Dartfish OT Updates MyDartfish Express App Analysis Recorder To Drive Sports Performance

Dartfish enriches its iOS mobile app to provide sports coaches, physiotherapists, and athletes a comprehensive video feedback solution

Dartfish OT (original technology) is not OTT however the decades old sports technology company counts 73% of medal winners at the recent 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing China as satisfied users. What began back in 1997, after the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland developed SimulCam for enhanced image and video processing quickly morphed into a startup company started by the five Dartfish founders. Then in 2001, Stromotion was launched as was their US office here in Atlanta I helped open as an employee. In 2015, Dartfish TV was created as the first private video platform dedicated to sport performance analysis. By 2012, the Dartfish Express App was born. Twenty-two years later after investment by Intel and now more than 120,000 video analysis partners spread across the globe, this OT sports tech business is just getting started. MyDartfish Express, known as the most used mobile app for sports performance video analysis, last week launched a new and significant feature for this new sporting season on its iOS mobile app, Analysis Recorder. This option allows users to record voice or text notes of your video analysis to quickly enrich the assessment and was designed to provide sport coaches, physiotherapists, and athletes a comprehensive video feedback solution usable on a smart phone or tablet. The Sports Techie community blog cheers on all sports technologies to help even the playing field for all, as is our mission. One way to accomplish this is through this proven sports performance analysis app for coaches, athletes, and healthcare practitioners that comes with a free trail.

MyDartfish Express Analysis Recorder Update

Dartfish’s mobile app can be used to quickly identify athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, and give them instant and qualitative video feedback. MyDartfish Express, is a Tabby Award winning app in the sports and fitness category, complete with advanced range of functionalities enabling coaches, parents and healthcare practitioners to analyze their athletes’ performance.

“With the new voice-over recording, coaches can benefit now from the most effective way to provide meaningful feedback to athletes, so they can make rapid improvements,” said Dartfish, CEO, Jean-Sebastien Mérieux.

Dartfish enriches its iOS mobile app to provide sports coaches, physiotherapists, and athletes a comprehensive video feedback solution

Visualize discussing a performance with an athlete, client or patient using video to illustrate your explanation. Not a novel concept anymore yet still the most powerful tool available to perform live ‘coach talk.’ Say you are running a sprint over hurdles, swinging a golf club or baseball and softball bat, or simply working on your walking gait, and you want to record the conversation of this athletic action and the ensuing communication between athlete and trainer, coach or performance director.

The new Analysis Recorder feature does exactly this. It records your mobile device screen and your voice.

Then, add drawings and/or still shots to highlight the points of improvement. Quickly build a recording you can share with anyone for remote coaching or individual assessment after training or practice, rehab or live sport event session.


• Video sequence acquisition from multiple sources and formats

• Comprehensive playback controls to closely analyze movement or technique

• Advanced analytic tools to make it easy to understand the progress of improvement

• A full storage and sharing environment to stay in touch remotely or in-person with your athletes, patients or clients

Stay in touch with remote and in-person athletes or patients thanks to full communication and sharing options, myDartfish Express is touted as the perfect alternative to Coach’s Eye, OnForm, CoachNow, and other similar coaching apps.

Begin a free trail of 15 days to start seeing athletes’ performance improve, faster. Be sure to end your trial or subscription at any time, if wanted, because MyDartfish Express has a one-year auto-renewable subscription, billed $60 annually (pricing in other countries may vary).

Download the updated iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1040982427?pt=328211&ct=Sportstechie&mt=8

Then follow Dartfish on YouTube to get video tips, tutorials, use cases, and more.

Dartfish Has More Than 120,000 Video Analysis Partners Spread Across The Globe

Sports Techie, scale your coaching with sports tech products like MyDartish Express.

With football and soccer ramping up, and basketball and hockey just around the calendar corner, all sports, recreation and activities are a good fit with Dartfish.

Sports technology changes the game, the right way.

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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