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O’ Sports Techie

O’ Sports Techie

Sports Techie

Sports Techie at Safeco Field

Welcome to the first Blog in Sports Techie history. O’ Sports Techie is short for Original Sports Techie. That’s me in the picture above at a 2010 Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field. I’ve been in the sports technology career mode for 15 years which is about 75ish in tech years. Sports Techie has a born on date of March, 2010.

So, what is a Sports Techie? Sports Techie is your community, platform and resource to all things Sports Technology. Ask yourself this, what is sports technology to you? No two people ever seem to answer this seamingly easy question the same way. A Sports Techie to me is someone who likes sports and technology.

Sports + Technology = Sports Techie

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