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Easton Lacrosse Raptor Helmet

Easton Lacrosse gets Sports Techie. All you have to do is go to their web site at http://www.eastonlacrosse.com/ and look at the top menu bar. There are six choices: Products, Technology, Video, Community, Culture and Interviews. These six are fundamental core competencies to our Sports Techie brand just like they are to Easton Lacrosse.

This is my third blog written about Easton-Bell Sports. The first was about Easton Hockey helmets: https://n5y.1cd.myftpupload.com/easton-hockey/. Then last month I wrote about the brand new Easton Baseball pitching helmet: https://n5y.1cd.myftpupload.com/easton-bell-pitching-helmet/.

Easton Lacrosse are using cross-brand resources and proprietarty technology to give their new company formed in January of 2010, an edge over the competition. This ultimately benefits both players and fan who enjoy the quickest game on two feet in America’s fastest growing field sport. No doubt that lacrosse is played today by players that are bigger, faster and stronger and Easton Lacrosse is poised and ready to deliver lax products that use cutting-edge sports tech to their full advantage.

Easton, Bell, Giro and the Riddell brands give them a full spectrum of company knowledge, product innovation and world-class sporting goods equipment for the hockey, baseball, softball, cycling, snow, football, and now lacrosse, vertical markets. With top science, engineering and technology, there is no question that Easton-Bell creates and delivers Sports Techie quality gear.

My lacrosse career first began while playing at Redmond High School, WA in 1983, followed by playing at both Whittier College and Western Washington University. After that, I played in the Seattle men’s leagues for many years. My lax career culminated as a high school and men’s coach and referee. Therefore, it is my pleasure to provide you with my expert lax perspective about Easton Lacrosse and their latest product information.

A few weeks ago I was the single ref for the game between Barbary Coast (SF) and the local Sasquatch men’s lacrosse team here in Seattle. Barbary Coast featured the Kim brothers who founded Talon lacrosse which Easton-Bell acquired to form Easton Lacrosse. Cort and Blake Kim hail from New York and bring with them deep roots and a high-level understanding about how to market the game founded by Native Americans. I saw firsthand the love and respect for lacrosse these guys have inside them.

New Easton Lacrosse Raptor Helmet

Both the Kim’s wore the brand new and yet unreleased Easton Lacrosse Raptor helmet that has been a year-and-a-half in development. The Raptor is striking in its look and feel because it was designed different from the start of the manufacturing process. Because Easton-Bell is able to leverage Research and Development from all their other brands, the Raptor was made to function with as much or more stiffness and durability as any other helmet on the market.

The Raptor is made with a titanium facemask, hockey helmet material, and E.P.P. one-piece foam that helps dispense energy. Additionally, Giro Sports Design has provided the Fit System adjustability to help make sure that the Raptor fits your cranium snug and tight.

This all adds up to a lacrosse helmet that is one-third lighter than ever before, weighing in at less than 600 grams. Over the course of a lax season, practice or game, less weight in your helmet provides players and teams with a significant competitive edge for improved play in the fourth quarter of a tight game and more late season stamina during the playoffs push.

Here is link to Cort and Blake taking time to shoot a post-game video for Sports Techie discussing the new game changing Raptor lacrosse helmet by Easton Lacrosse that will be available for lax players to purchase in October or November 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqCq7pK7wXk

Easton Lacrosse Reflex Technology Head

The Easton Lacrosse launch head features a one-of-a-kind adjusting mechanism called the patent pending reflex point or piston technology. Plenty of testing for accuracy went into the new reflex tech. This allows for the head to adjust to any players playing style. With the simple turn of a Phillips screwdriver you can adjust the angle of the head to your optimal pocket position.

This option comes in handy when your pocket gets wet from water. Turn the reflex point and you eliminate any whip that has occurred while bringing back the tautness and level your pocket requires. Turn the reflex piston the other way and you are able to loosen the pocket and bring the ball further down in the pocket. These subtle pocket adjustments means more accuracy on passes and shots which translates into more goals, assists and consistent performance.

By using Easton-Bell R&D lab procedures such as the impact, high-speed and bend tests, you can rest assured that all checks and balances will be scrutinized for supreme shaft quality.

Sports Techie will enjoy knowing that the Easton baseball bat robot has been modified for a lacrosse shaft. The software can be set at any m.p.h. in order to spin the stick while banging it against a piece of steel. The Deflection machine tests for stiffness that measures the bend in the shafts that are made of light yet strong materials.

All new Easton wood composite shafts are re-engineered from the old Talon lacrosse design to provide 30% lighter and 50% stronger products that are a one-of-a-kind in the market.

New in 2011 will be the Scandium alloy shaft that is morphed from the best selling Easton baseball bats. This means you will have a high-performance shaft that is lighter, stronger and stiffer than other sticks.

Part of the Easton Lacrosse culture is having top Professional players like Casey Powell, Brett Queener and Michael Evans endorse and test the products. Look for new videos and interviews featuring these players and new products on their web site coming soon.

The Culture Easton Lacrosse is developing is grassroots focused and new content is also coming soon via their web site. Social media is important and you can find them on Twitter http://twitter.com/Easton_Lacrosse and at their Facebook page.

Easton Lacrosse is an innovation leader, designed for every player in the game while performing at the highest level. Sports Techie is excited to be part of the new Raptor helmet pre-launch. Easton Lacrosse will bring it in 2011 and so will you after your purchase and subsequent improved play using their revolutionary lacrosse gear and sticks.

I will see ya when I see ya, Sports Techie.
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  1. A. J. Leung Avatar
    A. J. Leung

    Your first link: http://www.eastonlacrosse.com takes you right back here. You might want to fix it unless you intentionally did that. And the Easton Raptor helmet looks like poopoo!

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      Thanks, fixed.

  2. Jim P Avatar

    Those helmets are sick looking. I have a Riddell and its so heavy but so protective. Can’t wait to see what these helmets look and feel like in person. Any word on how customizable they are?

    1. Sports Techie Avatar

      By using the Giro Sports Design – Fit System, you can easily adjust the Raptor helmet to match your particular head size.

  3. Adam P. Avatar
    Adam P.

    Will the Raptor helmets come in different colors or just black?