Rebel Ventures Champions Pac-12 Conference Digital Strategy


Rebel Ventures is set to guide the Pac-12 Digital Strategy as part of a new partnership that aims to transform their media and entertainment businesses into the future. The global sports agency was appointed to grow the audience with a modern digitized strategy. The business goal is to elevate the Pac-12 through a proven digital content and marketing platform. Each of the member schools will benefit from increased amplification designed to elevate the brand and their constituents’ achievements while showcasing the conference’s inspiring student athletes. Iconic company Netflix, sports properties such as the Golden State Warriors, NBA, Real Madrid, and Epic Games, along with superstar athletes like Pele, have partnered with Rebel Ventures for the delivery of market leading work known to increase digital assets as a means to grow revenue, improve exposure and increase brand awareness. The Sports Techie community blog welcomes the opportunity to share this sportsbiz story coming out of New York with our core West Coast followers and readers especially. The Pac-12 plans to keep pace with fellow universities in the Power 5 Conferences by following the recommendations of a leading firm in the collegiate and professional sport space.

Pac-12 Now App – Agency Known for Delivering Market Leading Work for Real Madrid, Golden State Warriors, Epic Games, Netflix, and The NBA Helps the Pac-12 Increase the Audience and Value of Its Digital Platforms

Pac-12 Digital Leap

Redefining and positioning the league begins with is a plan that starts with a comprehensive strategy and robust platform promising to increase digital growth and value over the next several years.

Rebel Sports track record includes driving a 300% increase in digital revenue for the Golden State Warriors, creating 60% organic growth in Instagram following for global soccer icon Pele over 14 months, and generating a 12x increase in social media revenue over a three-year period for one of the world’s most valuable sports franchises, Real Madrid. 

“The pandemic really pushed us to accelerate our focus on evaluating digital and preparing for the future,” said Andrew Walker, Senior Vice President, Communications, Pac-12 Conference. “As collegiate athletics evolves, we want to provide the best possible digital ecosystem to support our student-athletes, members and Conference.  We enlisted Rebel as a partner to help us build this new digital foundation, and we’re excited about the end product.”

The Pac-12 Conference is dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders by championing excellence in academics, athletics, and the well-being of our student-athletes.

Nicknamed the “Conference of Champions,” the Pac-12 has won more NCAA National Team Championships than any other conference in history.

The Pac-12 sponsors championship competition in eleven men’s and thirteen women’s NCAA sanctioned sports. Five schools are associate members in three men’s sports.

Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, and Washington State University make up the Pac-12.

“Collegiate sports are approaching an inflection point where the entire dynamic of the industry and ecosystem will evolve,” said Craig Howe, CEO of Rebel Ventures, “We were thrilled to help the Pac-12 confidently architect a new digital strategy that helps position the conference and it’s 12 member schools to extend their legacy as the Conference of Champions into the digital space for years to come.” 

The NYC agency appointment highlights a need for sports organizations at the collegiate level to proactively build their digital businesses for the future.

For more information on the partnership or to see more of Rebel Ventures work, please visit

Rebel Ventures is a collection of digital pioneers dedicated to helping athletes, sports organizations, and brands transform into modern digital media and entertainment businesses

Sports Techie, Rebel Ventures continues it’s growth path here in the U.S. and acorss the globe, this time with the Pac-12. The 2021 year is coming to a close however the 2022 season is ready for hopefully, post-pandemic growth. The Pac-12 is positioned to accelerate their digital goals.

Built on a firm foundation of academic excellence and superior athletic performance, the Pac-12 Conference continues to renew its undisputed claim as the Conference of Champions®. Beyond the courts and fields, the Pac-12’s accomplishments extend into the classrooms across 12 campuses, and outside its traditional geographic footprint into new corners around the world.

The only conference to win 500 NCAA Championships, the Pac-12 has captured 207 NCAA team titles since 1999-2000 and 370 since 1981-82, the start of women’s sports sponsorship, for an average of over nine per year. Even more impressive has been the breadth of the Pac-12’s success with championships coming in 28 different men’s and women’s sports.

What is next for the Pac-12? The metaverse is a coming!

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