Women’s History Month Help Powers STEM And STEAM Education At BestColleges

Women in STEM face barriers during their education and in the workforce.

Learn more about STEM education and succeeding as a woman in STEM

STEM education can strengthen problem-solving skills. STEM is short for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM adds in the arts to emphasize innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving. The discipline includes computer science. Yet, in computer science specifically, the percentage of women has been declining in recent years. A lack of visibility and resources keeps marginalized identity groups underrepresented in STEM. Representation matters. Women are underrepresented in the tech industry globally, with only about 25% of computing jobs held by women. A new survey found that women in STEM were nearly twice as likely than women in other industries to say they are considering leaving the workforce right now for reasons such as stress/burnout; seeing others getting promoted ahead of them; not being paid fairly; lack of purposeful and meaningful work; and a lack of diversity at their company. Let’s help bring and retain more women in tech spaces. In honor of Women’s History Month, the Sports Techie community blog is honored to share BestColleges women in STEM resources and their fastest online computer science programs.


BestColleges promotes diversity in tech for tomorrow’s workforce. The company’s team is excited to share women in STEM resources and their fastest online computer science programs with our readers and followers. It covers how to succeed in STEM fields, an exclusive interview on navigating college as a woman in STEM, and the future of STEM. 

Take a look:

BestColleges believes that dream jobs start with dream schools, which is why they provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suited to their educational goals. As a trusted education advisor, they also host free college planning, financial aid, and career resources to help all students get the most from their education and prepare for life after college.

How to Choose a College as a Woman in STEM

  1.  Consider Cultural Diversity

First, when researching schools, look at each program’s cultural diversity. A diverse group of students and professors can create a more inclusive learning environment. For women in STEM, departments with female faculty members may offer more opportunities for mentorship.

  1.  Choose a Program With a Student-Centric Approach

Second, look for programs that use a student-centric approach. Instructors who incorporate dynamic projects rather than relying solely on lecture-based teaching methods can help women in STEM find success. Smaller class sizes, which typically offer more opportunities to connect with faculty, can also be beneficial.

  1.  Investigate Student Experience

Finally, prospective STEM majors should investigate the student experience at different schools. Research shows that competitive and hostile environments hurt academic performance and negatively impact mental health.

I found this BestColleges content below to be helpful for women in STEM/STEAM fields.

How To Succeed in STEM Fields

With so many challenges facing women pursuing STEM careers, how can women succeed in STEM fields? While women cannot single-handedly change systemic issues and barriers in STEM, they can take steps to improve their chances of success.

Choose the Right School

Success in STEM starts in school. Women should choose a college that takes a student-centered approach and offers resources specifically for women in STEM. Colleges that prioritize equity can help women launch STEM careers. For example, historically Black colleges and universities, which emphasize the importance of providing supportive environments for students, graduate 25% of all Black STEM majors despite enrolling only about 10% of Black students in the U.S.

Get a Scholarship

Along with seeking out a supportive environment, students can research scholarships for women to help pay for college. Many organizations also offer scholarships for underrepresented groups in STEM, including Latina students.

Get Networking

Starting in college, STEM majors should prioritize networking. Connecting with fellow students, faculty members, and industry contacts can help women transition from their STEM program into the workforce. Mentorship represents another important avenue for succeeding in STEM. Seeking out mentors in college and in early career roles can help women advance.

Become a Mentor

As women move into decision-making roles in STEM organizations, they also can become mentors themselves. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that more than half of successful women in STEM sponsor a protégé within their company. Helping up-and-coming STEM professionals can pay off in more than one way.

Sports Techie, liberal arts disciplines are designed to assist students build critical thinking skills necessary for understanding the implications of technology. For many engineers that go down the path with an arts background often can better visualize their designs. Scientists that undergo liberal arts training are usually better prepared to take social factors and ethics into consideration when conducting research.

I graduated from Whittier College and benefitted from their liberal arts-based curriculum. The classes, professors and school work helped me look at sports technology from a different perspective enabling me to be more creative when writing about the industry.

If I can assist any female reading about STEM and STEAM educations and make an introduction to BestColleges, please let me know and I’ll make it so.

Thanks to Genevieve Carlton, Ph.D. for writing Women in STEM with contributions by Abinaya Dinesh.

Take PRIDE in Women’s History Month.

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