‘But, Honey’: Reasons (She’ll Buy) You Need NFL Sunday Ticket Max

'But, Honey': Reasons (She'll Buy) You Need NFL Sunday Ticket Max
‘But, Honey’: Reasons (She’ll Buy) You Need NFL Sunday Ticket Max

You Will Spend Less Money in Bars

As fate would have it, you have been marooned in a city where your favorite team’s games are never shown on regular television. This means that practically every Sunday (as well as occasional Mondays or Thursday nights), you must head out to your local sports bar to watch your team play. While you’ve never considered this a bad thing in the past, you could always use it toward your advantage while negotiating for a football channel.

Tally up a mock bill that illustrates how much you typically spend on a night at a sports bar. Dinner for two typically runs you between $20 and $30, while assorted beers and cocktails consumed during the game could add another $20 to $40. This is just for one game. On the other hand, a subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket Max is about $60 a month for five months. Presented this way, your girl will see that you will actually be saving the family money by subscribing to a football channel.

Less Time Spent at the House of a Buddy Your Girl Hates

This should be an easy sell. If your girlfriend has been making snarky remarks every time you head over to the home of your friend who has NFL Sunday Ticket Max, then maybe it’s time to agree that hanging out with “John” is actually a bad idea. Of course you would be more than willing to make the sacrifice of not seeing John on game day if you just had your own NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription through https://www.allconnect.com/providers/directv.

You Can Watch From Your Portable Device

A big selling point for NFL Sunday Ticket Max is that, unlike regular NFL Sunday Ticket, this subscription allows you to view games on a computer or a portable device, including cell phones. This means that you can free up the television to the woman in your life so she can keep up with the Real Housewives of Wherever.

You May Have to Compromise

Of course, if negotiations fail for NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you might be able to talk your girl into getting the regular NFL Sunday Ticket, which at about $45, costs a little less. Although you won’t be able to watch your games from your portable devices or enjoy Max’s Red Zone Channel, which shows you the end of all of the NFL scoring drives, you’ll still have access to every football game.

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Sports Techie, The Thursday Night Football game on the NFL Network between the N.Y. Jets and the N.E. Patriots at Foxborough Stadium on at 8:25 PM EST might not be available where you live, the cable provider may not carry the station or you may not subscribe. Not too worry because the NFL Sunday Ticket can handle your needs. The new NFL Sunday Ticket Max is ready for all your mobile devices. It has the RedZone quadscreen created for you Fantasy Football junkies and freaks. The Game Mix channel allows you to watch up to eight live games in real-time all at once. The Player Tracker sports technology is another awesome feature that comes with the packages.

If these costs are an issue, I understand. Perhaps you are thinking about scaling up or down to the NFL Sunday Ticket but if you want a second screen experience and have a new Surface tablet or the soon to be released iPhone 5S raring to perform, I suggest you go for the Max plan. Especially if you truly value the NFL, Sunday’s and your significant other.

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