10 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Draft Your Fantasy Football Team

10 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Draft Your Fantasy Football Team - Sports Techie blog
10 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Draft Your Fantasy Football Team – Sports Techie blog

For more casual football fans, there are low-key pick’em contest pools held in every office and sports bar across the country. When your love for football is so great that it can’t be contained by an office pool with amateur participants, however, there’s always fantasy football. More than a mere game, fantasy football is a fever that sets in during preseason and doesn’t let up until the last Super Bowl pass leaves the fingers of a quarterback. If you’re among the tried and true fantasy football heroes, these ten apps can turn your iPhone into the most powerful tool at your disposal for the entirety of the season.

  • ESPN ScoreCenter – When the work of drafting your team is done, you’ll still need to have your finger on the pulse of all things football throughout the season to track your players’ progress. The free ScoreCenter app from cable giant ESPN allows you to keep up with what’s going on from one game to the next, even when regional blackouts keep you from tuning in from time to time.
  • Downcast – At first blush, a $1.99 podcast app doesn’t seem like a very useful tool for fantasy football team owners. It’s actually one of the best apps to install when you’re in the thick of the season, though, and there are many important podcasts to be found. You may not be listening, but you can bet that the others in your league are tuning in for the next big scoop. Downcast lets you stay on top of every podcast, so you never miss another crucial bit of breaking news.
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Sports – Fantasy Football – Both live and mock drafts, live scoring, roster management, match ups and breaking player news are just a few of the features offered by this free app from Yahoo! Sports. You’ll also have access to the fantasy football forums, where you can discuss picks, games and other relevant topics with owners around the world.
  • NFL Mobile – The free NFL Mobile app has revolutionized the way that even fans who don’t participate in fantasy leagues watch football. For team owners, the ability to get up-to-the-minute scoring information, check out post-game highlights, set up custom alerts and access a wide range of stats, standings and other information is indispensable.
  • NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013 – Owning a fantasy football team requires that you be more invested in the lives of your players than a casual sports fan, and this $2.99 app makes it easier than ever to manage your cheat sheet. Be more prepared for draft day than ever before with this high-end app, which offers a host of features that will even work offline when you’re in areas with patchy reception.
  • FantasyAlarm Fantasy Football Lineup Optimizer – Named the “Best Mobile App” by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, this free app could be the tool to winning your league this season. Get real-time alerts when one of your players is moved to an active/inactive/injured list, is rumored to be traded or has a change in depth chart standing.
  • FBG Mobile – There are casual fantasy football leagues, and then there are those made up of tenacious owners. The people at Footballguys.com certainly fall into the latter camp, which means that their free app is a must-have tool for any serious team owner. Daily newsletters, podcasts and other pertinent information will be available right at your fingertips with this plum app.
  • RotoWire Fantasy Football Assistant 2013 – The most important day in the fantasy football season is draft day. This $9.99 app aims to make your draft day better and more profitable than ever before, setting the tone for your season and helping to ensure a victory. While this app was created and is marketed by the minds behind RotoWire.com, you don’t even need to be a member to download and use it.
  • RotoWire Ask an Expert – There are times when you’ll be able to sail through a day during the season without any questions, but there will be far more when you’re in desperate need of advice. Brought to you by the same creative minds behind RotoWire.com, this free app allows you access to a network of experts who will answer your questions in a timely and accurate manner.
  • ESPN Fantasy Football – From draft day to the Super Bowl, the free ESPN Fantasy Football app will be one of the apps you turn to most often throughout the season. Post and read messages in your league message board, access accurate player information and stay connected to everyone on your team, all from one application.

– Cheers to Sports Techie Hannah Howard for this wonderful and timely resource blog for our global community to enjoy.


10 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Draft Your Fantasy Football Team, Plus One More Makes it 11.
10 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Draft Your Fantasy Football Team, Plus One More Makes it 11.

Sports Techie, Fantasy Football and the draft rates as an 11 when it comes to fun, comradery and competition. These impressive 10 iOS apps will easily integrate with your new hyper-fast iPhone 5S and the cost-effective iPhone C iOS based smartphone models when they are released and available for purchase on September 20, whether you are a veteran or rookie first time drafter.

Mastering these digital sports technology tools to use for analysis of your draft, free agent pick-ups, and player activation, is critical to managing your team successfully and winning the league championship. The idea that ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to these apps in that there are free apps to download that will do everything you need and more, and there are the apps that have a cost built in because they are more robust software with additional custom analytics, Big Data and team recommendations that rival the Las Vegas book makers info and prediction rates.

App 11

I use the free CBS Sports 2013 fantasy football iPhone app that is outstanding. Using the number one CBS Sports league service is not free so they off set that by giving you a free app to interface with. Our BBB commissioner made a comment about the new analysis reports the new CBS Sports technology created via data about the draft outcome, week-to-week matchups, and who is playing hot or not.

These custom reports actually look hand written but they are not. Sophisticated algorithms sorts through the draft and the upcoming NFL weekends Big Data, compiling it, and then shares the results. It calculates stats help give you insight as to how you’re players and the league is performing. It considers which round each player was drafted and then informs all team owners how they fared statistically by comparing data sets against your opponents earned points or projected numbers. The CBS reports configure who is underachieving; who has the best match-ups for the upcoming week’s games, and it even gives props to owners who activated the week’s best players and playfully shuns those that made grave activation decisions and the big one, draft day mistakes. Yes, I did get crushed by the crafty Slysters NFL #KickOff13 week one.


ESPN ScoreCenter and their free app, plus Yahoo! Sports, are the other granddaddy apps to consider using yesterday for all draft needs. The DownCast podcast content is novel and sure to provide the kind of competitive edge you want. The official NFL Mobile App is optimized by their partner Verizon Wireless to provide exclusive content worthy of your daily and gameday perusal.

Having a tailored Cheat Sheet 2013 available while you are on the go is a must so you can research from whenever you are, at any time, with just the click of a finger. We are impressed that Fantasy Alarm is considered the “Best Mobile App” by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. With a name like FootballGuys, FBG Mobile immediately has our attention.

RotoWire asks you to pay a hefty ten spot for their proprietary sports tech wares but if your league pays out in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for winning then why even hesitate at the cost if you want all the top resources available. Their other app allows you to ask the expert your questions with your new iPhones after logging in with the new Apple finger print scanner technology. Asking about a player’s injury status when preparing to draft and when maintaining your team all season, is a serve and value.

Tracking, sleepers and hand cuffs are Fantasy Football terms these apps and others will help disseminate while proving you a complete draft competitive edge via the amazing iPhone. These 11 iOS apps were created to mine a massive amount of football Big Data and then provide you with draft day bells and whistles in which to figure out who to pick and what round to do it.

Surf over to the to the App Store, open your iTunes, and download your new, virtual assistant Fantasy Football coach iPhone app.

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