Aaron Judge 62 Homerun Topps NOW Card Annihilates 2022 Top Ten

Verdict In: Arron Judge’s 62nd Largest Topps NOW Run Ever

Aaron Judge hit home run 62 giving him the American League record for the New York Yankees outfield star then later set the Topps Now record for card sales at 91,685. The free agent to be is still playing in the 2022 Major League Baseball playoffs tonight against the Cleveland Guardians in a game 5, ALDS elimination game at Yankee Stadium, broadcasting on TBS at 7 pm EST. Fans can still purchase his card along with the rest of this season’s top ten list and more, today and throughout the rest of the postseason at the Topps web site. Collectors took advantage of this Topps Now exclusive making it the top selling card ever in the seven-year history of this collectable series. The trading company developed the concept to capture MLB’s most memorable and historical feats as soon as they happened in digital form, with physical cards limited to the number ordered within 48 hours of issue. The Sports Techie community blog has shared stories about other Topps’ releases over the years including the iconic Timmy Trumpet card. Breaking Roger Maris previous record of 61 homers was one of highlights of the regular season. Might ALDS game 5 produce another such Topps Now moment?

Judge Dominates 2022 Tops Now Top Ten

The soon-to-be and existing MLB legends populating the Topp Now top ten list for 2022 makes your mouth drop in awe.

Judge’s final homer tops the list of incredible moments but add in home runs #61 (29,523) and 60 (21,490) as well as two additional base cards shared with former league homer champs Roger Maris (19,741) and Babe Ruth (13,804) as reasons why his milestones were a delight for fans around the world, giving him the five of the top six sellers of the 2022 season. In all, the five top Judge cards accounted for a total of 176,243 cards issued, more than half of all the base cards (330,699) produced through the regular season (112 individual cards).

The great Albert Pujols’s epic 700th career shot against the Los Angeles Dodgers (third most, 28,898) I watched live on Apple TV + was the only other card to top 10,000 in sales.

Rounding out the top 10 for 2022 included All-Star and Japanese hero, Shohei Ohtani, a starting pitcher, outfielder and designated hitter on the Los Angeles Angels, who qualified as both a pitcher and hitter enabling him to reach the rank of 7th with 7331 cards sold, then achieved 200K strikeouts for the 10th spot selling 4381 total cards. The NY Mets’ shortstop, Francisco Alvarez debut card was listed 8th after 6005 purchases. Finally, the Seattle Mariners 21-year-old outfield sensation, Julio Rodriguez, set the rookie HR record earning his Topps Now card 9th place with 5449 cards sold. Let’s Go Mariners!

Anyone can purchase Topps NOW cards throughout the MLB playoffs at https://www.topps.com/toppsnow.

2022 Top Ten
1. Aaron Judge, 62nd home run, 91,685
2. Aaron Judge, 61st home run,29,523
3. Albert Pujols, 700th career home run, 28,898
4. Aaron Judge, 60th home run, 21,490
5. Aaron Judge and Roger Maris, 61 home runs, 19,741
6. Aaron Judge and Babe Ruth, 60 home runs, 13,804
7. Shohei Ohtani, qualifying as pitcher and hitter, 7331
8. Francisco Alvarez, debut, 6005
9. Julio Rodriguez, sets rookie HR recorded, 5449
10. Shohei Ohtani, 200K strikeouts, 4381

Sports Techie, a few of my favorite Topps card stories to write over the last several years include two about the former number one NFL draft pick, Trevor Lawrence. First, his Trevor Lawrence 50-trading card set, and then, Lawrence’s exclusive NFT collection set on Mintable.

In 2020, the TOPPS NOW® card depicting Major League Baseball opening night first pitch by Dr. Anthony Fauci sold a then record, 51,512 copies.

In 2021, Topps Released Bundesliga 2020-2021 Season Celebration NFT Collection on a Brand New Topps Platform. Soccer and Latinos are a major part of American culture.

Now, Judge crushed all the Topps Now and Topps records with number 62.

The question remains, will he be on the Yankees next year after his historical season for the ages?

Time will tell but until then, let’s play ball!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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