80 For Brady Produced By NFL Quarterback Goat Tom Stars Female Cinema Goats

80 For Brady Stars (LtoR), Academy Award® winner Rita Moreno, Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda, Academy Award® nominee Lily Tomlin, and Academy Award® winner Sally Field, with 7-time Super Bowl Champion and producer, Number 12, Tom Brady

Trailer for “80 For Brady” now out

Four best friends. One wild trip. The “80 For Brady” film releases Feb. 3, 2023. Forget seven degrees of Kevin Bacon. Who doesn’t have a love/hate connection with Tom Brady? Everyone seems to, one way or another. Watch the new trailer for #80ForBrady, with a starting lineup of talented actresses Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field, and the NFL quarterback GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Tom Brady – in theatres February 3.

“80 For Brady”

80 FOR BRADY is inspired by the true story of four best friends living life to the fullest when they take a wild trip to the 2017 Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play while all wearing their favorite number 12 jerseys and be a part of the NFL Experience. Starring Academy Award® nominee Lily Tomlin, Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda, Academy Award® winner Rita Moreno and Academy Award® winner Sally Field, with 7-time Super Bowl Champion and producer Tom Brady, 80 FOR BRADY is in-theatres next year on Feb. 3, 2023. As the Sports Techie community blog curator, I was living in Atlanta during Superbowl LI when the New England Patriots and approaching 40 Brady made the biggest comeback in Big Game history. Down 25 points, he led the miracle comeback to win 34-28 over the Falcons played at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. Falcons’ fans will never get over this loss same as fellow Seahawks fans you’ll learn about or relive later in this story. You basically either love Brady or you hate him, either way, you have to respect his TB12 longevity, professionalism and being an ultimate winner, in every sense of the words.

Paramount Pictures Presents In Association with Fifth Season

A Tempesta Films / 199 Production / Watch This Ready Production

Trailer for “80 For Brady” now out on YouTube


80 FOR BRADY | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)



Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field, Tom Brady, Billy Porter,

Rob Corddry, Alex Moffat, Guy Fieri, Harry Hamlin, Bob Balaban, Glynn Turman,

Sara Gilbert, Jimmy O. Yang, Ron Funches, Matt Lauria

                                       EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:

Jeff Stott, Mike Covino, Kyle Marvin


Donna Gigliotti, p.g.a., Tom Brady

WRITTEN BY: Sarah Haskins & Emily Halpern

DIRECTED BY: Kyle Marvin

Official Site: https://www.80forBrady.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/80ForBrady

Twitter: https://twitter.com/80ForBrady

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/80ForBrady

Sports Techie, connections are everywhere. My life-long athletic Mom was born in 1939 making her 83-years old so watching the 80 For Brady trailer makes me feel good inside because the leading ladies are in their 80s. She and my dad are big fans of Moreno from the original, “Westside Story” film. I like Fields in just about every film I’ve seen her act in. My buddy David Grieve (RIP) and I scalped tickets to the USA vs Russia, men’s basketball game at the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle for face value and we sat one row in front of Fonda and her then husband, Ted Turner, and down the aisle from Wilt Chamberlain. As far as Tomlin goes, she starred in the movie “All of Me” with Steve Martin in 1984, the year I graduated from Redmond High School. Many cinema fans have similar connections to these female film GOATS.

As far as Brady is concerned, I am a major NFL fan and love the Seattle Seahawks. Super Bowl XLIX was played in 2014 and the Patriots led by Tom pulled a miraculous victory from the jaws of certain defeat when Hawks QB, Russell Wilson, threw a terrible interception at the goal line instead of handing the football off to Marshawn Lynch for a sure, Beastmode touchdown winning score. Instead, in one of the most incredible game-changing moments in sports history, the ball was picked off giving Brady a Creed like victory and one of his seven Lombardi Trophy wins.

My aunt and uncle both went to the University of Michigan, same as Brady. My son’s mom has family roots in Massachusetts and they love Brady. His Granddad on her side, lives in St. Peterburg, Fl, next to Tampa Bay, the home of the local Buccaneers who helped Brady win his seventh Super Bowl ring. Brady is simply super hard to get away from, and for many fans, that’s a good thing.

Fans of these acting and sport marvels have all kinds of connections to them, just like the Brady ladies in the movie, “80 For Brady” out 02/23/2223, showing in theaters and possibly streaming on Paramount+.

I asked the following question on the 80 For Brady trailer on YouTube.
Sports Techie

9 hours ago – Is the part where the Brady lady fans dance to get into the Super Bowl LI game part of the true story or not?

Beware of the edibles and food trips, Golden Girls, lol!

See you later sportstechie in Seattle, Atlanta and around the world!

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