Big Ten Conference Installs Data Clymer Fan Analytics And Cloud Infrastructure

Big Ten Conference and Data Clymer Announce Analytics Partnership to Drive Fan Engagement and Accelerate Innovation

The Big Ten Conference is innovating by partnering with Data Clymer to build a robust, scalable and secure cloud-based platform to perform a data culture transformation to be more fan engagement friendly. The premier consulting firm specializing in data engineering counts the Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, and San Francisco Giants as similar minded, data-driven organizations they worked with to create new methodology involving full data stack implementation, data democratization, custom training, and analytics to enable data-driven B1G queries and decisions. Data Clymer is set to transform the conference’s fan engagement abilities, update how they conduct business, and assist with identifying innovative growth opportunities. The Big Ten Conference will undergo a revolutionary advanced analytics transformation beginning with the centralization of independent data streams into a single source enabling deep dives or quick looks at various business insights from work computers and personal digital devices no matter where the internet connected users are located. The Sports Techie community blog was first contacted about this story by Jon Schwartz, SVP – Communications, Digital & Social Media, Big Ten Conference, in December, 2021, when the conference’s new data and analytics department was first launched. In just a few short months, the B1G selected a trusted tech partner in Data Clymer to fast-change to modern data infrastructure in Rosemont, IL benefiting the association of 14 (and two affiliate) world-class university member institutions competing in the NCAA Division I that all share a common mission of research, graduate, professional and undergraduate teaching and public service.

The Big Ten Conference is innovating by partnering with Data Clymer to build a robust, scalable and secure cloud-based platform to perform a data culture transformation to be more fan engagement friendly

B1G Gets Data Clymer

Data Clymer is based in Denver. CO and will ensure the next-gen of Big Ten alumni, fans and supporters cloud architecture enabling analytics and tech to drive the future, making this an ideal partnership. Data Clymer’s experience implementing flexible and performant data platforms for professional sports organizations and other iconic brands such as Macy’s, GoodRX, and Peet’s Coffee, sets them apart.

“We announced the formation of our data and analytics department in December 2021 and this is the next step in building our data infrastructure,” said Big Ten Conference Commissioner Kevin Warren. “We are investing in analytics and technology to ensure the Big Ten Conference properly engages our extremely passionate fanbase, our valuable business partners, and continues to honor our 126-year-old brand. Our partnership with Data Clymer will be a foundational component of our ambitious growth strategy and will greatly accelerate our ability to deliver compelling data-driven experiences to our student-athletes, member institutions, fans, and stakeholders of the Big Ten Conference.”

Cloud data platforms allow organizations to centralize all their data and develop a holistic 360-degree view into customer behavior and preferences. This deeper customer understanding enables more robust ecosystems as well as improved personalization, greater customer satisfaction and stronger customer retention.

“As data complexity increases, forward-thinking organizations such as the Big Ten Conference are partnering with us and requesting guidance with their data strategy and the modernization of their data infrastructure,” said Data Clymer CEO, Aron Clymer. “Companies across all industries are seeking new ways to leverage data to gain better insights into their business and their customers. We look forward to partnering with the Big Ten Conference to help it drive fan engagement and develop a culture around data that will accelerate future innovation.”


Sports Techie, back in 1997/98, the Sports Techie community blog curator (me) was a part of the Seattle Seahawks and Sports 2000’s expert system transition from Mac to Windows 95 so the coaches could automate game planning, film breakdown, analytics, and much more using networked computers. This is not easy!

I virtually applaud the data transformation project ongoing by the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference and brand now going on 126-years strong, after forming in 1896 back when the telephone, radio and morse code was fresh tech. Today, we have new Web3, metaverse and AR/VR technologies to augment data. What is tomorrow’s tech? It’s hard to predict. The Big Ten Conference is certainly better positioned now for the fast-changing future of technology by working with Data Clymer.

Big Ten Men’s and Women’s basketball programs were well represented at this year’s March Madness tournament. My Dad graduated from Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI where I was born making me a BigTen fan for life. The Big Ten sponsors 28 official conference sports, an even spilt of 14 for men and 14 for women because of Title IX.

I appreciate the Big Ten Conference sharing this sports tech story with our global reader and followers.

Go Big Ten!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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