Guide designed for next-gen streaming. Women sports in general understand the pain their fans have when searching for video streams of games, matches and tournaments, along with practice or training sessions. Download the free WatchSports app and gain access to women’s professional sport league streams for a best-in-class experience. The flagship sports tech product allows users to search through a guide (think TV Guide) that instantaneously displays viewers with information about live events in one look. Connect-to-watch combined with Watch Options and the ability to schedule are features to make it easy and simple to stream PHF games, the playoffs and the riveting Isobel Cup championship at the end of the upcoming 2022/23 season. The Sports Techie community blog is a champion for women in sport and stories about female entrepreneurs just like Reagan Carey, PHF Commissioner, and Lydia Murphy-Stephans, CEO & Founder of SportsBubble Inc., a recently launched internet-based technology company providing software, marketing, and media services to simplify discovery and access to sports. No more confusion and time waste because you can’t find a particular live sporting event. This innovative application works where sports are streamed to mobile devices, computers, laptops and SmartTVs. Discovery, scheduling and connection using WatchSports have all never been easier for the international, domestic and local sport fan.

Premier Hockey Federation or PHF

WatchSports App For PHF Fans And Sponsors

WatchSports simplifies the search function with a guide loaded with viewing options for all live sporting events in one digital hub. After downloading the app, select the PHF event you want and WatchSports compiles Watch Options in mere seconds. The technology designers programmed WatchSports to present trouble-free browsing, together with an easy-to-use scheduler and the must have connect-to-watch feature used with free-to-watch streaming platforms, networks and subscription based viewing services.

“Visibility and access are key components to growing the PHF and professional women’s sports which makes the WatchSports app an effective tool to help drive awareness and strengthen fan engagement,” said Carey. She added, “We are excited to partner with SportsBubble and look forward to seeing the spotlight shine brighter for the PHF and our elite athletes during the 2022-23 season.”

The National Women’s Hockey League launched in 2015 as the NWHL then in 2021 rebranded to become the PHF. Earlier this year, the PHF landed $25 million in funding to provide paid opportunities for elite athletes to earn a living playing the game they love while fueling the continued growth of the sport. The league is made up of the Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts, Connecticut Whale, Metropolitan Riveters, Minnesota Whitecaps, Montreal, and the Toronto Six

SportsBubble Portal And Beyond

Whether you are interested in watching Twitch gamers, female and male professional athletes, or a multitude of amateur sport events, if it’s streaming, there is a high probability WatchSports can find it fast and connect you to it.

Existing partners and early adopters include the Pac-12 Conference and Networks, National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), Athletes Unlimited, and US Speed Skating. SportsBubble recently launched WatchSports with connectivity to more than 100 networks through its partner fuboTV. Additionally, WatchSports offers direct connect-to-watch to esports games available on free streaming platforms, Twitch and YouTube.

Rights holders and entities with media rights arrangements that can license and distribute are encouraged to find out more about can be added to the guide.

“I’m excited to launch SportsBubble with the WatchSports app,” noted Murphy-Stephans, also a former Olympic speed skater. She said, “With WatchSports, fans now have a universal source for live event viewing information at their fingertips. I set out to solve the sports media fragmentation problem and, in the process, we created a tool that will also help level the playing field for women’s sports exposure. WatchSports provides information and access equitably across all sports and viewing platforms which means the search-to-watch for a women’s college soccer game is as easy and fast as it is for an NFL game.”

PHF made history with ESPN+ last season as its exclusive U.S. broadcasting partner. The top sports network provided a home for all 60 regular season games, the All-Star Showcase, and Isobel Cup Playoffs. International rights were split between ESPN affiliates including TSN in Canada, and the streaming platform Twitch. The championship final on ESPN2 represented the network’s first linear broadcast of professional women’s hockey. The PHF’s 2022-23 schedule and broadcast partnership details are still to be announced, but will become available for fans through the WatchSports app once confirmed.

Additional app benefits include the amount of fan engagement analytics produced by each user that can increase both sponsorships and tailored end user experiences.

The WatchSports app is available in the App Store. Search for “WatchSports” or click Shortly, it will be available at and on Google Play for Android. Surf over to the website at to learn more.

Sports Techie, I can relate to not being able to find live sporting events no matter the gender.

Take March Madness and CBS Sports for example. CBSSports promotes TruTV right up there along CBS as viable tournament viewing options. Problem is, I’m betting 90% of our readers and followers have no clue where to find TruTV. Now you can with WatchSports app.

Another example is ESPN8 and The Ocho TV schedules on ESPN2 for ACL Cornhole, World Axe Throwing League or the always fun golf Putt Putt Championship, and the Stone Skipping Competition or Professional Arm Wrestling Championships. They may all show up on ESPN 2 when searched, however, you won’t readily find the entire niche sport schedule of the live events available on other streams, so in stepped WatchSports app. The ready-made to be your personal search engine, personalized scheduler and direct connection will find other viewing options for the compelling Minecraft competition on TheOcho on say a Microsoft stream, if it does indeed exist outside of ESPN2 and ESPN+ coverage.

This launch of the new global streaming guide connecting fans to sports is well timed.

No more having to search for women’s professional hockey across endless webpages, articles and blogs, this is your one-stop viewing application.

The PHF community in the United States and Canada can now use WatchSports app and Watch Option to search quickly, schedule your upcoming hockey week or day, then connect directly to the stream, as needed.

Search fuzz and the lack of connecting in one-click are now gone thanks to the WatchSports parent company, SportsBubble.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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