Fifty Thousand Sports Techie Tweets

Using sports technology in the city gives you more sport options

Fifty Thousand Sports Techie Tweets. That is right, 50,000 tweets as THE Sports Techie at @sportstechieNET on Twitter. I decided to write this blog about what the future might hold for Sports Techie at tweets number 100K, 500K and 1 Million. First, a recap of what getting to 50K was like from here in Seattle.

No question, sports technology is now in the mainstream. I began Sports Techie before the South African World Cup in 2010 with tweet number one and a humble Klout score of 5. Why this is important is that as of today, FIFA has finally decided to implement goal line technology. It only took two and half years, raising my Klout score to 50, and a good part of 50,000 tweets directly to @FIFAcom, @UEFAcom, @changeFIFA, Sepp Blatter, Bob Ley, and all the rest of the soccer tweeterverse, to get that done. The problem is this really is a no-brainer move by FIFA. Adding instant replay options for the refs to use during a game, and, using technology to get the off-side calls correct, are the next upgrades FIFA must integrate into the game. I still have no clue as to why the game clock after the 90 minute mark is arbitrary and not simply kept on the scoreboard digitally.

The new Retractable Roof at Wimbledon

Here is an article from the Guardian that is an excellent review of Sports Technology. According to a new report from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, “technological innovation is now an integral part of sport at the highest level, and that Olympic competition is not just about who is fastest – but whose kit is smartest.” If you are Sports Techie then you already know this to be true. The authors valid point about poorer countries not able to keep up with the tech advances is one of the reasons we exist at Sports Techie, to help even the technology playing field for all, including animals.

Nobody gets Sports Technology better than Nike and the new Nike Plus right now. Introducing Nike FuelBand is a complete technological Platform. The new Fuel Band product is simple but cloud smart. The + campaigns are using the creative hashtag of #GameOnWorld to help social media market their newest techie wares and Apps. Nike Training, Nike Running and Nike Basketball are all Fuel driven. The new LeBron HyperDunk+ shoe is a Hyperworkout+ model. Last week, I tweeted to Serena Williams at Wimbledon using the hashtag #FuelSerena in order to try and make her laugh, hope it worked.

The adidas Football powered by miCoach: How it works is cutting edge sports technology.

Watch out for the Under Armour UA E39 coming out in Fall 2012.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban won an NBA title but more importantly, he argued the side of a Sports Techie in – Mark Cuban Calls Out Skip Bayless on ESPN. The facts Mark is calling for come from sports technology hardware, software apps and statistical analysis.

Holograms such as the Tupac one are all the techie rage right now and no one does it better than Digital Domain in Santa Monica. My cousin is a Software lead there. It gives me Sports Techie honor to know that his company is helping to define the new Nike Flyknit technology via their own tech in this video titled, – Making Of ‘Nike Biomorph’

Sports technology is everywhere. Watch the newest TV commercials for sports tech subject matter. It is hot sportsbiz. The Project Glass: Skydiving Demo at Google I/O 2012 was Sports Techie niceness:

In fact, the London 2012 Olympic Games on NBC Sports will be the first Digital Games at a total cost of $1.8 Billion. A Green Games and Sustainable Stadiums are new core fundamentals that sports technology will help make so for these Olympics. The Future of the Olympic Stadium – Twenty Twelve – by BBC Two: is funny; yet, this hot potato concept remains a real issue in terms of major events building White Elephants.

New sports tech companies are popping up all over the Internet. Some will make it because it is good stuff, while others who may be worthy, will not. The new Sports Tech business pie is indeed a large one and the slices are being divided up as you read this. I have witnessed the evolution of sports technology over the past 30 months. I believe that my 50,000 tweets have helped shape its future, while respecting the history of sports tech.

Sports Technology is now part of the game

So what will the future look like at Sports Techie tweets 100K, 500K and 1 Million?


The @sportstechieNET 500K tweet will feature tweets from our first 25 employees hired after our Series A round of Financing. Sports Techie apps will be downloaded over 50 million times. Sports Techie wins Social Media humanitarian award. The Seattle Supersonics friends tell friend’s campaign worked: Megacities will form a new sports League based on city exercises. Extreme and Action Sports spawns THE Sports Techie Challenge. The World Series of Poker will open up a new University in Las Vegas. Helmets become medically required for many sports who do not use them yet. The Ultra Sports Techie Sponsored Race around Mars will be won by Sir Richard Branson. Aliens land and use NikeFuel to try and control the human race in order to cure obesity, disease and poverty, it does not work. Lance Armstrong will be accused of blood doping by FIFA. MLB will replace umpires calling the strike zone with technology. Fantasy Sports becomes a billion dollar #sportsbiz.


Our 100K tweet announces the Sports Techie IPO. A Sports Techie video wins an Academy Award. Sports Techie Youtube becomes a top ten channel. LeBron will earn a double P.H.D. in Social Media and Sportsbiz. ESPN buys an island as their new HQ. The XGames expands to include poor countries and gives 100% of proceeds to hosting country. Under Armour wins America’s Cup. Tiger Woods passes Jack Nicklaus for most Major wins while playing on a bionic knee. Cricket finally institutes instant replay in India. NASCAR begins underwater racing around the Hawaiian Islands. The NFL admits part in non-disclosure of information regarding concussions releasing millions in payouts to former players with head issues such as severe depression, dementia and ALS. The U.S. Open finals will be played on a Space Shuttle, tickets will cost 100K.

1 Million

Sports Techie helps cure obesity and muscular dystrophy. Top Gamers earn more than some third world countries. President OchoCinco scales MT Rainier in the new Nike Skywalker+ shoes. Phil Knight moves to his own moon. Facebook buys the New York Giants. Animals speak to humans, animal sport leagues begin. Wingsuit will have a contest that will be the number one viewed sport on the Internet. The UFC offers augmented reality matches to all fans for a chance at a Title fight. The Global Sports Forum Barcelona (GSFB) is broadcast throughout the Milky Way. The Whittier College Sports Technology Program began by Sports Techie is the World’s Best. Lacrosse becomes the world’s most popular sport. The Robotic Sports Network is bought by Microsoft. Surfing lava will be a new sport. Rulers of Nebulous insist that unless everyone gets on the Sports Techie train they will wipe us out. We all comply, Earth is saved and everyone can now safely go to where no person or animal has gone before … the final frontier and the race to outer space.

See you when I see you, THE Sports Techie

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